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Do monsters respawn?
or will this world litteraly have no life after i kill everything once?
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it seems like everything stays dead, but it gives you a good idea of where you have or haven't been at least.

kind of like lord of the rings where gandalf says the safe path smells less foul
A few enemies respawn, such as enemy tribe members and some wild animals, but most don't.

I've not found much need to revisit areas so it's not been that noticeable for me - it's a massive world and (most) enemies are adjusted based on your level so you can pretty much go wherever you want.

There's a New Game+ option after you beat the game which keeps your levels and gear but resets the world, if you do want to bring everything back.
it maybe massive but no point in saving the world if all stays dead. You are in affect killing the world off, and thus looks empty . True bosses and such shouldn't repop but normal vermin should, as the world becomes baron.
AZCards Jun 1 @ 7:22am 
For this being a modern open world game, how is that any fun? Just having random patrols/bosses/events pop up would fix it feeling less dead. Just seems like an odd choice to me. But brings us back to it not feeling like all the features are finished.

An open world game without giving you reasons to revisit is very odd to me.
I'm going to assume that if you started killing off your neighbors and local animals in the masses. The population isn't going to simply bounce back in less than a span of a month.. LMAO

Gamers are so used to a system respawning mobs, creatures, etc,. That they don't even think about how absurd this concept. Look just keep going and well maybe don't kill everything if you're concerned about haha.
come back once you have actually killed everything on the map and then we'll talk
Ezir Jun 1 @ 11:26am 
Honestly I am glad it doesn't respawn all things, it is pretty annoying to not being able to run through cleared zone, being stopped by some annoying enemies that will always scale with player level. I honestly think that zones should have set level of mobs instead of making them always fit player lv, this was issue with Oblivion, where suddenly every peon bandit ran with top tier armor and sword to rob your 100 gold and even squirrels were using some lightning magic. I like to see my influence on the world and strength gain through the game instead of everything always fitting my level.
Blink_ Jun 1 @ 11:46am 
if u havent take over an enemy outpost, those gates/checkpoint around the outpost, seem to spawn after awhile. provided u havent over took it.

usually one giant, 2 smaller ones. 1 chest bottom 1 chest on tower, loot chest is one time only.
Morks will respawn.

You don't need to kill everything in the game to achieve level 50 (max) and I think scaling stops after level 50 meaning you become over powered.
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archmag Jun 1 @ 12:03pm 
I have joined Jagni and I am trying to destroy the world so it is perfectly fine that enemies don't respawn. Clearing the world is exactly what I am doing.

I don't know why you want to have enemies respawn if you are trying to save the world. To kill them again and again? That is so cruel. And if you are so cruel then just join me and destroy this world. Otherwise there are plenty of villagers and tribesmen who still live to enjoy the world you will make for them.
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From what I've seen... only a handful actually respawn. Needa check-list for THQ to improve upon
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