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Setari Oct 19, 2013 @ 12:21am
How to get more units on the field?
Okay, so bought this from a bundle sale... fun and all for the first mission but now I'm stuck on the first mission in SP. I'm down to one tank and my recon viehicle... how do I get more tanks in there?
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Tatanka88[HUN] Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:53am 
First, you have to controll a deployment sector, you can do it with a commander vehicle parked in the sector. After that at the top left corner you should see a list of unit types, where you can select, what you want to call in. You have to have enough deployment points to "buy" units. You can collect those points by controlling sectors with a number next to their name! (f.e. "Hotel 3", if you controll this zone, it will generate 3 deployment points in every few seconds)

After clicking on one of the units you want (and have enough points to) buy, drag the mouse on the battlefield, where you should see a red or green coloured hologram of the unit(s). You can deploy the selected unit at the highlighted place only, if all the icons are green, this means that the terrain is reachable for the units. (if any of the holograms is red, it means, that you trying to call the units in a place that is occupied by another unit or it is outside of the playable borders, it is in water, building etc. so can not call units there. Move your mouse cursor a bit, than it should be okay, and the holos change green)
Depending on how much deployment points you have, you can buy not only one, but all the units from the same type. When you buy more units, they will be arranged in groups, ground unit groups have a maximum of 4 units, air groups have 2 etc., this makes the controll of multiple vehicles much easier. Special units, like commander vehicles can not be grouped, this is because they shouldn't be moved together, they are vulnerable and easy targets to any enemy, and they are the most expensive units, don't have more of them, than you need to!

After deploying units on the map, they will appear in the nearest deployment zone just outside of the map border. After they reach inside the map, they are manageable, but until you don't give them another order, they will move as fast as they can to the place, where you have called them (clicked, when their holograms where there)! Air units fly straight there, ground vehicles will use the main roads for fast movement. You should think about that before deploying to the frontline somewhere in the middle of the map, your new vehicles approaching their destination with fast movement can run easily in an ambush or any threat and can be lost very easily, before you can even use them!!!
So, don't forget to plan your route and give the right orders to your vehicles after deployment!
SaiLeib Oct 19, 2013 @ 11:41am 
On the first mission you have to progress into it enough to unlock the reinforcement mechanic. I think it happens the same time when you get the supply trucks (not sure about that). If you are not that far yet, you might want to restart and try not to lose as many tanks.

I managed to beat the first mission without calling any reinforcement anyway because I didn't notice I could that. lol

edit: The superdetailed post above me is right for everything , except that you get a deploymet zone for "free" in the first mission once you have progressed to a certain point.
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Setari Oct 19, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
Yeah I found that out. Not playing this game anyway, thanks for the information though.
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