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Darth Corgtar 2012年12月8日上午4:20
Everytime I startup the game and try to play a level it loads halfway and then crashes. It does it every single time in both single player and multiplayer. It was working fine up until I installed the most recent update. Since then I haven't been able to play. I have tried validating the junk and uninstalling and reinstalling but it still won't work. Anyone else have this problem?

Also, I am running it on a mac.
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chumbinho8 2012年12月8日上午5:58 
I have the same problem!
combatchuck3 2012年12月8日上午6:11 
This is also happening to me.
BasementBoy 2013年1月19日下午7:06 
I just deleted the local content, re-downloaded Portal 2 and it *still* crashes when I try to play? Yeah, after the last update it hasn't worked right.
Darth Corgtar 2013年1月19日下午10:19 
Are you guys all playing on mac or are you running it on pc?
BasementBoy 2013年1月24日上午8:41 
引用自 Corzy
Are you guys all playing on mac or are you running it on pc?

I'm on a mac also. And similar to the OP, it worked fine until the most recent update. I was hoping to check out the new user-levels, etc. but no.
Darth Corgtar 2013年1月24日上午11:04 
It must be a mac os issue then. I recently bootcamped my mac and I am no longer having any issues. I hope it is fixed soon for the mac side.
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