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| \_/ () 18. feb 2013 kl. 14:46
When i started to play portal, i actually wanted to start half life2 ep2 (they ware together in the orange box). i didn't know this is another game. When i accidentally turned portal on, these thoughts came into my head: ''why am i a girl?; what is this overwach voice?; where did alyx, the train and the forest go? and what happend to the gravity-gun?'' it had a very strange futuristic form but i was angry how this ''new gravity-gun'' can't do anything. ''these holes in the walls don't have a purpose - the dumbest thing ever! it was much more fun to throw things in the air.'' but now - i can throw MYSELF in the air (with momentum)! The best thing ever! i think momentum is the best thing in portal - to fy through areas, using only mass and velocity. So this map is my favorite - there are no puzzle elements - cubes, buttons, gels, turrets, lasers, bridges, funnels, goo...not even panels. You use only momentum so i think this map is great.

Portal 2 > Generelle diskussioner > Trådoplysninger
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