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ZG_Rick Mar 3, 2017 @ 7:53am
Patch notes
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ZG_Rick Mar 3, 2017 @ 7:54am 
Patch 0.1.3 notes

Please restart your game client and update your game server to ensure you have the latest version!


New features

• Introduced Log tablets with general tutorial guidelines. Should give new players some additional information on what to do and how to act in the starting scene.

Server infrastructure improvements

• Main server migrated to a new data center in UK, for improved performance
• Number of players per server set to 60 on some of the official servers
• Faster update for servers ping times on server list
• List of servers - servers with created character will now appear on top of your server list for faster updating

Bug fixes

• Pilot panel - prohibited multiple players form interacting with the piloting interface at the same time
• Asteroid collision fix
• Warping with attached module is now working correctly
• Fixed a camera bug while piloting the shuttle using RCS thrusters
• Fixed the volume slider in options
• JetPack UI synchronization when reloading resources on the cargo panel
• Tooltips on inventory items fixed
• Refinery now accepts raw resources only
• ESC key can no longer be set as control key in options
• Docking/Undocking with a ship will no longer send players flying out of the ship
• Fixed colliders for items on airlock doors
• Fixed distance calculation for audio which caused FPS drop in some cases


• Help key indicator added to the loading screen
• Inventory indication for a number of items in suit slots
• "Junk" modules renamed to "Derelict"

ZG_Smorty Mar 3, 2017 @ 7:56am 
Patch 0.1.4 notes

Please restart your game client and update your game server to ensure you have the latest version!

Bug fixes

- Object rotation/position updating – fixes asteroid collision, jittery station and ship movement and various docking related problems. May cause slight issues when objects are rotating extremely fast, we are working on it.
- Character will now stop moving once chat is opened
- Audio settings now save properly
- JetPack Battery UI now properly updates while charging
- Ship/station systems syncing - Ship and station systems (including cargo holds) should now sync properly after docking. Due to system complexity, some UI screens will not properly update, this is a work in progress.


- Added sound when warping
- Added light to the EVA suit
- Tweaked damage values for suffocation
- Tweaked damage values for vacuum exposure
- Ship RCS tweaks – tweaked the strength of the ship/module RCS system. RCS now needs a second to deliver full thrust. Provides more precision during fine maneuvers like docking and trying to stop a ship relative to another object. Also makes the shuttle feel more inert during fast movement. RCS stabilization still fires at full strength and will stop the ship as fast as before.
ZG_Rick Mar 3, 2017 @ 9:07am 
Patch 0.1.5 notes

Please restart your game client and update your game server to ensure you have the latest version!


New features

• Match velocity feature enabled (double SHIFT when the relative speed is less than 2m/s)
• Random outpost – a new ship will spawn near the station every 30 minutes if the previous one was driven away


• Respawn option no longer disconnects player from server
• Random outpost - Items will respawn again after being taken away
• Audio settings for voice chat added
• Invite friend option – friend list should work properly now
• Docking inteface / HUD - relative speeds represented as decimal values
• Random outpost - Life support systems are always turned on and oxygen level in cargo set to maximum
• Items and systems now support different settings per scene
• Warp - camera shake reduced during warp
• Character names capped at 32 characters max
• When the game is started, it checks and auto-updates via Steam (if new version is available)

Bug fixes

• Canister to Cargo transfer – fixed.
• Invisible asteroid/module upon leaving warp – fixed
• Drill display – battery status/charge fixed and properly updating
• Drill display – multiple ore in canister display – fixed
• Life support panel should now show connected rooms properly
• No damage/kill in shooting encounters – fixed
• Invite to starting module was not displayed to invited player – fixed

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ZG_Rick Mar 7, 2017 @ 7:01am 
Patch 0.1.6 notes

Servers will be down from 4PM UTC. Servers will be wiped. They will be up as soon as we finish the updates.

IMPORTANT: please RESTART your game client.

Bug fixes:

• Navigation panel freezes and causes game to crash – fixed

Happy warping!
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ZG_Rick Mar 16, 2017 @ 3:48am 
Patch 0.1.7 notes

Important notice:

All manually adjusted in-game settings will be reset after installing patch 0.1.7.

Please restart your game client. Official servers will be wiped.

For private dedicated servers:

- update your server and game client
- delete server save files


New features / improvements

• Docking Interface now displays directional and lateral speed as separate values
• Warp sound adjustments: sound fades out instead of looping
• Character holding AltCorp Rifle: movement animation changed
• New Pickup/Throw animation added for interaction with EVA Jetpack
• Information on game version added in main menu (bottom right)
• Added versioning for graphic and controls settings. To prevent various keyboard/mouse issues that were reported, from now on, settings reset will be performed in case it is required by new game version.
• Personal HUD now displays directional & lateral speeds
• Added undocking lever for grappling system on AltCorp industrial ship
• Navigation map no longer zooms to object level. Instead it will zoom to parent and then pan to object.

Bug fixes

• Fixed: bug after quick switch of items, interaction with panels would bring that item into hand
• Fixed: sun flare visible through some of the planets
• Fixed: huge lerp when module is docked
• Fixed: texture quality slider inverted
• Fixed: various bugs on main menu / server list
• Fixed: home station button not working on Navigation panel
• Fixed: EVA jetpack bug (“phantom jetpack bug”)
• Fixed: mouse stuck on center after exiting piloting mode (no free look)
• Fixed: shuttle not respawning on the outpost after server restart
• Fixed: asteroid launching the player when he/she is stabilized (holding “shift”)
• Fixed: when ALtCorp industrial ship is connected to a Starter module, Cargo panels are desynced
• Fixed: after warping to a location with starter module, starter module is missing
• Fixed: when character exits navigation and pilot seat it gets stuck in seat
• Fixed: player not able to manage inventory after exiting pilot seat
• Fixed: camera shakes and sound effects continues in case player exits ship during FTL jump
• Fixed: airlock panels on cargo module not working
• Fixed: player radar information changed after relog
• Fixed: UI for jetpack clipping bug
• Fixed: FPS drop when having multiple ships at one place
• Fixed: multiple chat related bugs
• Fixed: problems with grappling ore container

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ZG_Smorty Mar 22, 2017 @ 9:48am 
The latest patch for Hellion 0.1.8 will be released on March 23rd. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure new changes take effect immediately.

For private dedicated servers:

- update your server and game client
- delete server save files


New features / improvements

• Server Browser improvements (categories, favorites, search and a character delete button).
• Respawning and selecting Random Outpost will no longer clear Authorization at home station and invalidate home base button on the navigation interface. As a consequence, dying while you are away with your ship no longer requires a fresh start. Simply, select a random outpost hop into a new ship and fly it home.
• Scan button on the ship console enabled. Scanning asteroids from ship now properly displays asteroid composition.
• Warping will now correctly check for the number of docked/connected ships/modules when setting up a maneuver and display proper message when trying to warp with more than one attached module/ship.
Mining parameters modification:
- Ore Canister capacity increased from 20 to 50 units.
- Mining Drill Excavation Rate changed from 0.2 to 0.5 units per second.
- Mining Drill Power Consumption changed from 1 per second to 0.4 per second.
Starting ship RCS Fuel modifications:
- Default RCS fuel changed from Nitrogen to NITRO (now works as intended).
- Ship RCS Fuel tank increased from 100 units to 1000 units.
Life support parameters modification:
- Players now consume oxygen at an increased rate when inside the ship/station (oxygen consumption while wearing all suits remains unchanged). As a consequence ship/station systems are active for longer periods of time resulting in faster (but still slow) part degeneration over time.
- Air Generator now activates if room pressure drops below 1 bar or when Air Quality drops to 60% and will replace air (consuming resources) until it reaches 90%.
- Air Filter now activates when Air Quality drops below 90% and will improve Air Quality until it reaches 100%.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Warping into objects ignoring colliders
Fixed: Module RCS being consumed instead of Ship RCS
Fixed: Shaking of Players UI after docking and other actions
Fixed: Empty Life support room list in the ship.
Fixed: Random rotation of Asteroids, modules or ships after warp (should fix being kicked off into space when apporaching asteroids, ships and stations)
Fixed: Docking an Airlock port to Standard port (no longer possible)
Fixed: Using text-chat while in pilot seat causing character movement problems
Fixed: Warp timer loss after relogging
Fixed: 3rd person ragdoll low FPS animation
Fixed: Reflection shader bug on Command module windows
Fixed: Chat stuck on screen when mouse buttons are pressed
Fixed: While in chat window you can open close player radar by pressing K
Fixed: Life support panel list not showing connected systems
ZG_Smorty Mar 29, 2017 @ 5:55am 
Hellion patch 0.1.9 will be released on March 30. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure new changes take effect immediately.

