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Severe lag!
I bought the game last week. It starts fine, but gradually begins to lag until it gets to the point the game is unplayable. I quit the game and then restart it and again it works fine for a few mins and then lags out again. I've been told that this only happens w/ the steam version of the game. People who have the original version dont have the problem. Please help. I need to know if there is a patch or something i can do to fix it. I really enjoy the game but the lag is driving me mad.
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without knowing the exact details of your computer and what its doing when you are running the gme its hard to say.

but in general as the cities grow in size and complexity the amount of processing that is required increases and so your framerate drops.

the same is true for games like civilization for very similar reasons.

please understand that this game, like most other games, run the game logic from a single thread using an interpreted scripting languages. so basically you are limited by the speed of at which a core in your cpu can run the game logic and not by the number of cores.

you also are limited by the fact that the game, like most other games, is a 32 bit windows application and you basically have a windows 32-bit application address space. so depending on the version of windows you have between 2-3gb. so if you have windows 32-bit that is not much memory since that os can only address 4gb and the os and running services and applications all allocate from that memory. so you will be most likely starving this application which as the city grows needs a bit of memory to function. if on the other hand you have windows 64-bit and around 8gb or more of memory, then you should have more than enough to give this application a full 4gb address space.

please understand that all versions of this game, including most other games, have this problem. its sort a known problem. and at present its sort of limited what can be done. hopefully in the future the game, like most other qames, will be rewritten from scratch and a native compiler used instead of an interpreter that supports native threading and that runs as a 64-bit application.

so we can understand the exact cause of the issue that you are having please post your hardware specs

also tell us the population size of your city.

here are some things to try

make sure your computer is not buy doing other things and that there is plenty of free memory.

so disable and stop or unnecessary services and applications especially if you have a low end cpu and/or small amount of memory.

you can reduce/disable unnecessary video/miscalaneous/advanced settings

you can try these tweaks
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game suffers from a hardcoded design flaw which causes a memeory leak. this will never be fixed so all you can do is restart and try community tweaks which delay the it 30 minutes or so. even with the memeory leak and having to restart, with a few community mods this game is 10x better then the new sim city. which is pretty sad
nonsense, i love how people keep repeating the same old garbage without having a clue as to what is going on and what is causing what they experience..

there is no memory leak if there were you would get an out of memory error.

ive run the game extensively side by side with memory utilization analyzer and same for processor utilization analyzer and you can see that the issue is the thread running the game logic and if you drill down you see that the issue is their use of interpreted lua.

and yes the issue is being worked on. but it takes time because lua is a programming language created by a small group of people mostly underfunded open source project.

and even worse is that cities xl, like most games that use lua, uses a branch of lua called lua plus which offers a c++ wrapper to lua. sadly this project is basically done by one guy without any funding i think. so he is very much behind and lua plus is like very slow to incorporate changes and new stuff.

so focus, and all the games that use lua plus, have to wait until the lua plus guy to add support for a jit, which the lua folks did a while ago.

and that is where i come in. ive been doing luaplusjit which merges lua plus with lua jit. so you have the performance of lua jit, a natively compiled version of lua which is 20x-30x or more faster than equivalent lua (or lua plus) and has the c++ wrapper that basically every body uses.

recently i sent a copy of a very early release of luaplusjit to focus for them to link againt and get back to me what enhancements that luaplus makes to lua i need to add for them

unfortunately they are extremenly busy with new / other games. but hopefully they will eventually get back to me and then i will need to add support for those features and the cycle will repeat until luaplusjit is at a point that they can use it

when that happens there will need to be a new major release of the game which will hopefully run the game logic much faster and result in added framerate which will mean people can create bigger and more complex cities before the framerate decreases to the point they can't stand

once that happens there are a number of other things like adding native threading support to luaplusjit so that focus and add native threading support to the game logic and again increase framerate even more

but that is long whiles away. perhaps years or perhaps never.

please keep in mind that even the latest simcity, as well as most games out there today, all have these very same problems.

on top of that they are 32 bit applications, so eventually you cities cant grow anymore because you hit the memory limit that they will take.

so that means the game would have to be rewritten as a 64 bit application. that is very hard work and i dont think its going to happen without a cities xl 2, which i dont know if it will ever happen because it not only takes a bit of work and money, but i dont know if the market nitch is big enough.

i mean the original developers went broke. simcity took 10 years and was dumbed down because they wanted to appeal to wider audience because of this problem of the market being too small.
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I have the same problem here too. When my city gets ~500,000 population, the game fps dropped noticeably. I'm running AMD phenom 4 core with AMD HD 7850 and 4GB ram. I checked the cpu usage and find out the game uses only one core of the cpu, and it's reaching near 100%. I gues the fix would be adding multicore support for the game. I don't think GPU would be much a problem here, since reducing the graphic quality doesn't help at all.

Simulation games tend to be resource intensive. But why the developers didn't take this factor into consideration when they are developing the game? Kind of disappointed because building mega cities would be near impossible.
people have built cities with 90+M, so its possible. cause i need to get faster cpu like an intel cpu, more memory, run off ssd, ect

the game logic is not multithreaded, but that goes for most games out there. the issue is not totally the developers, while they picked the language and libraries that they are using, they didnt develop them. they like many other games are using lua and the issue is lua does not support native multithreading and worse its a very slow interpreter. so if u want them to add things like threading support and faster execution of their game logic they have to wait for the underlying languages and libraries that they use adds them first. lua now has a jit which does improve performance 20x-30x or more, but still no good native multithreading solution. i'm working on merging luaplus with luajit to create luaplusjit, but that takes a bit of time. and that still leaves lack of native threading support for lua. for that much more work will need to be done to the lua core. there has been some work, but its would still have to be added to the luajit and then the game logic would have to be changed to take advantage of any native support available at some distant future date. so dont be too hard on devs, they did pretty well with what they had available at the time. and keep in mind lua is all open source so its people like myself working over the years on the side and for fun of it.
For doing it, follow these steps:

Open Task Manager
Select tab Processes
Right click and select 'Set Affinity'
Select on which cores you want to run process.

see if that helps
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