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indieCatapult  [developer] May 11, 2017 @ 2:31am
Roadmap: Development plan for the future.
At day one of the Early Access we'll be a little ahead of schedule. We managed to complete:
  • 11 levels - Each with a variation of enemies, design and ambience.
  • 20 monsters - More in fact, but there will be plenty of ways for you to die.
  • 50 items - Tons of weapon, active skills, traps, amulets and so on to experiment with!
  • 1 fluid fun combat system - Wait to you get to explore. It feels pretty nice.
  • Hours and hours of gameplay - anywhere from 45 minutes to 30 hours or more depending on your skill.
This represents about 40-50% of the content that we would like to add to the world as we go. That means more levels, more bosses, more items, more meta skills and progression. This however doesn't take into account feedback from the community and things that you guys are going to want to see in the game.

We estimate that we will need at least 8 months, but up to and perhaps beyond 12 months to incorporate new asides, finish our vision for the project, balance it and prepare for any eventual console releases.

We would very much like to bring our game to the Switch, PS4 and XBOX One. We're putting the gears in motion to get this all happening right now. But it will take time to make contact, get certified and then port the game. Rest assured we will make a big song and dance of it when we are ready to go!

Other platforms and stores
We will be supporting both Mac and Linux eventually, however this requires maintaining multiple builds, which means multiple bugs, which means more time, so it won't happen until the game is getting very close to being feature complete and tech stable. Probably 6 - 8 months from now.

The same goes for other store like GoG, Twitch, Origin and anywhere else that requires it's own special build of the game. We've still got a lot of systems to build and put in place to get to the point where we can efficiently manage all of this as such a small team.

Languages & Translations:
You can go to the steam workshop through the Steam app and enable mods for your language if there are any that exist.

If they don't exist yet and you'd like to make one, you can get involved with translating the game by taking a look at the post over here.
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