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monsieur_max  [developer] Apr 26 @ 1:35am
Hello beloved players.

You might find a bug in the game, this is the kind of thing that could happen.
We don't like bugs neither, in fact we even strongly dislike them.

So, in order to solve them, we need your help.

The first steps to try to solve an issue on your own is :
  • Be sure you have an up-to-date driver for your graphic card.
  • Be sure that the files are not corrupted by using the "Check Cache Integrity" steam feature.
  • Sometimes, antivirus might be a problem, try deactivating it, just to test.

Then, if it's not enough, you have to create a post right here, in the discussions.
One bug, one post. Don't hijack someone else post unless it's exactly the very same bug.
Also, we won't answer by steam chat. No need to ask for a friend request.

Second thing, we need a precise description of what is happening:
- your computer spec, especially gfx card, OS
- A screenshot could help describe thing.
- The most helpful thing, in particular in case of crash or technical bug is the log.

Getting the log :
- The game log is located in [your steam game folder]/YuppiePsycho/logs/game.log. If you don't know how to get there, Steam provides a convenient shortcut : In the game Library, right click on Yuppie Psycho, select "Properties" then select the "Local Files" tab then click on the "Browse local files" button.
- You'll have to send it to us, by email at support@yuppiepsycho.com
- The game log is wiped at every game start, so you have to send us the log right after the issue occurs.
- Sometimes a very detailed log is needed, this is done by adding "logLevel:all" in the game launch options in steam

We'll do our best to help you solve the problem you're facing.
Yuppie Psycho > General Discussion > Topic Details