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Portal game idea [do not steal]
People are arguing over what will valve's next big game be. Half life 3? Portal 3? another game? Well in my opinion, there shouldn't be a PORTAL 3, but a SPINOFF instead.


I call it : Aperture Science Labortories

Plot: Play as an aperture science scientist and watch the rise and fall of AS Labs, follow up to the events of PORTAL and PORTAL 2.

You are a scientist - referred to as "Doctor Laxman" and you are one of the top scientists in Aperture science history! You've been called upon by Cave Johnson himself to work with and beside him to manufacture cores (like wheatley) and create many other inventions.


Play over 50 + levels (over 10 + Gameplay!)

play as either Doctor Laxman or Cave Johnson and see the same story but from THEIR point of view.

create new inventions in the "creativity room" and publish them to the workshop and use them IN game and use other people's creations too!

travel through the amazing labs and understand the story of ASL and it's rise and fall.

Understand how GlaDoS was created.

What would make it so different to the other valve games? :

It would be their first portal spinoff and have a character selection mechnism (unlike Portal 1/2 and Half life 1/2/ep1/ep2/ and will it expand the portal universe and help "newcomers" to the series understand.

You can play this before portal 1 and 2 to get a full understanding which will help the just mentioned "newcomers."

There would be 46 + achivements.

That is my idea, thank you! i'll take any questions!:3

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Good idea, but I don't think Valve would do it. It sounds good but I think it looks a lot like a child-ish game much less like Portal 1/2.
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