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rujuro  [developer] Dec 21, 2018 @ 1:57pm
Release Notes - Early Access Update 4
Early Access Update 4 now LIVE!
Happy Holidays from Redacre! We are continuously grateful to everyone who has been playing the game and submitting feedback! You’ve already made this game better and we hope you’ll stay with us for the many updates to come.


  • Candybar is now an Energy Bar that grants temporary infinite stamina
  • Anti-Dogpiling improvements
  • Acoustic Mines now detect Hero Drones
  • Made tripwires ignore drones and airborne bodies
  • If the game detects that powers have changed, it will notify you that the "fabric of reality" has changed and offer you the option of refunding all of your powers
  • The Shape is able to see more vertically than before, from 50 degrees to 80
  • Players sprint slower as their stamina depletes
  • FOV effect while sprinting scaled to relative sprint speed
  • Friendship rules redone to encourage friends sticking together by favoring 'catching up to least tired friend' as opposed to 'friends never get tired around each other'
  • Enemies do failed grabs on the player if the player has recently escaped from a grapple
  • "And Stay Down" power is quicker and can also be done while pinning a victim
  • Cross Country Powers have been replaced with Unstoppable Powers, replacing the idea of the speedster archetype with the idea of a tank archetype. Unstoppable grants you the ability to become unwoundable for at least 20 seconds. Hold 'R' or 'RightBumper' to activate
  • Off the Grid is now part of the Prank Call power deck
  • Cooldowns for various active powers - PrankCall, Off the Grid, Takedown
  • New Minor Powers - Medic, Nutritionist, Locksmith
  • Shape can become more dangerous if players frustrate it too much
  • When you reach a certain threshold of mission progress Lucids (and suppressed players) will start to patrol with their flashlights out and Security Drones will move faster
  • Underground Sleepers lay acoustic mines
  • Changed the EXP Curve to be less steep in order to make it easier for players to reach level 20
  • Adjusted the Shape's running speed
  • Tightened look smoothing to feel less laggy
  • Changed conditions under which players might dream
  • Finding bonus evidence shows you how many you have found out of the total possible
  • New Player Threat - Speed Traps
  • Archives now has an addional room and more entrances and exits for better movement flow and player options
  • Phone screens no longer cause the player to be illuminated to lucids
  • NEW MAZE AREA: Dream Therapy
  • Players are now rewarded XP for catching and kicking a stalker on mission complete-
  • Mission complete screen now highlights the players with the most and least sins
  • New FX for Unstoppable power activation
  • Hideout updated with Speed Trap station
  • Added Stalker Kicked icon for Mission Complete (co-op) screen.
  • Revisited card art for Unstoppable and Prank Call power tracks, to better reflect new and changed powers.
  • Created new art for new cards for Unstoppable5 (Indomitable) and PrankCall5 (L337).
  • New Level up presentation: Upon level-up, a pop-up will trigger in the hideout detailing each unlocked reward.
  • Lockpicking is no longer a sin.
  • Friends list will only show online friends.
  • Host can now choose to kick a player temporarily instead of permanently banning them.
  • Added clearer feedback when banned from a server.
  • Enemies and traps will no longer spawn near player start locations.
  • Balance: Swapped out static Acoustic mines for Speed Traps
  • Balance: Lucid's will now only spawn after the host reaches level 3
  • Balance: Loot crates at spawn locations don't show up past a level 5
  • New Mission: Foam Party
  • New Mission: Starting Areas
  • Mission Fix: Added beginner version of Evidence Bag Mission.
  • Mission Fix: Updated Harmonizer to have lower volume output.
  • Mission Fix: Disrupt category now has back to back missions, including flow correction for multiple ping pong.
  • Audio Bugs Mission: Drill noise is a little quieter to not draw attention of enemies who are very far away.
  • Updated the tutorial videos for Major and Minor powers to match new changes.


