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[Linux] Ragnar 2017年10月12日上午1:07
Linux support thread
Hello, Liam from https://www.gamingonlinux.com here. Just got emailed about this game and it looks great!

Since the developer is open to porting to Linux, let's keep all the Linux requests here so they can see.
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neofutur 2017年10月18日下午7:33 
I also get the black screen where it should be some kind of transition ( press space to continue )
Feist 2017年10月18日下午11:20 
First of all, thanks a lot for the port, it looks really great.

Secondly, I too have these issues with a "double-cursor" on screen (quite insignificant) and a "black screen" when there should presumably be some kind of cut-scene/slide-show (a bit more significant). Anyway, I really look forward to start playing this!
Shut  [开发者] 2017年10月19日上午2:57 
@linear_control Thank you for your support, much appreciated!

A patch is coming soon that will fix all the Linux issues. Thank you for your patience.
LinuxDarudeIRC 2017年10月19日上午8:11 
引用自 ShotX
@linear_control Thank you for your support, much appreciated!

A patch is coming soon that will fix all the Linux issues. Thank you for your patience.

Great! I hope also sounds start to work thereafter. I'll purchase when these issues solved :-)
Shut  [开发者] 2017年10月19日上午10:24 
The linux bugs were addressed in update #2 which is now live.
Burnout 2017年10月19日上午10:25 
Thank you for the Linux version.
This purchase triggered my additional purchases of Vive le Roi and Soulless
linear_control 2017年10月19日上午10:48 
Thank you for your Linux support. I've also written another announcement on my site for the Update #2:

Xpander 2017年10月19日上午11:02 
Thank you for the patch, it fixed most issues but now the cursor for me is with an offset. I have 2560x1440 monitor and everything is offset. some scaling issue?
have to aim above the boxes on the menu to hit the right one as well as turning around in the game is with offset
Shut  [开发者] 2017年10月19日下午1:31 
Regarding the cursor offset issue, it's hard to replicate without the same display, just changing the resolution doesn't help with replicating the issue. I've now changed the function to return raw x, y positions of the mouse instead, so hopefully that will fix it. If it's present, please report again and I will look into it again.

Thank you for your patience once more.
neofutur 2017年10月19日下午1:35 
for me its ok, no more bugreports !

fyi : for the cursor problems , disabling the post FX option helps
Yaumeister 2017年10月19日下午4:05 
I'm also running 2560x1440 resolution and have the same cursor offset issue, game updated.
最后由 Yaumeister 编辑于; 2017年10月19日下午4:05
Shut  [开发者] 2017年10月20日上午2:25 
Updated again. If you're still having issues, please manually change the offset in settings.ini.

cursor = 1 (direct method)
cursor = 2 (raw x, y positions)
cursor = 3 (manual)

cursorx = xoffset
cursory = yoffset

Please report again if you're still having trouble.
最后由 Shut 编辑于; 2017年10月20日上午2:39
Tritano 2017年10月20日上午8:13 
I have a 1920x1200 display.
The game is shown fullscreen.
Being in the menus.

The background has black borders on top and bottom. I assume that's the difference between 1080 and 1200. (thats fine - just for the records).

The mouse pointer has a very visible Y offset that increases in Y direction. Being in the options menu the first menu entry only has an offset of the button's height, but the last menu entry has almost twice the offset.
Tritano 2017年10月20日上午8:21 
Update: using cursor=2 fixes the offset in game, but not in the menus. Also not in the menus that popup when pressing escape.
Shut  [开发者] 2017年10月20日上午8:24 
@Tritano There are several options you can try at the moment, while I can find the solution to the issue.

There is no launcher tool available for Linux, yet. But you can try opening settings.ini file located in the game install directory.

Try changing the settings to:

resolution = 5 (sets resolution to 1920x1080)
windowed = 1 (windowed mode, if changing only resolution doesn't help)

cursor=1 (1 default, 2 raw x,y, 3 manual)
cursorx=0 (x offset)
cursory=0 (y offset)

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