Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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Need a idea with a sarting army. l just bought this game and kinda got a basic idea for a start up. l use a starting army of abrams or t70 tanks with some anti air units and artilery and some marder units. can some one give me a decent setup for the start pls??? would aprecheate some help as l dont have any friends that play this game. tnx
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ŊЏ | Shifu Apr 2, 2013 @ 7:42am 
What do you intend to play? Campaign, multiplayer or versus the AI? Which side do you wish to play, Nato or Pact?
™1Shot1KiLL® Apr 2, 2013 @ 8:03am 
Multiplayer and mostly NATO but also liKe USSR
Originally posted by ŊЏ | Shifu:
What do you intend to play? Campaign, multiplayer or versus the AI? Which side do you wish to play, Nato or Pact?
KillaJules Apr 2, 2013 @ 9:08pm 
Obviously this varies depending on your play style but there are certain units that are always worth having.

The first units to unlock include: a better recon option, AA with at least 2450 m range and either a versatile medium tank or a more expensive strong tank. Autocannon armed units in this game are expecially useful and versatile.


Logistics: Use command armour since these won't so easily die to artillery strikes.

Recon: German Luchs and British Gazzelle chopper are the best choices available. The French Sagiae is also pretty decent.

Infantry/APCs: You chose Marders, they are definately a good choice. However, a cheaper option for infantry is good to have. French Chasseurs FAMAS in VABs or German Jagers in Fuchs are good for rapidly reaching key positions or rushing. The French AMX 10P is also pretty good.
Some people also like using Dragon II teams in Bradleys for anti-tank defense.
Helicopter transported infantry (especially British Paras and American Deltas) allow for interesting strategies.

For AA, German Marder Roland 2s are excellent. Definately add these. Chapparals are only useful with maximum veterency but they are the oly AA NATO has that has long range. If you want cannon AA, both German Gepards and American Pivads get the job done.
For indirect support, the American mortars are especially good. the French AMX AuF1 is the best artillery piece.

Since you have already unlocked the Abrams, I recommend unlocking more advanced Abrams next since the basic Abrams lacks gun range. The best Abrams is not the best for dealing with enemy heavy tanks but its the most accurate and is great at dealing with spam. British Challenger 1 is really good for defence and the German Leopard 2 is fast and arguably the best against tanks.
If you want cheaper armour, the MBT-70 is nice since it has missiles and an autocannon. Also, the Chieftain mk10 is good for defence and the best 2 Patton variants are quite strong and flexible.

This category is full of miscellaneous vehicles for a wide variety of tasks. Many can ambush, others can flank, rush, help against a rush or provide support. French mortars are decent as are French Milan anti tank missile jeeps. The American Zippo has a flamethrower and so is useful against entrenched infantry in woods.

Basic variant Cobra is arguably the best. Very fast, not too expensive and has lots of rockets for stunning and destroying lots of vehicles at once.

For Warsaw Pact:

Like NATO, use command armour. The KOLOS or T813 is a good supply truck.

The Mi-2 is good for air recon. Ground recon is not as good for Pact as it is for NATO, but I use the East German SPW-40B because it only costs 20 points. PT-76B is a good choice.

Czech Motostrelci are very cheap and come in small squads so it is a good idea to use these in large numbers and in cheap APCs. Use SKOTs (but not the missile armored SKOT since the missile sucks) or TOPASs. Motostrelci are very cost effective against tanks, use these against vehicles ONLY! 4VPZU are much better against infantry but have limited availability.
BMP-1P is an excellent variant of the BMP-1. Worth using. East German Motoschutzen are a good choice for basic infantry but their transports aren't good.

The Tunguska and the BUK M1 are expensive but long ranged and very powerful AA. Good cheaper AA include the Czechoslovakian Strop 2 which is very fast.
The DANA, Mrsta and the Malka are good artillery.

T-72s are decent for filler but they are inaccurate. Also, the most advanced T-72 is too lightly armoured for its cost. I recommend the T-64 series since they are versatile, mobile and fast shooting. The basic T-80 is very good all-round and the top end T-80s are extremely strong. The Flammpanzer is good for clearing woods.

Don't bother with these. Except for the MT-LB Shturm-S. Even then, Pact tanks can fulfill its role anyway.

Mi-24P and VP are the only Mi-24s worth getting since the other 3 types get rubbish missiles or a gimped gun. The Mi-17 and Mi-8TV provide good support with rockets and can come with infantry.
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™1Shot1KiLL® Apr 3, 2013 @ 4:55am 
thankyou verry much for your time. l really aprecheate it.
American Orange Apr 4, 2013 @ 5:25am 
recon M3 bradley kiowa logistics fob hemmt m557

inf atgm dragon blackhawk

MBT m1 abrams

support palidan and roland 2
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