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Wargame: European Escalation

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OGUREK Dec 2, 2012 @ 2:15am
Few questions from beginner ;)
1) How effectively fight against infantry in buildings? I tried to use flame units, mass of infantry, artillery, but effects was somehow....awkward...sometimes single ATGM soldier can knock-out many tanks, or decimate infantry ranks (especially Heimat from DE)

2) How to give commands, marks, pins on the map to help co-op in multi player, like in World In Conflict? Is it possible? For example: Attack Here! Defend Here!

3) Difference between 12.7mm and 14.5mm?

4) Why so many players choose mass, fast assaults which often fail (KONKURSes and IGLAS + TATRA in forests will suffice to defend against such lemmings ;) )
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Piejoe21 Dec 2, 2012 @ 11:57am 
1. Get recon so you can see the infantry in the town, then use artillery with "corrected shot" to wipe them out

2. Just above the minimap, you can drop flares, which act almost the same as pins from WiC. The good thing is you can make custom messages just like in WiC

3. Diameter of the bullet. I find that 14.5 is much better against aircraft while 12.7 is better against infantry

4. Usually, people will arty the forest you're in until everyone is dead. Atleast thats what i do.
Lubyak Dec 2, 2012 @ 3:58pm 
1) As said, get recon in position and disrupt the enemy with artillery before making your push. Don't rely on arty to kill them all, just try and stun them so that they can't take you out from range with ATGM fire.

Try to lead with good assault infantry (troops with focus on their basic assault rifles rather than their special weapons). Spetsnaz or Motorscheutzen for the Pact are good options and Chasseur FAMAS for NATO.

2) Already explained.

3) 14.5 mm guns are a little heavier, which means they'll do better at taking down aircraft and light vehicles than a 12.5 mm gun.

4) Because some people think this game is like Starcraft and that a rush is the best way to win, and don't think how to use tactics. Better players will snoop around with light troops and then arty the position till they think your troops are hurt, stunned or even routing before commiting their forces.
Airows Dec 3, 2012 @ 12:12pm 
1 If you are pact use 200 mm artillery to knock them out if does not even have to be a direct hit

2. Flares?

3. caliber (also rate of fire smaller rounds is usually faster to fire)

4. you have been playing with noobs (pact players mass tank formations are terrifiying)
OGUREK Dec 3, 2012 @ 3:13pm 
ok i'm after few battles as PACT, and last one was especially hard.

Map: Shooting Range(Strzelnica in PL) 3 v 3.
I was under constant artillery and mortar barrage, from begging of match, coming from heavy defended hill(Romeo) (Sheridans, M60, Apaches, Famas soldiers, masses of AMX, Bradleys, Rolands). While on my back Delta Force's was wreaking havoc.
So, I decided to amass my T-55 & T-62 supported by 2S3 and BUK's, send them in first wave, to crush AA, and Arty. But it was somehow failed b'cos two mortar barrages crushed their morale...
Second wave: mass of T-62, BMP-1, Mi-24D/P, few T-72, and few T-80 in back, UAZes, Infantry, again alomst all lost, but i managed to capture hill. Especially lost to Apaches and AH-1, but at least 2xBUK's and 2xTunguskas, backed by TATRA's killed them all (single Tunguska killed 5 Cobras and 1 Apache!). After second wave, and enemy heavy counter attack, and help from allied Mi-24 and Mi-28, the enemy arty has been killed...
Third wave: few T-80, and few T-72, backed by BMP-635 and MI-24 managed to kill remaining forces and push to base, ending in victory.

Tell me what should I do, to mimize my loses becaouse my decisions was victorious but stats... ca. 4000 killed 7400 lost. While my Allies ca. 3000/3000 and 4000/3000

You want replay from this match?
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ŊЏ | Shifu Dec 4, 2012 @ 12:07pm 
replay would be good to analyze - if you don't know where to upload, use http://escalation.eu. But generally, it's not to good idea to just mass your troops and send them forward - advance slowly, intented and use arty before attacking. Additionally, try to communicate with your team - teamwork is probably most essential for most games
OGUREK Dec 4, 2012 @ 12:18pm 
I had biggest problem with enemy arty (mortars especially), they was much faster and accurate than my 2S3 Akacja...

Lubyak Dec 7, 2012 @ 1:51pm 
Mortars are quite annoying due to their accuracy. However, because of their shorter range, they're not as flexible, meaning you can try to divert their attention to one side of the map, causing them to commit their mortars there, while your main force is actually elsewhere. They won't be able to move their mortars around fast enough to counter.

Additionally, since mortars are often deployed closer to the front lines, if you can secure a break through, they're easier to kill if the enemy doesn't manage a good retreat.
Dan K. Memes Dec 7, 2012 @ 4:31pm 
I'm not trying to be harsh or anything, but the fact that you faced such stiff resistance in the first place indicates that you probably attacked in the wrong place. If the enemy builds up in one specific area, keep in mind there's nothing requiring that you attack that position. If they seem intent on camping that one spot, by all means find somewhere less defended and break through there. If you begin rampaging around in the rear, threatening their command vehicles, they'll have to pull those forces back.

