Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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pearlhbrooks Jan 9, 2013 @ 7:15am
Solo The Albion Plateau
Can anyone help me, No command points left, tried rush, defence, split 2 groups, cant do it any helps tips most welcome
thanks paul
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Crowe Jan 9, 2013 @ 3:50pm 
I find this one is a lot easier if you take out the two Command Vehicles before you begin your assault past them. The Armoured HQ is the easiest, just send a recon helicopter and a pair of your starting Gazelles down to the bottom left corner, then straight up, with any luck there won't be any defences and you can just shoot the CV with your HOT missiles then take the same route back to your Deployment.

You can't use Helicopters on the other CV though, there are SAM Infantry in the Trees there so its suicide to try, normally I just bring in some artillery and shell it until it is destroyed, it is a soft-skinned vehicle so it only takes one close hit to take it out. You can try getting recon close to correct your Artillery, but in my experience it is hard to.

Almost Straight away your Deployment will be attacked from the north, and I find the best way to defeat this attack is to immediately bring in a Platoon of High Tech Tanks, Challengers, Leopards, M1s, whatever you have. The most sophisticated tank they will attack you with in the beginning is the T-64BM, I wouldn't recommend engaging these ones with your tanks though, since they have missiles and will do a lot of damage to you, use your helicopters instead. I would recommend you bring in some Lynx Helicopters with TOW 2 missiles instead of Gazelles, I just find they aren't accurate enough most of the time.

You start with infantry, but the first thing you should do is put them all in their transports, otherwise some gunships will turn chew them up before your Rolands take them down. After you have destroyed the Armoured CV, you can start moving forward. If you haven't destroyed the Helicopter CV, or haven't tried, then you should send your forces along the road in that direction. As always you will want a balanced force and some good recon units to take the lead. I normally find it is best to take a right at the cross-intersection near your deployment, it will take you up to INDIA where there is an FOB for you to resupply at, there are some basic enemy units here, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.

After that the road will take you up toward the town at KILO, which is where an objective is and there are a few ATGM and SAM units, so you will want to be more careful with this one. Once you rescue the forces in the town, you can take the road up to LIMA and destroy the CV. A good thing to try is to take the spare CV units you start with and place them in the zones as you capture them, then leave some units to defend them. Put one in INDIA, and the second you should save for LIMA once you capture it, since it is a deployment zone, then you can buy another for KILO if you want to.

The attack on the Plateau can either be really easy or really hard, I find it is best to have a couple of Platoons of High Tier Tanks, recon and mobile AA, use your recon to spot enemy positions and destroy them with your tanks, the AA is just to keep you covered from any helicopters that may still be around, you can use your ATGM helicopters here, but you have to be careful of SAMs, so I recommend sending a Recon chopper ahead of them as bait, then they can at least have a chance to retreat.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Also be aware that if you don't destroy the Airborne CV before you get to the town at KILO, depending on the AIs mood, you may be swimming in Mi-24s, and in my experience the only way to counter this is to spam AA vehicles. So I recommend you try to destroy the CV before then.
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Boomer99 Jan 9, 2013 @ 6:27pm 
As posted above, the sooner you take out the CVs, the better off you'll be.

Right from the start, the PACT sends untis to attack, so get your weaker units into cover ASAP. Bring in the best tank destroyers (or tanks, if you prefer) and put them in the hedgerow at the top of your command zone, then use helos to help with the assault.

After the inital wave, you'll get a minute to catch your breath. Set up an anti-tank force in the trees in the top left corner of your command zone. Keep it supplied, and it can fend off any attack from the northwest/west, Take out the Command Armor to the left (as mentioned above).

After that, you'll need to start moving forces up to the first zone on your upper-right. There will be helos there, so bring plenty of AA. The french Rolland and AMX tanks (that you are given at the start) will be useful there. Once you can get a foothold on that zone, clean it up and use the FOB to resupply. Send your extra CV to secure this zone.

Now your focus will be on the helo command zone (the next zone up). Keep in mind that you will continue to be attacked (usually small forces) near the FOB you just captured. Keep some AA, anti-tank forces in the woods and keep an eye on that area from time to time.

Then begin bringing in reinforcments. Plenty of AA (you'll be dealing with a ton of helos). Your first step is to clear the woods just before you get to the helo command. Send plenty of infantry (and flamethrowers if you have them). Once you have secured the woods, start moving in the AA. I also sent some infantry to the building in the helo command zone. Once I cleared that zone, I bought a new CV and send it in to take control. (this will give you a new point of entry for your reinforcements, so that's a huge help for taking the final objective).

From there, use your points to build up a force that you can use to take the plateau. There is a secondary objective (find the French forces) that you can tackle in the meantime. Send forces from your newly aquired zone (the former helo command) south to the small town. You will have some light resistance (they have AA near), but once you make contact, you'll be rewarded with a good sized French force.

Buy a good sized helo attack force (6-8 choppers). Send the ground force to the middle of the plateau (airbase) to start taking out the AA. Follow with the choppers (taking out any tanks along the way). Once you spot the CV (it's in the middle of the airbase, on the southeast side), take it out with your choppers.

Then sit back and enjoy the victory screen.
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