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Micro freezes, unplayable game
Hello, I play the game since the first beta in high settings without problems (80-100fps).

Since this year, every update ruins more and more the game. I'm still between 80-100fps, but I have a micro-freeze as soon as I see a player. It is unplayable and undeportable .... Every update it gets worse, the last update completely disgusted me the game ...

It is impossible for me to play correctly, as soon as an enemy appears on the screen, freeze and he kills me, nice.

Am I the only one with this problem? I tried several settings (low / middle / high) and here is my configuration:

i5 2500k oc
16go ram
game installed on SSD
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Haldhoro Sep 13 @ 4:50am 
you're not alone, i'm a Good Pc to Run quake on Ultra Setting but, this game have a very bad optimization and I have to use a medium config to run at 60 Fps and have a micro freezes sometimes... This game use too much CPU and Ram for nothing...

Anyway i stopped the game, the devs do nothing, no effort, they are interested in the Pro level and nothing else...
Same here.

Xeon E3 1240, rx570(4gb), 16gb, win7x64, ssd, inet-100mb/s FFTH.

All settings low exept high textures, and midddle effects. QC eating ~12gb RAM and ~3.8 video RAM. vsync, 1920-1200 60hz

CPU and GPU loaded only at 50% See screen QC compare to UT4
crogeek Sep 13 @ 7:55am 
Getting random stutters, especially on ZTN and Corrupted Keep, I can't imagine why is this the case every update? Is optimization unknown thing to developer(s)?
DCR Sep 13 @ 1:44pm 
Originally posted by crogeek:
Is optimization unknown thing to developer(s)?

Yes. I'd spend more time explaining why but, yes it is. They're new, development collaboration was ended, the devs that work the game - it's not their engine so they have to learn it, and they havent made an engine themselves. And it goes on and on.
But let's just go with your question, the answear is yes.
Tbh it's impressive it's not more broken, but i was thinking they wouldnt continue to break performance for such a long time, but they have. I used to get 3x as much fps and game was fluid before, and it has been on an never ending decline.

And im not saying this to be mean, i think the game , no wait.. Im not gonna repeat my self again.

The answear is yes.
Make sure nvidia graphics configured for this game best

I have something like this....
Shader Cache OFF ( particularly this has always been my main cause of my stutters, turn off in other control panels too)
AF AA Application Controlled
AA Gamma Correction On
Single Display Mode On
Good graphics quality mode
Optimizations On
Power Scheme Max Performance
Vsync Off

Try reloading the game, I always load the game, then quit and reload it again before playing, sometimes it helps me, not sure but maybe reloading helps cache it better ( both in windows stupid cache and ssd caching.)

Make sure your CPU and Graphics Fans are manually set to fast. I have 2 x 120mm CPU Fan 100% speed inline to 200mm venting fan 100% speed. GPU is manually set to start at 50% and ramp up from there. Without doing this I get stutter caused by heat, GPU & CPU clock down throttles - stutter. I try to keep temps under 60 degree's. Not a fan of modern idea that temperatures don't matter. I believe they do matter like they always used to matter.

With that spec I would stick with low, 100% scale, native res, and limit the frame rate under 160fps, try msi afterburner increase maximum power to 105%-110%
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