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rujuro  [developer] Jul 30, 2019 @ 11:28am
Release Notes for 1.0 Release
  • New neighborhood area: Old Growth unlocked at level 12
  • Added Russian language support


  • Localized network error messages
  • Fix for AIs attacking through walls in a certain house
  • fix for a plug placement
  • fix for crouch volume to bathroom in maze
  • fix for walkable slope on the house
  • Alleviated drastic snap upon leg grabbing at start of drag
  • Fixed exploit where you get infinite sprint by jumping onto an upward slope
  • Fix for kids floating over certain windows
  • Systemic fixes to AI pathing with regards to planning climbing routes. BIG FIX to AI getting stuck in
    bad patterns
  • Fixed pathfinding near underground rafters
  • fixed stalker getting progress messages for record AI and Follow trail missions
  • Updated credits to add in Southern Horse Brutality.
  • level geo fixes
  • some path fix ups on cars in garages
  • added level requirement display to Middle Hoadly button on mission select (level 12)
  • Apply some noise horizontal force when cable length changes, to fix cables climbing upwards when hook is attached to perfectly flat surfaces.
  • Fixed situation that might cause speed traps to ignore nearby foam detonations
  • Allow crossbow to shoot over unconscious bodies
  • Various trail mission fixes
  • fix for mantling on elevator door
  • Attempt at fixing occasional foam canister inside friend's chest
  • Attempt at fixing "camera spawned in the lower part of my body"
  • fix for eyes closed helper not showing up on dove blood pools
  • attempting to improve some of the vibration as AI duck while moving near the eaves on the houses
  • another slight tweak to reduce crouch flicker on those roof points
  • fix for optimizations causing AIs to move slower when offscreen
  • added collision to prevent entering a red door and getting stuck
  • fixed lucid hand anims, no more weirdo thumbs for them!
  • backdrop for character creation
  • fixing up hand positions on the dragger in drag anims
  • fixed two bonus evidence placements
  • fixing some geo in the 1 story house (seeing through the floor, some exterior assets poking in)
  • Added journal note notification to mission completion screen
  • Don't allow FindDrone's area to be reused, else the binder may be in the same place.
  • fixed gaps in train car to exterior connection
  • fixes for some animations in intro, made bells phone always use the red skin
  • fix for material on carpet, fix for paths and extended a few crouch volumes
  • Added a delay before AI can grab after they open a door
  • Moved bike inside 920 yard bounds.
  • fix for scrolling store on gamepad partially cutting off items on variable sized stores
  • fix for french subtitle, fix for phone UI,
  • removed compass from UI
  • fix for word wrap on some UI elements (objective details and store)
  • fix for bad vert colors on pine tree causing bark to dance
  • fixed bad verts on fp hoodie mesh
  • "Crossbow Shot At AI Climbing Ladder Did Nothing" - Change to ladder collision to fix it being difficult to shoot pawns on ladders.
  • Made the DS4 glyphs show correct controller image on "Controls" screen
  • Improvements to hideout mirrors to look less broken
  • Made dead zone for controller radial more forgiving
  • pathing fixes on the 1005 hoadly rooftop area
  • fixed binder pages being dropped in inaccessible areas related to above
  • fix to allow AI to get back over railing in Instrument supply
  • Fix to bad tree collision that could get players stuck
  • Subtitle fixes to French translation
  • Fix for inaccessible harmonizer in somniloquy
  • Fixed lots of door locations to remove gaps in geometry
  • Fixed grass poking into 919 Hoadly
  • New ladder tutorial that asks players to choose a style
  • Added proper exterior to Bell's House in the prologue
  • Fix for sleeper string playing "popping" audio
  • Fix for floating wheelbarrow evidence
  • Fix to make sure wall mounted cameras are properly connected to their mounts
  • Some tweaks to ladders in New Growth to make climbing more reliable
  • Fix for AI jumping obstacles to be more reliable, retry less
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G:ÀÆËÐß×Øãçêîðñ÷  [developer] Aug 8, 2019 @ 1:24pm 
Hotfix notes for build 24082
  • Fixed another exploit in the Dream Therapy area
  • Fixed bad mantle links on bushes, lower hoadly east, been broken for EVER! amazed we hadn't had more issues
  • Fix to make sure you recover even if you fall through the world in intro
  • Fixes for evidence collision that could stick AI while pathing
  • Fix for bike collision to prevent AI getting stuck on those
  • Fix for tiny ledge on the ladder in 920 Obs that could get an AI stuck if they fell off the ladder
  • Fixed a string that was used for dampers that made it difficult for people to complete the mission
  • Fixed some reported crashes
  • Fixed a bunch of physical materials
  • Fixed stair collision under Old Growth
  • Fixed mission complete showing journal awards when you have already unlocked all the journal entries
  • Attempt to make footsteps to the exit more reliable
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Do you think you'll make the game less grindy? Not complaining personally. Just heard lots of people thinking this way. I have only really started playing so haven't got that feeling just yet but I also don't want to get that feeling. Apologies for typing lots for no real reason.
rujuro  [developer] Aug 9, 2019 @ 12:10pm 
Donatello, we have definitely heard this complaint and we will be taking a look at the level curve. It seems to affect solo players the most, but we will definitely be making balance adjustments as we go forward.
That's awesome news :) Loving the game so far!
G:ÀÆËÐß×Øãçêîðñ÷  [developer] Aug 19, 2019 @ 5:31am 
For Donatello (personally my favorite turtle), here are notes on EXP re-balancing to make the game "less grindy" (copied from Discord)
ECONOMY CHANGE to the XP/Snack Rewards

- Right off the bat, ALL players are now earning more bonus snacks :money_mouth: :snacks: :snacks:
(+1 snack for each 4 XP you get instead of every 5)

- Across the board, the XP multipliers per host level are increasing, so faster leveling!