If they consistently seem like they have troops in better qualities or quantities than you, you might be letting them secure more command points than you do. It might seem counterintuitive to buy one little jeep instead of three or four hefty tanks, but keep in mind that it will enable you to get even more troops in the near future.

As for the artillery, I must admit there's really no clean way to deal with that type of problem. If they have that much invested in their artillery, either they skimped on something else or what I mentioned above has happened. Take precautions to avoid significant damage, like avoiding situations where your troops are massed together until the moment you attack. You should learn how to identify the difference between corrected fire and scattered fire if you haven't already, and look for the forward observers that are letting them aim that corrected fire.

I hope that helped.

On a side note, Lubyak, are you the Lubyak on NationStates?
Lubyak Dec 7, 2012 @ 5:28pm 
Yes, why do you ask?
Hob_Gadling Dec 11, 2012 @ 12:41am 
Originally posted by OGUREK:
You want replay from this match?

There's a lot you could (and should!) have done differently. Some things in no particular order:

- you let the Deltas be in your back area for ages. Always clear those out. It's also a good idea not to place the FOBs quite so near forests, because then it's harder for Deltas to attack them directly. If you see suspiciously accurate artillery in your rear areas (or your units turn solid blue even when hidden in hedges) locate and kill the enemy scouts.

- you knew for almost the entire game where the enemy mortars were. Yet you didn't attempt once to actually shoot at them with your artillery. Even a near miss is helpful, since it panics them, forces them to relocate and eats up supplies. You often also have a good chance of taking out some supply units.

- you rarely attempted to push your recon units forward. The area around Tango was empty and enemy had no scouts there. One jeep would've gotten you all the LOS you needed to take on the mortars with corrected shots. Risk: 30 points. Reward: up to 300 points. Spetsnaz trying to take the buildings was fine: just have your guns ready for revenge shots if something is already there and kills them. What good is recon if you don't act upon the information it gives you?

- speaking of which, I never saw you attempt to push anywhere else except where the enemy had most of his troops. Juliet was practically undefended for most of the game. A couple infantry would've made a mess there. Same holds true for Kilo and to an extent, India. Don't be scared of empty map. You can send 30 points worth of Motostrelki in BTRs to check out what's hiding: even if you lose them, it's no big loss and you know there's something that shoots back in the place you sent them.

- your expensive T-64B are clustered in one group. If you had spread them out into 2 groups of 2, 300 meters apart, the enemy artillery wouldn't have hit and panicked them all. Despite losing morale you beat back the enemy attack with other troops and 3 of your 4 tanks live, heavily damaged and panicked but alive anyway. Then you make no effort to repair them, instead choosing to call in new tanks. Supplies required for repair would've cost 60 points at maximum, giving you the use of 270 points worth of tanks.

- that second tank push was a terrible idea. You knew the enemy had tons of missiles in the area. They shot at your missile jeep literally less than a minute ago with a dozen missiles. What on earth possessed you to attack that with tanks of all things? Worse, you attacked in a queue that quickly turned into an overcrowded mess. Form up in a proper line before pushing forward. The BMP-1D that weren't in the ball of tanks did relatively well in comparison despite being cheap units.

- you then attack the house where you lost your Spetsnaz a while back. Did you remember the enemy had that spot defended? If you did, why did you drive close? You could have split off one vehicle to approach the buildings, or used "Fire on Position" order to shoot at them before approaching. Or both. Or even just kept your distance: the infantry can't come out and can't hurt you if you stay away.

- 32 tanks and one Tunguska. Guess what happens when you lose that Tunguska? Hint: it involves a lot of helicopters. Fortunately you notice and react quickly.

- very nice use of helicopters in support of the attack. You held them back and didn't feed them to enemy AA you knew was there. Instead, you used them to beat back enemy counterattacks.

- your BUK killed a metric crapton of infantry from the buildings. Hooray for bugs (and BUKs).

The short version: You didn't scout enough. When you scouted and knew what was there you didn't act on the information. You went and drove tanks close to buildings you knew were swarming with infantry, you went and attacked a position defended almost solely by ATGMs with tanks. And when you attacked, you didn't attack in a line but in a queue. You can always afford to take the 30 seconds required to shuffle your units around before attacking. Otherwise you're just throwing people away.

Most importantly, don't be afraid of the empty map. If you don't know what's there, it's very much possible there's nothing. Send someone to take a peek. If you had spent 150 points towards 10 infantry squads and sent them around map to various zones you knew nothing about, what do you think would have happened?
OGUREK Dec 12, 2012 @ 11:36pm 
thx :) for helpful advices :)
skyray_us Dec 18, 2012 @ 1:29pm 
Hi All I wanted to view the replay and registered at the EU site. I couldn't use the direct link to play it? Don't know why that didn't work. I downloaded it but I don't know what to use to open it with. Very different looking extension. Sounds like it would be great training for a noob like me. Any one know how I can view it? Thanks.
Hob_Gadling Dec 19, 2012 @ 11:47am 
You need to place the downloaded replays into:

C:\Users\Hob\Saved Games\EugenSystems\WarGame

Then you can open them from "Replay" menu in Wargame.
Chimpyang Dec 20, 2012 @ 11:12am 
1. If you cant get recon on them, you can use tanks to "Fire Pos" on the building/forest you think they are in, softens them up, even if you miss majorly and only do morale damage.
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