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Suggestions for futures updates
After playing this game for about 50 hours (Steam version only, I didn't try the Alpha), I have a few suggestions for futures updates:

- Give us access to the tutorials we already unlocked, so we can review them later on when we can't remember something, rather than having to google it
- I've see people on Twitch mentioning science is confusing since the game doesn't explain how to get it; might want to make that a bit more intuitive (maybe with a little tutorial as well?)
- A keybind to use items faster (it's annoying to eat 30+ berries one by one after a while)
- Can we have a way to increase our inventory? Maybe by buying or crafting a backpack that can be improved once or twice after that.
- Make the NPCs get rid of items we sell to them. My blacksmith's inventory is currently full of coal...
- Allow us to move and rotate workstations we already built without having to demolish them. It's hard (especially for new players) to properly plan ahead where to build what to make the most out of the space.
- When there are no carrots in the donkey basket, it should appear empty, like it was when it was first crafted. I keep forgetting to put carrots in it because it always looks full.
- From time to time I research items in the wiki only to find out that a certain item (required to craft another item) hasn't been implemented yet, thus not allowing you to craft the item.
- Same thing for the town pass, the wiki says the town hasn't been implemented yet. Not sure how accurate this info is since there's a lot of things I haven't been able to explore yet, but I hope that this is either outdated info or that it gets fixed soon.
- Somewhere down the line, when the game is a bit more stable and there are less bugs (some people seem to be having a lot of issues) will you consider adding descriptions to some of the items? The new teleport stones for example. It'd be nice for the item to have a note explaining how to actually use it before you actually spend money to buy it.

- On a more personal note, can we get an option to make a copy of our save before we load the game? I'd like to have at least one backup file of my game so that I don't have to start all over in case of a glich.

If anyone else has more suggestions to make, feel free to leave them in the comments. I've noticed that the game has been having constant updates with game fixes since it was released on Steam, so there is hope.
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La0zix Aug 18, 2018 @ 8:42am 
The inventory is the biggest and most enoying problem, so many tools, take more then 50% of the inventory, and u just need them everytime, a backpack or some extra slots for all the tools would be awesome.

Was going to make a thread myself, but im adding it to your thread, hope they see that.

-A way to move more then one log/stone/iron chunk at a time, it takes a good amount of time cutting 10 trees, and bringing back 40 logs to your home etc.

-The way you put fertilizer on your dirt, its annoying to open the field, click, choose ferti, open again, choose seed. and that 40-50 times in a row..

-Moving the buildings freely arround, i dont want to destroy all and build it again, so that it stands like i want it too.

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