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Hunt: Showdown FAQ *Updated - 24/11/17*
Hi everyone,

We have put together an FAQ to go over some of the most common questions. We will be updating this on a regular basis so make sure to check back regularly for updates and additional questions.

General Information

What is Hunt: Showdown?
Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP multiplayer bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements. Set in the darkest corners of the world, it packs the thrill of survival games into a match-based format.

When will it be released?
Hunt: Showdown will be an Early Access title, but we have not announced the release date yet. However, you can already add Hunt to your Steam wishlist. If you would like to get updates via email, you can sign up for our newsletter.

How much does the game cost?
We will be announcing the price closer to launch.

What engine does the game use?
We’re developing Hunt: Showdown with the latest version of CRYENGINE[].

Will there be a beta test for Hunt?
Hunt: Showdown is coming to Closed Alpha this winter! We have not announced the dates yet, but you can sign up via Participants will be randomly selected and informed via email when more information is available.

Language Support
For Early Access, the game will be in English only. We plan to add more languages at a later stage.

System Requirements
At this time, the system requirements are still changing from build to build, so we cannot announce this just yet.

Will there be dedicated and 3rd-party servers available?
We are still finalizing the details of this, and we will provide more information closer to launch.

Will there be an anti-cheat system in place at launch?
Anti-cheat is something we take very seriously. In the future we will share more details about how we plan to address the matter.


I want to see the game, how can I do this?
The official Hunt trailer and the E3 gameplay video are both available on the Hunt: Showdown Steam page as well as the 12-minute gameplay video from IGN. We have also added some live gameplay from our 2017 Extra Life stream. You can also find most of our gameplay videos on our YouTube channel. Make sure to check out the weekly live streams[] to stay up to date on the latest info, as well as a chance to see some more live gameplay.

What game modes will be available?
At launch Hunt will have Bounty Hunt mode. After launch, we will test other modes with the community and focus on maximizing the use of the map.

Bounty Hunt - Every Bounty Hunt mission follows the same basic course: 1. Track your target through a hostile sandbox environment. 2. Kill your target—the boss monster(s). 3. Banish its soul to hell and collect the resulting Bounty Tokens. 4. Get off the map before another Hunter incapacitates you and steals your prize.

What team modes are available in Hunt?
The maximum team size is two, with a maximum of five teams per match. You can play solo, with a friend, or with a Hunter assigned to you based on rank/level. We recommend playing with a team, as it tends to increase the chances of success.

Will there be single-player campaign?
No, there will not be a single-player campaign, but you can play alone if you wish.

How many bosses will be in the game at launch?
We will have two bosses at Early Access launch: the Spider, which has been showcased in the E3 and IGN gameplay videos, and the Butcher, which was first shown during the 2017 Extra Life live stream.

Can other players join the game once the round has started?
No. Once a round has begun, no new players can join. No exceptions.

Is there a way to see how many players are left in the round?
No. In order to keep to the tension high, you will not be able to see who is left with you on the map.

What weapons and tools will be available at launch?
We haven’t released a comprehensive list yet, but you can get a look at a few of the weapons that will be available at launch in our Tools of the Trade blog series[]. We are currently planning to launch with 9 pistols, 12 rifles, 8 shotguns, 3 slingshots, 7 tools, 9 consumables, and some melee weapons. But this is not a definitive list, and items may be added or removed between now and Early Access launch.

Characters and progression system

How does progression work?
Even in death, you will progress up the Hunter ranks via your Bloodline. When a character dies, the XP from that match goes into your Bloodline, though everything else is lost. If you make it off of the map alive, the money and experience you earn will allow you to level up and kit out new Hunters.

Will there be character customization?
Character customization is something we want to bring to the game, though it will not be available at Early Access launch. Right now, we have a recruiting system with multiple Hunter variations.

Will there be female Bounty Hunters?
Yes, we plan to add female Hunters during Early Access.

~Hunt Community team
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