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KDE_YUGIOH  [developer] May 13 @ 5:00pm
Malefic Monsters Arrive in Truth Universe!
The latest Main BOX introduces the theme used by Paradox, the villain of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time movie, to Duel Links! This theme of “Malefic” monsters is comprised of twisted versions of the most popular monsters throughout time. Now it’s time for you to wield their power!

Many of the Malefic monsters have high ATK and are easy to Summon. Malefic Stardust Dragon, Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Malefic Rainbow Dragon have 2500 ATK, 3000 ATK, and 4000 ATK respectively, and are all a breeze to Special Summon. You can Special Summon any one of them by banishing the non-Malefic version of the card from your Deck or elsewhere. These monsters destroy themselves if there’s no Field Spell Card on the field, don’t let you have any other Malefic monsters on the field with them, and stop your other monsters from attacking; but these drawbacks are easily undone by the rest of the support that the Malefic theme received in Truth Universe.

Malefic Decks rely on Field Spell Cards, and Malefic World is the Field Spell Card of choice for any Malefic Duelist. Malefic World lets you replace the card you would draw from your Deck in the Draw Phase with a random Malefic Card from your Deck. This gives you some control over the card you get at the start of your turn, and allows you to make the most of your Malefic cards.

Malefic Territory will help you make sure you get Malefic World from your Deck right away. When the Continuous Spell Card Malefic Territory is activated, it lets you activate a Malefic World straight from your Deck. While that card is in the Field Zone, Malefic Territory also stops both players from targeting a card in the Field Zone with card effects. In addition, Malefic Territory undoes the drawbacks that most Malefic monsters share. Most Malefic monsters don’t let you control another Malefic monster alongside it – but with Malefic Territory on the field, you can control one of each Malefic monster. In addition, Malefic Territory negates the effects of face-up Malefic monsters on the field during the Battle Phase. This will negate the effect that prevents your other monsters from attacking, allowing you to attack with as many monsters as you control.

The ultimate boss monster in a Malefic Deck is Malefic Truth Dragon – a Level 12 monster with a whopping 5000 ATK and 5000 DEF! Malefic Truth Dragon is surprisingly easy to Special Summon. You can Special Summon it from your hand or Graveyard by paying half of your Life Points when a Malefic monster you control is destroyed by battle or by card effect. Malefic Truth Dragon has the same drawbacks as Malefic Stardust Dragon, Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Malefic Rainbow dragon, but also has an incredible upside – if it destroys an opponent’s monster by battle, it also destroys the rest of your opponent’s face-up monsters.

The Malefic theme also comes with its own Synchro and Tuner monster. The Level 10 Malefic Paradox Dragon can be Synchro Summoned by Tuning together Malefic Parallel Gear with a non-Tuner Malefic monster. Since Malefic Parallel Gear is a Level 2 Tuner that can Tune with a Malefic monster in your hand, you’ll need to couple it with the Level 8 Malefic Stardust Dragon or Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon to get your Paradox Dragon onto the field. Malefic Paradox Dragon has 4000 ATK and 4000 DEF, making it strong enough to wipe out all of your opponent’s Life Points in a single attack. In addition, Malefic Paradox Dragon lets you Special Summon a Synchro Monster from either Graveyard when it’s Synchro Summoned. Malefic Paradox Dragon will destroy itself if Malefic World isn’t on the field, but that’s not a problem for a Malefic Deck.

The final Malefic monster in Truth Universe is one of the most impressive. Malefic Paradox Gear is a Level 1 monster with 0 ATK and 0 DEF, but its effect more than makes up for its weak stats. If a face-up Field Spell is on the field, you can Tribute Malefic Paradox Gear to Special Summon a Malefic Parallel Gear from your Deck and then add a Malefic monster from your Deck to your hand. This effect will instantly get you the Tuner and Level 8 Malefic Monster you need to Synchro Summon Malefic Paradox Dragon. In addition, if a Malefic monster would banish a monster to Special Summon itself, you can banish Malefic Paradox Gear from your field or Graveyard instead. That essentially makes it a “wild card” for Special Summoning whichever Malefic monster you have in your hand.

Malefic Decks also have a couple of other cool support cards that bring power to the theme. Malefic Selector lets you search your Deck for Malefic cards to add to your hand; Malefic Claw Stream is a Trap Card that destroys an opponent’s monster if you control a Malefic monster; Malefic Divide lets you Special Summon a Malefic monster from your Graveyard, ignoring its Summoning conditions; and Malefic Tune is a Trap Card that gives Malefic Duelists a way to draw cards and search their Deck for a Malefic monster they need in their hand.

There are certainly some hurdles for Malefic Decks to overcome, but the high Attack Points of the Malefic monsters allow Malefic Duelists to take quick and overwhelming victories. Plus, there are lots of really cool cards in the theme that make Malefic Decks a lot of fun to use. Do you think Malefic Decks have a place in competitive Dueling?
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Holy ♥♥♥♥ they actually made a topic of a new box in less than 3 months that's amazing, and it's on the most pointless cards they added to the new box since they are completely useless

It's like Konami is more tone deaf than the government
Props on announcing the box earlier.

That doesn't make up for anything else. such as your lack of moderation
taki May 13 @ 7:20pm 
i opened ~ 50%, i did not find any Malefic.. so RiP my gems ;D

i think Malefic deck is really nice in auto-duel option against any AI. but Malefic deck is so so expensive if you want to get all 3x Malefics cards
Last edited by taki; May 13 @ 7:21pm
worst main box ever the only thing you had to do to make this box worth is ADD MANJU!!!
Originally posted by chelinox6:
worst main box ever the only thing you had to do to make this box worth is ADD MANJU!!!

Manju will most likely be a SD card or a Selection Box card
step aside "land of ttans" here comes the true worst box ever released
Awesome box!:steamhappy:
llevo trres dias sin poder jugar desde la ultima actualizacion
entro ajugar y no responde nada no se mueve y no me deja entrar a nada lo desintale y lo volvi a instalar 3 vese y nada . porfavor si alguien sabe algo o me puede ayudar le agradesco mucho .
a alguien le sucede lo mismo?????????
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