- There is a bigger bump at Level 7 to the XP bonus multiplier (when we've noticed a lot of players feeling a big difficulty increase because of new challenges/enemies) so bigger reward for bigger challenge.

- CORRECTION (This used to say we were bringing the team multiplier down from 25% to 20% per additional teammate, but that requires a new build so it'll be in a future update

- We are bringing the XP rewards UP for all objectives so that the gulf between solo players and full-team players is not so wide and everyone levels a little closer to the same rate. We still encourage people to play together but for the solo folks: we don't want it to be a drag for you. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and we'll be watching to see if this relieves the grindy feel for y'all.


Hotfix notes for build 24148
  • Fix for radial inventory while in drone (includes Drone strike)
  • Fix for truck collision
  • Fix for bad pathing on window at 922
  • New drop functionality for quest items
  • Fix for stalker sometimes showing on mission start screen
  • Added item counts to gamepad selected item HUD
  • Added lockpicks to HUD, fixed Drone HUD stomping on inventory when flying drone
  • Reduced collision overhead to prevent tranq swallowing from crossbow by traps
  • Fix for escape item sometimes skipping animation upon use during grapple
  • Allow gamepad to choose grapple escape Item
  • Fix for quantum entanglement between equipment by different players who pick up the same item at the same time during laggy situations
  • Fix for floating items after placing string dampeners while climbing
  • Fix for items sometimes floating near another player's torso as they run around
  • Fix for exploit where holding space before climbing allows much faster climb speed with no stamina drain
  • Fix for crate collisions that messed with AI mantling
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SkGreenAcid Aug 19, 2019 @ 7:17am 
whats the deal with new content we need some soon new mission or some thing game is starting to get stale

fragments can you please add summoning ritual for people who frag hunt finding so many should help get a god encounter for the people who just cant seem to get one
Marlile Aug 19, 2019 @ 11:30am 
Thanks for the update, new mission objectives would be great but stuff like this is the backbone! Looking forward to playing while being able to actually drop the items for my pals.
G:ÀÆËÐß×Øãçêîðñ÷  [developer] Aug 26, 2019 @ 11:51am 
Hotfix notes for update CL#24195
  • Fix for text message and lockpick counter UI issue
  • Potential fix for perma-grapple by shape when attempting to use items
  • AI search patterns that feel less psychic
  • Fix for Drone mouse wheel item selection
  • Potential fix for "Flash bang Appears In Hand When Holding Other Items"
  • Attempt to clean up tree collision
  • Removed some hard to reach cables from damper mission
  • Do not bend the flashlight arm when pushing against walls
  • Various fixes to The Shape's incorporation of red doors in its pathfinding
  • added some new color options to the hair menu
  • Refined mantle helper outside the locker room
The Mogician Aug 26, 2019 @ 5:30pm 
One of the bathrooms incorrectly displays daytime lighting at night, can we have a fix for that please?
Gentle Puppet Sep 29, 2019 @ 2:47pm 
"Hotfix notes for update CL#24195"
"• AI search patterns that feel less psychic"

They still feel very heavily psychic. Especially in regards to the harmonizer missions. It's straight up bs levels I feel. If you stand in a spot and throw the thing as far as you can then sneak far away, a little over double the distance away from how far you threw it, without making any sound, and someone hears the harmonizer hit the ground, they will go to where the harmonizer is laying and stand around for a few seconds then they will march right to where ever you snuck away too. I've failed all of the 3 harmonizer missions I've even done because of their bs search patterns. It feels cheap and irritating to play against. Honestly anytime I get a harmonizer mission I abandon it cause they're the most annoying mission imo. I'm playing on CL#24357.

I'd also like to say my flashlight doesn't work, it's never worked, pressing T, Holding T, Pressing T with my phone out, Holding T with my phone out. Do you do unlock it sometime after level 5, am I doing something wrong, or is it just broken?

This gripe aside I'm very much enjoying the game, I just finished both the Deus Ex Revision: Biomod and Deus Ex Mankind Divided before playing this and while the stealth in those games feels better (I mean I'm not surprised there) the stealth in this game is still moderately fun. I just wish we could hold shift while crouching to move even slightly slower and make zero noise so we could creep very slowly past a standing guard or to carry that damn loud noise maker without alerting everyone on the map and breaking into a full sprint to get away.
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rujuro  [developer] Sep 30, 2019 @ 7:05pm 
We are still doing some tweaks to the stealth systems, so you may notice some more improvements there in the next update.

As far as the flashlight goes, I have never heard of anyone having an issue getting it to show up, is this still a problem? Did you happen to double check on the key binding screen to make sure it did not get rebound somehow?
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