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How do i get the key to steam when i have it on ps3 it says i can play it on this.
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Hit select in Portal 2, after it starts up and says to hit select to access Steam. Then log into your Steam account.
I did that it wont let me play it on steam
If you have a key, then in Steam go to Games->Activate a Product on Steam...
I dont no how to get the key i got the game it says i have the key but it wont let me unlock it
I have that exact same problem. I came on here, looked up Portal 2 at the store and it said I already own the game and gives me a little button that says "Play Now" after clicking it, it takes me to the Portal 2 page. I just want to play this game on my PC and I have no idea how.
I know right?
I contacted the Steam Customer Support to see if they have any insight on this, I'm just waiting for an email.
Okay can you tell me what they say?
Of course, I'd feel terrible if I didn't.
Thank you sir
No problem.
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Zobrazeno 111 z 11 komentářů
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