For private dedicated servers:

- update your server and game client
- delete server save files


New features / improvements

Control mapping changes – consistent contact list controls across suit, ship and docking interface radars. All contact lists are now cycled using arrow keys. Default keybindgs have also been changed and several new keys were introduced. F1 help menu will properly update the keybindings should players change keys from the options menu.
- For a complete list of keybinding changes check the in-game help menu (F1).
Consistent object naming – suit radar, Ship radar and Nav-map should now properly display object names that are consistent across the server. In addition, all object names are divided into categories for easier recognition these are: module, ship, asteroid, derelict, outpost, station and player.
Ship radar improvements – ship radar now has 3 range settings 10km, 100km and 1000km. They can be cycled using R key.
Module RCS refueling – refueling modules now works correctly. To refuel a module dock your ship with it and use the cargo interface to transfer RCS fuel from ship to the module.
Default RCS fuel changed to NITRO for all modules.
Tweaked cargo capacity values – rebalanced the maximum cargo capacity of modules. Maximum RCS fuel for modules set to 50. Ship RCS fuel remains at 1000, hydrogen capacity increased to 1000.
Random object spawning improvements – changed object spawn chance based on planet/moon gravity influence radius. Larger bodies will spawn more objects compared to smaller ones making it easier to find objects using scan when in orbit around large planets.
Persistent resource consumption for logged off characters – logged off characters will now properly consume resources based on their location. For example a character logged off inside a cryopod will not consume oxygen, while a character logged outside will.
UI mouse sensitivity – added mouse sensitivity slider for UI panels.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: RCS effect after docking a module still visible on the module.
Fixed: Several instances of teleporting after um-matching velocity with an object.
Fixed: Ship not being destroyed when warping into a planet with a module attached
Fixed: Undocking lever on Industrial container not working.
Fixed: Problem with pick up/insert parts into drill when near an asteroid.
Fixed: Inverted mouse controls when ship is docked to two or more modules.
Fixed: Critical game server exception when loading Asteroid data from persistence file.
Fixed: Stuck on server after logout near an Asteroid.
Fixed: Changed default RCS fuel for all modules to NITRO.
Fixed: Ship radar not showing targets that are 10Km away.
Fixed: Maneuver M stays on screen after maneuver is failed or canceled.
Fixed: Logged off players consumption persistence.
Fixed: Mouse disappearing on panels.
Fixed: Environmental panel showing air quality zero over the danger sign.
Fixed: Docked airlock with ship entrance collider issue.
Fixed: Voice chat not working due to voice volume slider not updating properly.
Fixed: Scroll in server browser after search not updating.
Fixed: Attempting to warp to object like asteroids or modules without orbit show 00:00:00.
Fixed: Different mouse sensitivity on different UI panels
ZG_Smorty Apr 5, 2017 @ 9:42am 
Hellion patch 0.1.10 will be released on April 6. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC.

New features / improvements

Life Support Air Filter changes – Air Filtering now properly activates once air quality drops below 90%. Air Filtering Units in LS Nodes now correctly affect the speed of air filtration. Additionally, multiple LS Nodes can now filter air simultaneously provided that the central Air Filtering unit can handle it. If there is not enough filtering power available, LS nodes will activate sequentially according to the priority list.
Life Support parameters Tweaks – Tweaked the amount of oxygen consumed when Air Filter is operational.
Vent resources from cargo – Added vent option on the cargo UI. To vent unwanted resources drag the resource that you want onto the VENT icon on the UI. Interface with a slider and confirmation option will pop up.
Weapon tweaks and zero-g recoil – Tweaked and corrected various weapon parameters. Added recoil when firing in zero-g. As a result firing in zero-g will cause character to move.
Changed gravity settings in Airlocks - All airlock pressurization chambers are now in zero-g by default.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Client crash or force close - while in cryo player will be stuck in alt look/cryo pose
Fixed: Pilot panel crash after missing warp
Fixed: Docking multiple modules - not all air generators are shown on panels
Fixed: After warp, docking panel not showing docking target of module
Fixed: Door state not saved on persistence (Doors are unlocked)
Fixed: Multiple fixes when two ships are docked airlock to airlock like: inverted controls, missing piloting HUD, etc.
Fixed: Removing suit with items in pockets caused parts to be glued to your feet
Fixed: Radar not showing the position of the target (on the UI line) after relogging
Fixed: After warp ship/modules rotating (like asteroids did)
Fixed: Match velocity is now a single key press
Fixed: Standing on item and panel interact makes character fall through the ground
Fixed: While locked to ship’s docking panel pressing alt tab and back will zoom camera to panel too much
Fixed: Entering wrong server password should not let you create a character on that server
Fixed: Ship grappling port is wrongly called Port1 on ship
Fixed: FTL drive status (online/offline) real time update on navigation panel
Fixed: Item locker sliding door should not trigger/close when picking up an item from the rack
Fixed: Invert mouse option affecting panels
Fixed: Controls submenu scale with lower resolutions
Fixed: Fog after scanning (Purple Haze) drastically lowers game fps

Known Bugs List: https://www.playhellion.com/forum/discussion/33/known-bugs#latest
ZG_Smorty Apr 12, 2017 @ 9:40am 
Patch 0.1.11 Notes

Hellion patch 0.1.11 will be released on April 13. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.
For private servers:
- update your server and game client
- delete server save files

New features / improvements

Docking interface rework – Completely overhauled the docking UI. Radar was added to help with orientation. Added visual (bar) and numerical indicators for rotation angle, directional speed and lateral speed (vertical and horizontal). Overall with the new system docking should be much more user friendly, as there is no longer any “eyeballing” of speed and offset.
Ship spawn and outpost tweak – New ships at random outposts are now called by activating outpost’s distress signal function. ENV monitors will show “rescue ship inbound” with a proper timer once distress call is activated. Default timer is set to 30min from activating a distress call. Keep in mind that a new ship will not spawn if there already is a ship near the outpost.

For private servers – added option to manually adjust ship arrival timer in server config by using:
Command for private servers
Note: Time is in seconds, default time is 30min.

EVA helmet tweak – EVA helmet can be taken off and placed inside a secondary slot on the suit
Windowed mode tweak – Added option to resize the window when playing in windowed mode
Looting dead characters - pressing L when looking at a dead character will bring up a menu with lootable items
Changed dead character despawning mechanics and timers – when a dead character despawns all items are removed with the body. Despawn timers are as follows:
- when all items have been looted from the body – 5min
- when inside the random outpost - 30min
- when outside of ship/module – 3h
- when inside ship/module – 24h

Added airlock function to ship’s cargo hold – It is now possible to pressurize/depressurize the ship’s cargo bay
Mining canisters now show proper notification when full -
Helmet UI improvements - helmet HUD automatically hides when interacting with a panel. It will only show low oxygen warning as necessary

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Optimized FPS when docking multiple modules. Overall, players should experience little or no FPS loss after docking one or more modules.
Fixed: Removing suit with items in pockets
Fixed: Picking up suit with items in it
Fixed: Undocking ship from other ship (Airlock to Airlock) ship HUD disappears
Fixed: Directional and Lateral Speed – Correction when multiple objects in range
Fixed: Radar / Dir, Lat and position not showing after relog in space
Fixed: Sound / Missing LS node sound on ship
Fixed: Match target velocity / 2x ships
Fixed: Module / PSM not showing correct name on DS list
Fixed: Cargo interface / Air Generator Oxygen Tank rename
Fixed: Missing ship registration number on radar
Fixed: Choose spawn point bug

Known Bugs List:

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ZG_Smorty May 12, 2017 @ 1:33am 
Patch 0.1.13 was released on May 11. Servers were down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC. Servers were wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
- update your server and game client
- delete server save files

New features / Improvements:
  • Main Server Stability - Main server migrated to a new location and implemented advanced monitoring tools.
  • Server optimization:
    • Server Clutter Cleanup - All out of scene items (items not in view range of any active player) will now properly despawn after 5 minutes.
    • Starting Scene Cleanup - All starting scene objects (lifeboat, airlock, ship, derelicts) will automatically despawn after 15 minutes if there is no player assigned to the lifeboat's cryopod. If another player visits the location before the timer runs out, standard despawn timer will take over.
      -settings for private servers: 'starting_set_despawn_time'
    • Print number of objects on server - Number of objects on server will be printed every hour.
      - For private servers print can be enabled/disabled with: 'print_debug_objects=true' option in GameServer.ini (default is false)
  • Random outpost improvements - Replaced the 3 default random outposts with 5 new stations.
    • 3 stations that serve as respawn points when choosing a "random outpost" spawn option. The layout of these stations has been changed to prevent accidental or deliberate venting of all atmosphere inside life support chambers.
    • 2 stations that can be visited and looted for equipment and resources. Loot on these stations is on a standard "random outpost" spawn timer.
    • All five of the new stations have a different layout, unique name and a fixed location within the Hellion system.
  • Ship cargo-airlock sound - added proper pressurization/depressurization sounds to the ship's cargo hold.


Fixed: Clicking continue if no spawn available
Fixed: Docking / pilot and docking UI overlap

Known Bugs List:

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Mr. Yankovich Jun 19, 2017 @ 9:50am 
Dear colonists,

We would like to remind you that Hellion`s first content update is going to land on Thursday, 22nd June 2017. Last four months were quite intense, for us in ZG, and we would like to take this chance to thank players for their continued support and input during this time.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store for all of you! Below are the much anticipated patch notes of the 0.2 update, and just to clarify, this might not be in extreme detail, but it covers all major changes and additions.

New features/Improvements

Performance improvement: Ships and players movements smoother and more responsive.

Players can now choose between female or a male when creating a character
All equipment boxes can be tagged with custom names
Players can now choose a custom name for their ship, which will be visible on the ship’s hull
Vanity items added

Starting scene
New Crew quarter module added
Tutorial added (Help trigger mechanics)

Ship’s control panel: can be used to make a list of authorized personnel. Also can be hacked with a hacking tool to clear authorized personnel list.
Automated turret (linked to and acknowledges authorized personnel list)

Toggle Auto stabilization while piloting.
Default range for ship’ s radar is set to 100 km

Ship’s H.U.D changes and improvements
Indicators for rotation; directional and lateral indicators are now similar to docking interface.
RCS and Engine fuel levels are now shown in numbers.

Added: Two new side firearms (H115 ‘Glaive’ and S22 ‘Rapier’)
Added: Two type of grenades (EMP and AP)

Navigational panel: Added view filter, fuzzy effect for unidentified objects after scan, new icons for predefined locations, etc.
Video settings: Streamlined and displays more options that can be adjusted.
Docking panel: Optimized to work with more modules
Added: loading indicator image
Information: “You are dead” screen shows the cause of death
Added: “Rescue Ship” button
World (timed) events: Spawn of Doomed outposts on a collision course; notification via chat box
Game lore: glossary added (description of all in-game items and modules)

Added two new types of canisters (canister for refined resources and a small 02 canister used for refueling/refilling player’s jetpack)
Cargo panel removed from ship; refueling station added in the cargo bay; storage space reworked (shelves, crates)

Distances between moons and their parent planets are now smaller; warp time is tweaked.
Suit inventory size increased

Loot distribution
Type/rarity of the item corresponds with new loot zones (military, industrial, civilian)
All new spawns have identical loot
Removed: Power consumption for assault rifle (B-45 Compound)
Removed: “Random outpost” from spawn menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Huge rubber banding when undocking
  • Fixed: Logging error (“fresh start” is disabled)
  • Fixed: Several bugs in docking interface
  • Fixed: Cannot interact with “Play” button after respawn
  • Fixed: Pressure ragdolling player that is in a different scene
  • Fixed: Player ends up in space after login (situation with two docked ships)
  • Fixed: Life support continues to pump the air after ship cargo is vented
  • Fixed: Unable to sit in pilot chair after server restart
  • Fixed: A player cannot interact with a main menu “play” button after few respawns
  • Fixed: Docking - targeted module not showing after warp
  • Fixed: Removing ore from refining slot impossible
  • Fixed: Player`s radar list update bug when tracked object gets out of range.
  • Fixed: Situation when it is impossible to adjust warp maneuver timer manually
  • Fixed: FTL maneuver: Aligning ship to “M” sometimes will be white instead of green. Only lower part of M will change to green and initiate warp.
  • Fixed: Visual - round light stain on the floor
  • Fixed: Player camera can clip through every frame of the rectangular doors. This way a player could interact with objects/buttons on the other side.
  • Fixed: Mouse sensitivity is not same on all panels
  • Fixed: LS Node on ship`s bridge prevents other LS Nodes to Work Properly
  • Fixed: Scanning bug near planets
  • Fixed: Deleted character not deleting assigned cryo chambers on that server
  • Fixed: Matched speed stays on ship screen after module is undocked or moved
  • Fixed: Chat stays on screen if a player closes it with ESC
Mr. Yankovich Jul 5, 2017 @ 8:40am 
Greetings everyone!

First, thank you all for your feedback on the 0.2. update; we will continue to work on bug fixing, optimization and performance improvement. With that in mind, patch 0.2.1 will be released on July 6th. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC , and they will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
- Update your server and game client
- Delete server save files

New Features / Changes/ Improvements:

- Melee combat added.
- New melee weapon - crowbar added.
- Scanner tweak: results of scans around smaller celestials should now have less fuzzy objects while derelicts around Bethyr should be easier to identify on a scan.
- Loot distribution tweaked - certain items will spawn more often.
- Shortened time for re-pressurizing ship cargo.
- Number of CO2 filter slots in ship’s LSM reduced from five to two.
- New sound effects are implemented for Turret, EMP Grenade,No-Helmet--
Suffocation and few other things.
- New animations:Crowbar swing, fist punch.

Bug fixes:

- AltCorp Corridor Vertical (CSM-AC) colliders missing/flying through object.
- Cargo and Security terminal panels blinking when a player looks at them under certain angle.
- Predefined stations not showing on map after server restart.
- Selecting video settings freezes the game.
- Placed item near wall in ALtCorp PowerSupply Module (PSM-AC) would fall through.
- Ship’s RCS leakage when module is docked.
- Destructible items (turret, grenade) would always have 100 HP(on server) regardless of actual values set.
- Various interaction problems with pilot chair (pilot unable to sit, pilot stuck in chair, etc.)
- After server restart loot is not respawning.

Known bugs list:
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ZG_Smorty Jul 20, 2017 @ 1:32am 
Attention all survivors:

Patch 0.2.2 will be deployed on Thursday, July 20. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC, and they will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
- Update your server and game client
- Delete server save files

Patch Notes:

Nav-Map improvements:

Completely reworked the Nav-Map. Interface moved to overlay, rather than world-space canvas. Players can expect more functionality, better visibility and improved responsiveness.

- “Warp To” button added to the coordinates screen.
- Custom orbits can now be modified by clicking on arrows over relevant orbit parameters. Changing parameters by clicking and dragging the orbit points is not working at the moment. It will be implemented at a later date.
- Orbital parameters that can be adjusted are now highlighted in green.
- Custom orbit is now automatically removed after warp.
- Added distance to target and power consumption indicators to the warp cell selection screen.
- Initialize warp button is now grayed out if warp maneuver is impossible.

Flight controls improvements:

- Adjusted player camera position when piloting the ship. As a result ship crosshair and radar indicators are now properly synced, eliminating drifting and unwanted offset while flying.

- Lateral speed indicators inverted to be in sync with docking indicators.

- Improved lateral indicator sensitivity, making them more responsive and easier to use.

Warp Drive improvements:

- Warp speed increased to be in line with recent zone and loot distribution changes. Short distance warp travel should remain roughly the same, but long distance warps now take considerably less time.

- Slightly tweaked how Warp works:
- Warp 1 - Intended for short distance jumps (changing orbit)
- Warp 2 - Intended for medium distance jumps (Planet -> Moon)
- Warp 3 - Intended for long distance jumps (Planet -> Planet)

- Warp Cell consumption tweaked and increased to compensate for shorter flight times.

