Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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How do you defeat long range AT?
Earlier I played a match where the enemy had a massive array of long range anti aircraft and long range tracked AT missiles setup and I could not find a way to beat them. A, I could not send in infantry because of flakpanzers, I could not send in helicopters because of long range SAM's and I could not send tanks because of AT. Couldn't scout the position either because anything I sent in would die.
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JC 14. led. 2013 v 1.12 
Hm. On a tactical level: Was there any need for you to attack that position? If not, position some of your own units to shoot him when he's moving out. If someone has lots of expensive troops in one place, he can't have much anywhere else.

Also, get artillery. The high caliber stuff. Get your scouts (see below) in for a corrected shot (important!), and rain hell down on him.

Couldn't scout the position either because anything I sent in would die.
You might want to take a second look at recon infantry squads. They're very small, so should be able to sneak up undetected through hedges / bushes to get a look at the enemy.

A small jeep can also sneak up close if you hug cover with it.
Normally I find the best way to deal with that is corrected artillery barrage, preferably MRLS since they have less time to move once it hits. You just have to get a recon unit close enough to correct the barrage, I mainly use small unarmed scouts like UAZs, since they are harder to spot and won't reveal their location by firing on other units. Alternatively you can use special forces and click on their weapon panels to stop them from firing and giving away their position. You have to keep your recon in cover though, otherwise they will likely be destroyed.

Most ATGM and AA vehicles have weak armour, so the barrage will do a lot of damage even without a direct hit on them.
Artillery, you make the hole where you push quickly and hard and then you spread from there forward behind its lines, then doing same from another position. And remember to keep artillery changing its location once it has finished its solution or enemy starts counter-artillery.
Next to artillery, go to harass your enemy: drive with either a high-end tank (which survives 1 atgm) or a cheap vehicle a bit into the range of his ATGM ... wait unti the missile is launched, drive back out of range (the missile will explode without doing any harm) - your enemy now needs either to resupply his units or will run out of ammunition pretty fast.
-) use recon infantry to scout positions (hedges and similar)
-) use artillery to shell ATGM infantry/jeeps
-) use ATGM infantry to snipe high-end ATGM carriers. a fully vetted squad is often enough. you have to micro them a bit - you don't want to lose them to the first arty barrage and you need to keep them supplied.

-) use the terrain to your advantage when attacking with vehicles - are there differences in elevation and breaks in LoS (forests, hedges, buildings) that would help you in an attack? the range advantage of ATGM means nothing if the battle starts at 1800m.
As has said, do you need to take that point? If the enemy has, as you've described, an 'impenetrable' defense, then he's likely spent so much there that he's weak elsewhere. Try sending some mobile units to probe his flanks. He'll have to pull some units back in order to prevent you from cutting off his supply lines, or wait as his super-uber defensive line of win is left to wither on the vine.

Another thing that might work is eliminating his scouts. Most units can shoort farther than they can see and rely on scouts to tell them where the enemy is. If you can hunt down his scouts then his defensive line will lose some of its long range potency. Try looking through the edge of forests, hedges and towns, but be careful...recon infantry is usually spec ops, and they can easily take on a squad of basic infantry or ambush lone vehicles.

Finally, if you have to break through the enemy's line there and then, and don't want to hunt down his forward recon then the others are right: artillery. If you're Pact, I'd recommend using something like the Buratino to blow a hole in their defensive line. Remember, you're not trying to kill his defending units with the barrage, you're trying to stun them so that they don't shoot back as well, which should give you the edge to get in close and take out the long ranged ATGM and SAM launchers.
If you see this situation again try to save the replay and get it out there so maybe one of the good players can help you out even further.
I usually bring along about four uaz units, the 10pt one, then drive them cole to atgm units at maximum rage while moving in tanks to kill off as much units as possible and using arty to stun, or destroy, any atgm units from afar. This can backfire on ya, so another, safer, stratagy is to take out thier recon, if possible, then send in special forces scouts, then bring in ATGM infantry to harass or destroy them. This will buy you enough time to move in with your own atgm units and push him back until he gets desperate and either tries to spam choppers, arty, or retreats. One more thing you should consider. Vehicle size. The smaller the vehicle, the more dificult it will be to hit at max range.
Hi Jamesr,ya I haven't been playing this game long and I find I'm having the same trouble. Theres alot of "♥♥♥♥" goin down in a battle and u have to practice alot and unfortunately get beat alot to master everything on the battlefield. Like all the other guys said RECON and ARTY! I,m slowly getting it. Don't get discouraged,u will get better and this game is really good!
Shoot them back, or shoot them with artillery. AA guns and tank destroyers have super weak armor and gets knocked very easily by artillery. If you have the ultimate upgrade of T55 (T-55AMV-1) , use them to counter those tanks, each AMV carries 6 very power ATGM missiles that shoots 2.4km and are very accurate. Anti tank guns have the weakness of slow fire rate and the accuracy is rather lacking, at 45 points each those tanks can murder the AT guns quite quickly.

Just four basic artillery units will put those combos in danger. Also use the tree lines, the tree lines provides light cover but will give your tanks huge advantage over the slow firing AT guns

Yeah and same as others said, recon to get advantage on the enemy. Just remember that flak panzer does next to no damange to medium tanks and up, the amount of shells will stunt them but only lasts for about two seconds.

If they are hidden in the forest, use flamethrower tanks. Flamethrower tanks have very strong morale damage and will drive them away quickly,the damage is also sufficient to destroy AT guns while denying cover
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thanks for all the tips :)
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