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Remaking the first portal using Portal 2`s textures and asets.
When portal was released the first thing i noticed is how cheap and old the textures looked, ofcourse i loved the game, still do , but i think it deserves better, i also know that the game was made by a team of aproximately 10 people; and budget and time wasnt enough to make new assets, but with portal 2 however, it a lot more stilysed, im planning to remake the first game by decompiling the maps form the first game and retexturing them, note that is not just a resking, im also working to improve the visuals and even add a few new tests

so how can you help?

this, as any game development will take time, and sinse am all alone, it will take pretty long.
but i am accepting help however, i need some one with skill to place choreographies in game, and with this someone who masters faceposer, some modelers to remake models that are not abailable in portal 2.
But the best way you will help is by telling your firends and wait for this to be done.

i will publish the maps repacked on the portal 2 steam workshop.

(to contact me firend me on steam and we will chat)
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Gareth Apr 14, 2013 @ 11:21am 
I can't wait!
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Portal 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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