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The Road to Worlds Campaign is Underway!
The Road to Worlds Campaign just started in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS and there are lots of awesome freebies that you can get just by logging in! Check out all of the excitement surrounding this new campaign!

The log-in bonuses for this campaign are split into two parts. For the first part, by logging in after May 16, 2024, you’ll receive 500 Gems, a Character Unlock Ticket, a Skill Ticket, and an UR Prismatic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Rush Duel card! You can use the Character Unlock Ticket and Skill Ticket to quickly access the character and Skill that you want to use in the 2024 WCS Qualifiers. The Rush Duel version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, on the other hand, will help you overwhelm your opponents with its 3000 ATK! Its Over-Rush style of art depicts the Blue-Eyes White Dragon bursting out of its card frame, making it more intimidating than ever before for opponents facing it down. Blue-Eyes White Dragon (RUSH) is a Legend, which means you can’t use any other monsters that are Legends in the same Deck as your Blue-Eyes White Dragon; but its high Attack Points and legacy make it worthy of that special status. In addition, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (RUSH) synergizes with cards available in the new Soul with Eyes of Blue Rush Duel Structure Deck, and you can get 1 copy of that Structure Deck for free as part of the WCS 2024 Qualifiers celebration. Claiming your Blue-Eyes White Dragon (RUSH) and free Structure Deck will instantly set you up to Rush Duel in the WCS 2024 Qualifiers!

The second half of the log-in bonuses began on May 23rd, 2024. These bonuses include an UR Prismatic Firewall Dragon Darkfluid (SPEED), the Darkfluid Link Speed Duel Skill for Playmaker and Ai, 500 more Gems, and an additional Character Unlock Ticket and Skill Ticket. Firewall Dragon Darkfluid has never before been available to use in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS, so be sure to claim this new Link-5 monster during the Road to Worlds Campaign.

Both sets of log-in bonuses are only available until September 17, 2024. Get all of the rewards before they expire!

In addition to the log-in rewards mentioned above, logging into Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS during the Road to Worlds Campaign will award you a bonus stamp that gets you an additional log-in bonus each day for 8 days. These log-in rewards include 100 BOX Chips, an UR Dream Ticket (Rush/Glossy), a SR Dream Ticket (Speed/Glossy), and an UR Dream Ticket (Speed/Glossy). Use these rewards to help complete your Decks before the 2024 WCS Qualifiers begin!

Finally, we’re counting down the days before the 2024 WCS Qualifiers start! Every day until the 2024 WCS Qualifiers begin on June 3rd, you’ll receive an additional 50 Gems for logging in! Log in each day so that you don’t miss out on these free Gems.

On top of all of the freebies that are part of the Road to Worlds Campaign, there are lots of new additions to Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS. Two new bundles featuring Negate Attack (RUSH) and Forever Freeze (RUSH) are now available in the Shop; the first-ever Rush Duel Selection BOX is available in the Shop; and the Steel Kaleidomirror Rush Duel Mini BOX is newly available. All of these additions, plus the new Soul with Eyes of Blue Rush Duel Structure Deck, will shake up Rush Duels just in time for the WCS Qualifiers!

It's an exciting time to be a Duelist! Be sure to participate in the Road to Worlds Campaign and explore everything that is new in Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS!