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Supreme Ruler The Great War

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HerrDak Sep 14, 2017 @ 7:36pm
Editing a saved game

Im having a great game with México starting in 1914... Now is 1945 and the Great War is finally over with France conquering Germany, Austria-Hungary, Eastern Europe and the Balkans with the help of China, an independent Ukraine and the creation of the Soviet Union. At this point France is a "big blob" and China has the biggest military Industry and Army in the world, I have some ideas to make my game more interesting creating a "post war scenario",

Well, now we have 2 Super Powers ,France (a democracy) and China (a Dictatorship), I want to edit the saved game to create a scenario where France liberate the conquered nations and create an alliance between them (like some kind of "NATO") to defend Europe from the Eastern Totalitarism (Soviet Union and China) and an Alliance between these two authoritarian powers to face the West, and, also change the sphere of influence with France and China as leaders of the new factions.

¿Its possible to edit only the saved game? ¿There are some guides to do it? ¿its very hard?

Thank you in advance.