Conquest: Frontier Wars

Conquest: Frontier Wars

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Navy3001 Jan 17, 2017 @ 10:13am
(i thought i would put this in a diffrent thread for easy finding)

Logmein hamachi is a free tool that lets us play Conquest on line once more! (unless you want to usee Game ranger but that place is almost always empty of the game though being on steam it might'll show how to use gameranger on conquest as well)

To use Hamachi on Conquest follow this video!

and how to use Gameranger! (you need to download this fix fist though! )

To play conquest on GameRanger follow this gide


you can also follow this guide! to help play conquest online easyer!

once all that is done say your IP to the ones you want to play with they put it in with join and vola!

you can join the following hamacih conquest rooms with the following names


you need this password to enter all of them

PASS: 123

In order for multiplayer to work on this game, players must either be connected through Local Area Network(LAN), or players can connect online with eachother. The easier way is by using LogMeInHamachi where players can use the Hamachi client to create a server and join together in it. It marks each player with a psuedo IPV4 Address. Whichever player in the Hamachi Server Group that is currently hosting the game must be the one whose IPV4 Address is used by the other players to join into the lobby with. The other way is by use of Port Forwarding. For those who know how to portforward, you must portforward on:
Ports 2300 through 2400 for TCP
Port 47624 for TCP

Players can join a host that has portforwarded by using the hosts External IP Address.

Note: For first time running the game, upon clicking multiplayer, the game could crash with an exception. The reason is because C2VU requires Direct Play to run. In Windows 10, to enable this, hit the Windows Key and type in Programs and Features into the bar and open it up. Then, select "Turn Windows features on or off". When the Windows Features box opens, scroll down until you find Legacy Components. Click the + beside it and you will see Direct Play. Check on Direct Play on and click OK. C2VU should no longer crash when selecting multiplayer.
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