Other improvements:

- Server sorting improvement - disabled servers will now always show on the bottom of the list.

- Increased maximum air filtration output of life support nodes from 0.12 to 0.3, making it in line with the maximum filtration capacity of Life Support’s Air Filter System. As a result air quality should improve at a faster rate.

- Added on screen crosshair. It can be toggled on/off from the options menu.

- Weapons now shoot from camera to the center of the screen (crosshair).


- Added Basketball Sound Effects


- Command Module Optimization
- Ship optimization

Bug Fixes:

- Dimed (dark) screen on game launch
- Character camera swapping when interacting with the piloting chair
- Endless loading problem
- Infinite ‘loading’ when game server unavailable after death screen
- Nav-map frame rate drop with multiple objects
- Ship cargo re-pressurize speed
- Small canister repeatable animation when holding LMB
- Ship cargo constant oxygen consumption when depressurized/vented
- Ship cargo oxygen loss when re-pressurizing
- Industrial container missing RCS recourse injector
- Delay in filling jetpack with Small Canister
- Security terminal doesn't save after server restart or crash
- Press J to warp overlapping with M on screen
- Fixed stations not showing proper names

Known Bugs:
ZG_Smorty Aug 2, 2017 @ 9:26am 
Patch 0.2.3 notes

Patch 0.2.3 will be deployed on Thursday, August 3. Servers will be down from 10:00 UTC until 11:00 UTC, and they will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
- Update your server and game client
- Delete server save files

Important note

We will be changing the bi-weekly patch schedule into a monthly schedule starting after tomorrow’s patch deployment.

Reduced patch frequency will allow us to properly test and implement new features that we are currently working on and also extend time between server wipes giving players more time for exploration and base building. We believe this will accommodate frequent requests by the community for more time to develop their space stories and continued progress in the world of Hellion.

General Improvements


- Added scenes preloading optimisation that preloads all game scenes at start significantly reducing load times in game.

- Preloading is on by default for systems with at least 6GB of RAM and off for systems with less.

- This option can be manually deactivated by directly editing the properties.ini file (located in:\Steam\steamapps\common\HELLION) and changing the following values:
load_type=0 (Simple mode - no caching)

- Added loading screen while preloading scenes.

Other improvements:

- Station despawn improvement - default value is now: 48 hours. Each docked module after the first adds + 48h.

- Note that this despawn function works for stations with authorized characters.

- Abandoned stations (without authorized characters) will despawn after 15 minutes.

- Disabled all security panels on Premade Stations. Players should no longer be able to authorize themselves on Premade Stations.

- Tweaked loot distribution values. Parts, especially Resource Injectors and Servomotors should now spawn more frequently.

Nav-Map Improvements

- Added click and drag manipulators for custom orbits. Players can now use mouse to adjust position, apoapsis, periapsis and angle values.

- Position indicator will now retain its angle/position when adjusting apoapsis/periapsis values.

- Added click and drag option for adjusting activation/arrival points when setting up a warp maneuver.

Infrastructure Improvements

We are introducing new official servers that are expected to improve overall performance. These servers cover Europe, Russia and Oceania. New US servers will be deployed at a later date.

Graphics optimisation

AltCorp_Starting Module optimization
AltCorp_Corridor Module optimization
AltCorp_Corridor Intersection Module optimization
AltCorp_Corridor 45T Module optimization
AltCorp_Corridor 45TL Module optimization
AltCorp_Corridor Vertical Module optimization
AltCorp_PowerSupply Module optimization

Bug fixes

- Despawn ship/module with active player(s) inside.
- Command module occlusion glitch when player outside or far away.
- Wall fan occlusion glitch in starting module.
- Repeatedly loaded scenes stay in client forever.
- Planets/moons show smaller on Nav-Map than in-game.
- Cannot pick up several objects from spawn points in PSM.
- Corridor Module occlusion reverted when player inside.

Known Bugs:

ZG_Smorty Sep 6, 2017 @ 6:44am 
Patch 0.2.4 will be deployed on Thursday, September 7. Servers will be down from 10AM UTC until 11AM UTC. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
- Update your server and game client.
- Delete server save files.

