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RB 2014年3月1日下午12:09
Game Crashing Unexpectantly?
I've had Portal 2 for a while, and I felt like playing it again. I made a new game, and everything was running just fine. I had the game on the highest settings and it was running very smoothly. But as I was playing, the game crashed. It didn't freeze or anything, it just went like
"BAM, desktop, portal2.exe has stopped working". It did this about 3 or 4 times.

Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know what it is and how to fix it?
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Shadow 2014年3月1日下午12:17 
Same exact problem please help...
[Tom K] 2014年3月1日下午12:26 
Same problem
Mastre Yode 2014年3月1日下午12:29 
for me it crashesh imediatly after i have create a game and doesnt even say it has stopped working for me. I hope there is a solution to this.
CakeNinjaCj 2014年3月1日下午12:32 
I only seem to have that when I am connected with another player. But the same thing happens- just instantly back to desktop. This didn't happen at all last week when I was doing the same thing.
Update: Ok so, not just when connected to other player. I was doing a single player chamber and same thing, but only after several minutes.
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{442} Halogen 2014年3月1日下午1:09 
same thing with my game
Kingsblendkeefe 2014年3月1日下午1:27 
I had the same problem, but seem to have fixed it. Here is what I did.
-Right click Portal 2 in game library
-click properties
-click local files
-click verify intergrity of game cache
it will run a check, then download an update. I havent had it crash since.
Kingsblendkeefe 2014年3月1日下午1:29 
hopefully this helps
CakeNinjaCj 2014年3月1日下午2:16 
Oh I didn't see the above post in time so I went ahead and reinstalled... seems to be working so far.
h1mike2 2014年3月1日下午8:23 
same thing happened to me, its the first time i ever had to go to the forums for a crash :/
RB 2014年3月1日下午10:05 
Alright everyone, it seems that Kingsblendkeefe's solution worked. I haven't had a crash and I'm into chapter 6 or 7 now. So just read his directions and the game should work fine.
Zedominus 2014年3月1日下午10:12 
same here
Supa_Nick 2014年3月2日上午12:39 
Kingsblendkeefe thanks. So far so good=)
Mr.Frie Frie 2014年3月2日上午7:24 
Kingsblendkeefe 2014年3月2日上午8:56 
Im glad I was able to help!
Mr.Frie Frie 2014年3月2日上午9:16 
引用自 Kingsblendkeefe
Im glad I was able to help!
i did what you said and it works
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