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weird question, I know but... Is Chell mexican?
So I know that seems really weird but I am seriously wondering if she is and I cant find anyone else on the internet who thinks the same. so here is me, posting this. in the first portal chell has quite the tan and has the facial features of someone who I would consider mexican, of course in there she is also much more fatigued. And in Portal 2 valve made sure to pretty up chell. but I still think she has the facial features of someone who is at least half mexican. Mostly in her eyes and mouth, also she isnt exactly 100% white (im using the gmod ragdoll of chell as reference) her skin is just a little tiny bit dark. also im not sure so feel free to call me on this but, I think Alesia Glidewell was the person used to design chell, as in they used her face as a template and she is brazilian/japanese. the only tie I know between brazil and mexico is that both of their languages are of latin origin. so I dunno im just making stupid observations anyone agree/disagree? (I know I kinda stereotyped a bit I didnt mean to be a jerk)
Portal 2 > Allmänna diskussioner > Ämnesdetaljer
Datum skrivet: 30 mar, 2013 @ 20:21
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