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Takiyah  [developer] Sep 25, 2018 @ 4:33pm
Hi all! We thought it might help if we post some of the more common issues in the game at the present moment (Updated March 2019):


BUG BOUNTY!!! If you can reproduce the bug below, submit a bug with "how-to" and I'll send ya a code for the game.

Guest not entering park
This can be resolved usually by building an item in the world. Resetting a mission from the world map also resolved this issue.

OLD ISSUES (in theory)==================================================
Dinos spawning outside of exhibit on load
If you re-load the game this often resolves the issue. If you reload and this DOES resolve the issue, please send in your save game. We're trying to collect save games where the dinos are in their exhibits before they spawn outside. So maybe an older save game? Hey - great time to hire security right?

Not able to pick up scientist/employees
This issue occurs on occasion when you have the camera in a specific position, usually occurring after rotation. Loading your save game should resolve the issue. A fix will be forthcoming.

Quick Save not working / reverting to older saves
Starting to hear of reports where the Quick Save is not always working or players are loading games to see they have lost some progression. There should always be a prompt on screen when the game is saving. The reports have not been entirely clear though so I will can't reproduce the issue. If anyone figures this out PLEASE send in a bug report or post here with as much info as you can. :)

Small dinos stuck in fence / tranqed a lot
The Velocs and Ovis are getting stuck in their fence walls and considered "out of exhibit" so get continuously tranq'd by the security.

马丘比丘(Michu Picchu)任务的错误说明。 正确的描述
丘比丘(Michu Picchu)任务的错误说明。 正确的描述:

Game crashes shortly after starting Campaign
We're trying to get more reproduction steps on this. If you can tell us how to reproduce this crash I'll let you name a dinosaur in the game. :)

Tutorial not awarding ship park - Campaign locked out!
You are supposed to earn a Ship Part upon completing the tutorial that then lets you continue the campaign. If you quit the game/or mission, and do nothing else (ie. exit game) the Ship Part is not saved. Fix in very soon!

Dinos stuck or not moving -->Fix in 0.701c
We should have a fix for this shortly!

Tutorial 1st letter not being translated
Is it true, it is not being translated. Sorry! The rest of the tutorial should be good. It is too bad, the first letter from Commander Ollie is pretty good.

German missing translations for newer Missions
Hello, our German community! There was an issue and some of our German translations for the newer Missions did not make it into the patch on mistake! Don't think this is because we don't love you, we do.

Dinos turns blue and their names become "New Dinosaur"
If you can provide as much information as possible, such as, did the game crash, did the dinos reset after loading the game, etc, that'd be really helpful!

Dinos have disappeared from the Egg Shop
With the recent change to how eggs are unlocked; you will need to unlock the dinos again. Sorry! We tried a lot of ways to "remember" what you had unlocked but it was turning out to be really difficult. Consider this a new amazing challenge! Also - if you have a big park it shouldn't take you too long to unlock. Thanks for the understand.

Sometimes a guest will stop moving
They eventually disappear. We are hoping to eventually get a fix in for this.

Exhibit not large enough
I've received a few bugs about exhibits never being big enough. From what I can see the exhibits people are making are not big enough. If you click on your dino it will say they're required space. Remember, if you have 4 dinos each requiring 450 ft^2, then your exhibit will need to be 450x4 big.

Falling through the world when in First Player mode and cannot reset camera
While we hope to fix this, in the meantime if you go into "Free Cam" mode (bottom right) and exit, your camera should reset.

Guests complaining about garbage a LOT(FIX MADE)
At the end of the day, your guests might complain a LOT about garbage even if you have a clean park.

Cannot load game from within game menu if accessing Menu via Gear Icon(FIX MADE)
If you are in the game you cannot load a game from the in-game menu via the Gear Icon. You can if you access the menu via the ESC key.

Dinosaurs are getting stuck in the doors (FIX MADE)
Dinosaurs are getting stuck in the doors to the exhibit. Occasionally dinos get stuck in an exhibit wall itself.

Stuck on Tier 3 (FIX MADE)
Some players are unable to get Tier 3, or are skipping Tier 3 and not able to finish the quest. Re-starting the tutorial often resolves this issue. We are looking into a fix that should keep your save files and give you the quest. A fix will be rolling out later today for this.

Invisible Double Bridge (FIX MADE)
Double Bridge does not appear when built. You can find the bridge far up and to the right once place - from there you should be able to delete it. A fix will be rolling out later today for this.

Exhibit Pane Not Opening (FIX MADE)
Sometimes the exhibit pane will stop opening when one clicks on an exhibit. Investigating. Currently saving / loading resolves the issues.

Dinos disappearing on Load or New day (FIX MADE)
If you get this, PLEASE submit a save game from before this happens, or provide any additional details. Specifically, was you dino a juvenile, and then disappeared when they became an adult? A before problem save game and after problem save game would be amazing.

Incorrect size message for large exhibit (FIX MADE)
If your dino is telling you the exhibit is too small, yet you have verified the size is large enough for the total dinos contained, try adding any scenery to your exhibit. The exhibit will then do a new calculation check and this should resolve the issue.

Guests not appearing (FIX MADE)
If for some reason 0 people are coming to your park please try loading your save game again to see if resolves the issue. A fix will be rolling out later today for this.

Broken Save after Updating
We are receiving reports of save games getting broken after Updating to 0.620. If this happens please send us your save game to "". You can find your save games usually in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\LocalLow\Washbear
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elijahjevans19 Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:36am 
I thought the guests not appearing fix was supposed to roll out a couple days ago. Guests are stuck in the parking lot by their cars and it's annoying logging in to see if it's been fixed to see that it's not when the patch was supposed to roll out as stated above.
Parcival Sep 30, 2018 @ 5:09am 
This should have been fixed in a hotfix a few days ago. Do you have any scenery near your gate? Sometimes this can block the patching and guests can't enter the park.
Please can you submit a report from the in-game reporter including your save game and log files so the devs can have a look?
i just bought the game today and i'm very excited to see where it goes but i'm having an issue with Science and Heart unlocks, it spends them but it does not unlock the teirs
Parcival Oct 3, 2018 @ 1:41pm 
Originally posted by Aurora:
i just bought the game today and i'm very excited to see where it goes but i'm having an issue with Science and Heart unlocks, it spends them but it does not unlock the teirs
Please could you submit a bug report using the in game reporter and include your save files and logs for the Devs to investigate
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