  • Ensured banned players can't sneak in during loading.
  • Enabled movement discrepancy detection/resolution to prevent speedhacking.
  • Lots of replication optimizations to improve performance on host machine.
  • Hero Drone's motor audio now uses sound propagation.
  • False "Bonus Evidence Recorded" messages will no longer be shown.
  • Improved the accuracy of the aim preview for grappling hook.
  • Heroes now play pain VO whenever stamina is wounded.
  • HUD markers on dropped string dampeners will no longer be shown in incorrect circumstances.
  • The Join button in the Friends list will now be properly enabled for a hosting friend during a mission.
  • Players can no longer disarm mines while being dragged.
  • Fixed a progression blocker when recording broken door evidence.
  • Fixed the interaction prompt on the disguise in Intro not showing up.
  • Gamepad support for Sessions list in the Mission Select screen
  • Volume tweak to drone movement loop cue to address player feedback. Movement volume reduced so it's not massively louder than the idle loop.
  • Typo fixed in cryptogram mission quest goal
  • Exit Map goal text tweaked to clarify only awake players need exit together
  • Layout bugs fixed in inventory menu and Enhanced Horror feature popup
  • Systems/Options Menu UI/UX rehaul
  • New card art and updated card art for new power balancing
  • Improved UI for hold actions
  • New lockpick icon
  • New daimon icon (Speak As One)
  • New minor power icons
  • the previous unique patterns
  • Player lowers hands to minimize held items penetrating through walls
  • Fix for Dropping First Fire Or Music Stone when retrieving a hero item
  • Fix for No Subtitles for hideout movie after Intro (due to zOrder)
  • Simulate the neck when controlling first person camera
  • Include pdb files in the Shipping build so that crash reports will yield useful call stacks
  • Fixed issues where noisemaker attention was wearing off too soon
  • AIs should no longer Crouch when approaching a ledge to walk off
  • Fix for floating item viewable when during mission select
  • Players joining a game in progress should see the same animations as the host for AIs currently in scripted animation
  • deleted floating switch in Host Conditioning
  • level bug fixes (vegetation, bad walls, etc)
  • Animation: updated the idle pose shoulders
  • fix for improper scaling on door locks (caused locks to be oddly oval)
  • fix for bandage audio, level fixes to some spawners,
  • Animation: made "Kneel" and "I'm Hot" montages loop
  • System menu can now be accessed during hideout cutscene after prologue
  • made sure player is properly wounded when jumping down in prologue part 2
  • fix for getting stuck at the end of the bridge in the chasm
  • Level Fixes: fix for path lights not properly updating visibility, fix for AI stuck on AC units, fix for player being lit when they shouldn't on LHE, made ledge mantle easier at cliffside, fixed up
  • Fixed hedge mantling at 918 Hoadly
  • Fix to well at end of prologue to make sure grapple hook always drops rope properly
  • Level Fixes: fix for grass in house, fix for driveway position
  • Added holiday lights to several houses in the neighborhood (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!)
  • Added Reminder when player exits the hideout without any powers
  • Doors in homes will now look broken after being kicked in
  • Improved presentation for leveling up
  • Made rooftops less slanted so that AIs can path on them properly
  • Animation: udpate to location of camera offset bone
  • Made sure editing gestures saves properly
  • Lucids will now occasionally play the instrument console in String Relay B
  • Player updates now only show "additional details" for events that have them
    targeting assist added to sleeper disguise in prologue
  • Deleted cage in Host Conditioning.
  • Removed posters at emote library booths

  • Fix for vsync and frame smoothing options not properly showing their selected values
  • Fix for two audio bug placements that made missions impossible to complete

    HOTFIX #2:
  • Fix to make sure Friends Only/Public session type is saved properly when changing on the Friends/Network options screen
  • Made quit to desktop confirmation screen match other screens
  • Fix to make sure noisemakers properly distract AI who hear them
  • Make sure stamina regenerates during gestures
  • Carrying a body makes you invisible to player-sensing speed traps
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Corvus Dec 23, 2018 @ 1:27am 
Jumping while crouched doesn't allow the same horizontal movement it used to. I didn't notice it mentioned anywhere in the changelog, was this an intentional change?
KainAsylum  [developer] Dec 23, 2018 @ 6:41am 
Originally posted by Corvus:
Jumping while crouched doesn't allow the same horizontal movement it used to. I didn't notice it mentioned anywhere in the changelog, was this an intentional change?
Yes. That was changed in the last update, I think. It was meant to prevent an exploit where you could move at sprint speed without any stamina, and use that to rabbit hop around sleepers.
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