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Crates ... Crates...they are everywhere
It's like broken sword 3 all over again,

So far, 5 hours into the game, are there any cool werewolf moments? Or that's it, u are a werewolf, what do u do with that awesome power? Push crates, Pull crates, and somehow u are still too weak to pull steel crates .

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Someone is completely missing the point...

It's not an "Argh! Roar! Tear your throat out!" violent game for kids. It's a puzzle game, and a fantastic one at that. And one with some of the best dialogue I've seen in a game outside of To the Moon.

MacGuffin isn't supposed to be an overpowered werewolf. He's a wimpy, dorky werewolf, and meant to be that way! I like him that way. Not everything needs to be about tearing throats out, you know? Let's not play up the bad gamer stereotypes! :P
And comparing it to Broken Sword III is like comparing Runaway to Monkey Island II. It's got some similarities, but it's really a chalk and cheese thing.
Yet from my perspective, he doenst seem like a wimpy werewolf to me, he does looks powerful, strong even, yes it's just a mechanic for the game to explain why werewolf lucas can push and pull crates while regular lucas cant, but i guess i was hoping for something else, maybe a boost somewhere, such as faster moving speed perhaps?

Yes, i do know the maps are small, there isnt much backtracking when you can use the quick map button as a handy dandy quick travel.

But i would like to see some aspect of werewolf power, we have seen increase strength(The crates), but evidentally after his first scene with grim that he doesnt seem to have highten defense as well. But agility, that could be easy to code in after all, werewolf lucas cant be moving at such a slow speed? That sometimes i do wish that i could transform back and fro without the power of the moonlight.

What i didnt really enjoy was that i was hoping that there might be some puzzles that doesnt require crates, unless you count those dialogue battles. it still doesnt feel much. In the end, all of them are strictly crate puzzles.

New mechanics for the puzzles doesnt show up and some of them doesnt get a proper reason for being there. LIke the wolf tiles, how were they created, how could they be able to force lucas to transform into a certain form and not back.

Anyway, by now i am probably rumbling into glibbish, so let's stop at this for now.
Backtracking shows you developer commentary. I enjoy this more than using the map. I tend to read all those little dev notes and the fact that it's integrated during the game rather than some long boring thing at the end is nice... I have to agree about the Wolf tiles though. They could simply have made the moonlight that disappears or changes location like in a few of the puzzles. I haven't seen the note explaining them but I gather it might have been an undeveloped over sight. Still a lovely game.
Some interesting stuff brought up here! Yeah, MacGuffin certainly isn't very "action-y", is he? Someone nailed it earlier - the main purpose for the werewolf transformation was mostly to be able to be able to switch into two different forms, each with their own puzzle abilities. I originally had planned for THREE, switching between morning, noon and night. Yikes!

Let's explain it away by saying that even in his wolfy form, MacGuffin isn't really a fighter, and the whole game takes place in one night - he hasn't really gotten used to his wolfy self yet.

Early on in design, we actually did plan for enemies (particularly in the musem as Lucas, sneaking around getting the amulet from a guarded museum instead, with alarms and so on). There are still remnants of a life counter in the code, too. But ultimately, we decided to ditch it, because at its core, it's a puzzle game, not an action game.

...I wonder if anyone is still reading these?
Hey there Ben!

Indeed, there are some who reads these from time to time :D And I totally agree. The game is really entertaining with it's puzzle mechanics and snarky comments here and there... so including werewolf-esque action scenes would somehow ruin the mood.

It's interesting though, to know that there were more dynamics like enemies in the game.... maybe something could be done about it, specially if a (I really hope for it) sequel is on the way. Just because it's a puzzle game doesn´t mean it couldn't work, but yeah, having a werewolf as a protagonist could add the possibility of more complex and fun ways to solve puzzles. Maybe if the gameplay diverts from grid placement and movement?
Hey Lynx! Thanks for the comment.

A sequel would be very nice, I agree! I've kinda grown fond of Lucas and the rest of the cast. Although I have loads of notes and plans for what happens after, at this stage it's not what I'll be focusing on next, unfortunately. But I would love to return to it, especially with all the feedback (both good and bad!) to make an even better second game.

Hopefully there will be massive demand for MacGuffin's Curse during PAX Australia!
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