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Yekul 2014년 2월 9일 오후 2시 36분
How to fix "Portal2.exe has stopped working." (After playing the game).
Today I had this problem and I didn't stop looking to fix it when finally, I did it!

My problem experience
I have played Portal 2 70 minutes in total before this problem, when I tried starting it again after a few minutes and sometimes barely one, the game crashed, "Portal2.exe has stopped working."
How did I fix it?:
1.Go to this directory (in my PC at least it's this): C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Portal 2\
2. In there you will find the Portal 2 application "portal2.exe", what you have to do is remove it.
3. After you removed it, try to run Portal 2 (it will say the application file is missing).
4. Now verify the cache (Library -> Portal 2 -> Properties -> Local Files).
5. If it worked, repeat this always you have the same problem, and enjoy the game.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that there are lots of bugs, and this may not fix yours, however it's worth a try.

PS: Excuse any grammar mistake I had, English isn't my native language.
PPS: If you had the game running, keep in mind that the cake is a lie.
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Apollyon ◙ 2014년 2월 9일 오후 2시 40분 
Thanks bro :)
MilleniumLuigi 2014년 2월 9일 오후 2시 43분 
The lie that was a cake that was a lie.
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