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lei07 Jun 9, 2017 @ 3:30am
Possible Bug Report: "Incomplete" cars clogging up the showroom.
While my factory is going from strength to strength, with various models being thrown out the door and snapped up straight away, I have noticed something rather peculiar when I booted up the game this morning after a major session last night.

For whatever reason my showroom seems cluttered with cars that not only have every piece missing, but have no car icon at all. These are clogging up the shop floor alongside the "pictured" models which have what bits that they should have.

Is this a known bug, or is it something unique I've stumbled on?

Please note: the tech tree is complete, all machinery is fully upgraded, and the various models have installed what they should have installed. There is just a bunch of "ghost cars" on my sales lot that are creating an issue.

I mean, the amount of window washer boys the Car Sales Reps have to hire is already at critical levels.

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nutbarz Jun 9, 2017 @ 4:00am 
Ive come across this as well. Its related to loading a saved game. Usually those cars will sell off, the only thing really missing is the picture of the vehicle at the top. If they dont seem to sell, it could be because the price is too high with the number of missing features. I dropped the price to -50 percent to move them from the lot. then once they were gone, I put it back up to +40 where I seem to be able to run. A test I did was to have a bunch of cars on the lot, save, close, reload that save file, and all 8 were not showing images the next time (but they still sold)
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lei07 Jun 9, 2017 @ 4:17am 
Righto, I'll crash the price a while and try and shift them, thanks.
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