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PICK UP BOX Chaos Archives is Available Now!
There’s a new type of Box available in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS for a limited time! This special “Pickup Box” contains 40 different cards, all of which are reprints! Most of these cards belong to specific themes, making it easy to build a Deck of one of those themes by picking up packs from the new Pickup Box. Check out some of the cards available in Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives!

Black Luster Soldier

There are a bunch of cards in Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives that will help you build a Deck around Yugi’s iconic Black Luster Soldier! These cards include the original Black Luster Soldier itself, as well as Black Luster Soldier – Super Soldier and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. Super Soldier Ritual is also included to help you Ritual Summon your key monsters in the Deck. Supporting cards for the theme, like Evening Twilight Knight, Beginning Knight, Super Soldier Soul, and Super Soldier Shield are included in the Pickup Box to help you round out your Deck, and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands is also available in the Pickup Box to provide some generic Ritual Summoning support that will improve the consistency of your Black Luster Soldier Deck. You can use these cards with Yugi’s new The Soul of Light and Darkness Skill, which was recently added to Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS.

Battlin’ Boxers

Following Alito’s recent arrival in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS, Battlin’ Boxer monsters are now available once more in the latest Pickup Box! Key cards from the Battlin’ Boxer theme, like Battlin’ Boxer Headgeared, Battlin’ Boxing Spirits, and Number 79: Battlin’ Boxer Nova Kaiser are reprinted in Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives, along with some lower-rarity Battlin’ Boxer cards like Battlin’ Boxer Counterpunch and Battlin’ Boxer Veil. The new Pickup Box makes it easy to build a Battlin’ Boxer Deck, even if you’re starting from scratch!

Xyz Support

Reprints of cards that help to support strategies involving Xyz Summoning are available in Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives! These cards include Gagaga Head, Xyz Block, and Xyz Change Tactics. Powerful Xyz Monsters like Steelswarm Roach and Number 106: Giant Hand are also included. The latest pickup box also contains a reprint of Rank-Up-Magic Barian’s Force, which will help you Special Summon “Number C” or “CXyz” monsters from your Extra Deck. Use it to upgrade your Number 106: Giant Hand into Number C106: Giant Red Hand (which is available in the World of Barian Mini BOX). One “Number C” card, Number C39: Utopia Ray, is also reprinted in the latest Pickup Box.

Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives reprints several cards to make them easier to get. If you’re looking to add any of the cards in the latest Pickup Box to your collection, be sure to get them before Pick Up Box – Chaos Archives leaves the Shop on September 27th!
Date Posted: Sep 18, 2023 @ 8:36pm
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