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RoboDanjal  [developer] Sep 20, 2017 @ 5:18am
Steam Forum Rules

While there are a number of rules you’re required to read and understand to participate on these forums, there are some rather simple ways you can safely avoid breaking them.

Contribute Constructivel
Keep your posts on-topic, both for the sub-forum and the thread in which you’re posting. Give feedback that can contribute to a conversation. Respect your fellow forum-goers, even when you disagree with them.

Be Friendly and Polite
Be good to one another. Don’t insult anyone directly, including the Bluehole staff. Don’t publicly call out other users or players. Don’t use hate speech of any kind, including (but not limited to) hate speech related to ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, life choice, political inclination or slurs of any kind.

Moderators are present on these forums to maintain the community and ensure all players are encouraged to participate here. If it’s decided that you’re being destructive in any way, a punishment will be issued.

Official Rules

The rules below are non-exhaustive and moderators can and will use their judgement when dealing with disruptive behaviour. All the decisions taken by the moderators are final. Any attempt to circumvent these rules is an offence in itself.

If you have a complaint or criticism, provide constructive suggestions on how the problem might be addressed. Don't attack the developers, the staff, or other forum members. This forum is meant for active PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS players who are interested in supporting and improving the game and its community.

Rule Circumvention
Do not rule-dodge or purposely skirt just around breaking a rule.

Hate Speech/Extreme Vulgarity
We tolerate no hate speech of any kind, including (but not limited to) any directed at ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality or anything else deemed inappropriate by the moderation team. Vulgarity deemed extreme or excessive is also prohibited on these forums.

Inappropriate Content
Avoid posting other content that's not suitable for these forums, including (but not limited to) discussions, videos, images or avatars containing real life nudity, gore, substance abuse or sacrilege.

Illegal Activity
The endorsement or discussion of personally conducted illegal activity is prohibited.

Advertising & Promotion
Please avoid advertising any games or commercial ventures that are not owned by Bluehole. Do not post threads about the advertising of raffles, giveaways, auctioning or videos and websites which are selling, distributing or promoting any cheats or gambling websites, this also may include hacks or other third party programs and solutions meant to grant in-game advantage to players.

Harassment & Threats
Harassing and personally threatening other forum users is absolutely prohibited.

Personal Attacks/Real Life Information
You may not issue direct attacks to other users, nor may you reveal real world information (address, name, etc.) of any forum users.

You may not falsely present yourself as a moderator or an employee of Bluehole, whether explicitly or implicitly. You may not falsely present yourself as another player or person.

We have issued a zero tolerance rule on spam that consists of numbers, symbols, and just random characters, threads which include no topics/posts without actual content. This includes “first!” posts, bumping topics or anything in that category. No repeat posts/topics. No “thread necromancy,” AKA posting in a thread that’s long since been inactive. Spam includes asking for keys and/or access to the game.
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