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Slinky 2013年1月27日上午6:48
Help please
My game starts and when it loads, the game just crashes and the window closes... Someone know what can I do?
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it crashes when u load the game or the savegame ?
Slinky 2013年1月27日上午9:55 
I am not able to load it... it crashes when it starts
do u have the required specs?
Slinky 2013年1月27日上午11:21 
dont know...
did u bought the game without checking the specs or if ur pc could run it ? check ur ram, cpu ghz, graphics card and I hope u dont have windows 8 cuz I dont think it runs on it - if u dont know to check all of this google it and find out.
Slinky 2013年1月27日上午11:42 
it used to work.. I've already finished this game, but today it is not starting
ttt1543 2013年1月27日下午12:15 
Uninstall and then reinstall it works for me, and does annyone wanna play with me?
Slinky 2013年1月27日下午1:23 
that was what I did :P thanks for helping guys
Dhaig 2013年1月27日下午3:15 
thats help with me too, i try to load or start a new game, and crash :( i go try to reinstall
BLUE SKY 2013年1月27日下午9:09 
i have the same problem,please tell me the way to deal with it ,3Q
MEH. | *Phalange 2013年1月28日上午2:46 
I had a problem like this. Maybe it is the same thing. Someday I opened Portal 2 and it crashed after VALVe logo. I mean game crashed in the main menu. I've tried so many times but same thing happened. But I solved it. The problem was Workshop maps. I subscribed hundreds of those maps and I downloaded them. But when I open the game, it cannot list them all (I think that is the problem) because there are too many and it crashes. So I unsubscribed all of them and game back to Normal. If you subscribed too many Workshop maps, you can try this. But there is one point to i want to highlight. I looked to the COOP maps list in the game menu, it was listed them all and there was no problem. But Singleplayer maps start to list from the begin. So it cannot list them all at once. I mean, firstly try unsubscribe all SP maps and if it doesn't work, try unsubscribe ALL Workshop maps. If this solution works let us know. Other people can have the same problem.
BLUE SKY 2013年1月28日上午3:09 
thanks,but ,how to do that? could you tell you the way you do?sorry,my english is not good,i hope you can understand what i mean
Dév 2013年1月28日上午4:36 
引用自 Lgdcc
My game starts and when it loads, the game just crashes and the window closes...

I have this problem... :(
MEH. | *Phalange 2013年1月28日上午10:55 
Shortly, if you subscribed a lot of Portal 2 Workshop Maps, just unsubscribe them all and try again. If your problem is same with mine, this will be the solution.
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