NavMap Improvements

- NavMap optimisation.
- NavMap now properly groups overlapping nearby objects. Players can click the group icon to display a list of all nearby objects.
- Ship icon should now always be visible on the NavMap.
- Scanning optimisation.
- Remove warp line when warp finished or failed.
- Removed obsolete NavMap filter options from the interface.

Ship Engine Tweaks

- Ship engine controls reworked. When ship engines are activated (default key ENTER) players can use standard forward/backward controls (default keys W,S) to accelerate/deccelerate using engines instead of RCS. Players also have the option to set constant engine thrust values for longer journeys (default keys NUMPAD +,-).
- Engine power consumption tweaked. Power supply screen should now display proper values when the engines are operational.

General Improvements

- Players can now check blog news in-game. In-game home screen changed to fit Blog news.
- Disabled all docking ports on premade stations. Players can no longer dock a Command Module to take ownership of premade stations.
- Removed "Call Ship" and "Distress call" buttons from premade stations.
- Added confirmation before applying video settings.
- Texture quality slider can only be adjusted when in menu (out of game). It is disabled by default when in-game.
- Implemented automatic server restart after a predefined amount of time.
- Added automatic server restart configuration to GameServer.ini file.
- Server info added to server browser list.
- Server info configuration added to the GameServer.ini file.
- Added report server option in server list and server menu.
- Added tooltip information when trying to loot dead bodies (default key F).
- Added missing glossary descriptions for several objects and added Hellion System Zone map to the glossary located under Lore and History tab.
- Loading screen concept art added.
- Server browser visual changes for added server information.

Security Improvements

- All lockable doors linked to the security system. Players who are on the "authorized personnel list" on the ship/command module security panel can now open/close locked doors.
- Ships no longer transfer their security authorization to docked/grappled modules. As a result, turrets that spawn in various modules remain hostile even when module is docked/grappled to the ship.
- Command Modules now properly transfer authorization to all docked modules and turrets.

Optimisation and module improvements

- Double checked optimisation for multiple modules and reworked as necessary.
- Turrets can no longer shoot through walls and closed doors.
- All items can now correctly be picked up from LS nodes in all modules.
- Changed RCS fuel from Nitrogen to Nitro for all modules.
- AltCorp_LifeSupport_Module optimisation.
- AltCorp_Airlock Module optimisation.
- AltCorp_Cargo Module optimisation.
- AltCorp_Crew Quarters Module optimisation.
- Reflection Probe Rework.

Bug fixes:

- Not able to pick up battery from ship cargo.
- Ship grappling hook missing collider.
- Cannot pickup slotted ammo from gun magazine attache points.
- Server client communication when matching velocity - results in position change on client.
- Starting module lights not working when low pressure.
- Server errors and crash due to Unhandled Exception.
- Docking ports not showing in the target list after warp and undocking grappled module.
- CQM Med-pack fridge placing med-packs on wrong place when putted in.
- Stuck on connecting to game server no response from server.
- Cannot use SHIFT to grab onto the hull of some modules.
- Life Support Module not working when docked to base.
- Power Consumption Bug. Capacitor draining when Output > Consumption.
- Dockable Container Ports don't work.
- Loot respawns in modules that have been taken by players and attached to their stations.
- Turrets get detached from attach points because of distance optimisation.
- Ship casts lights on planets.
- When default video settings are clicked they should be saved immediately.
- Despawn timer restarts after server reset.
- Airlock Module doors not connected to the security system.
- Sun is bigger on nav map.
- In-game loading icon stays on screen results in unable to get back to the server.
- Power supply panel in PS module inactive.
- After server restart Turrets lose tracers or fire blank shots.
- Cannot pick up items in CM.
- Refined resource Canister has only nitro in it.
- Infinite loading icon and invisible module(s).
- Systems interconnection issue across docked modules.
- Persistence - systems auto reactivate after server restart.
- Spamming call rescue ship button results in multiple ships spawning at outpost.
- Canisters don´t go empty it shows 0 but not empty.
- Unload button on Cargo Panel not working with refined canisters.
- NavMap doesn't update home station button after cryopod change

Known Bugs List

Fly safe,
Zero Gravity Team

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