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Factories stop producing
For some reason my factorys stop producing things like cigars, furniture,... there are still a lot of people working but they seem not to produce anything, i even get notifications that some factorys havent produced anything for over a year? How do I solve this?
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MikeH (Bandito) 2 apr 2013, ore 15:37 
You need to give more information. What is the output storage and input storage numbers?
do u have enough garages and teamster shops. check ur output storage on farms and plantations. if its above...say...250, u probably do not have enough teamsters to distribute the raw materials. also, make sure u have garages close enough to both raw material area and production area; otherwise, ur teamsters will be pushing resources with wheelbarrows. also, are u on warm or friendly terms with nations that demand what ur xporting?
thx that helped a lot. I probably need to buy garages and teamsters since I only have two of the both of them. I am on friendly terms with everyone.
It worked. Thanks a lot!
allow imports
Did that allready from the start but like I said, problem solved.
cooll...glad that worked. I'm stuck on mission 20.
MikeH (Bandito) 3 apr 2013, ore 21:36 
I am now at mission 20. what are you stuck on? I have not started mission 20 yet.
i'm running out of time...i need to quickly generate revenue bcuz it requires me to set a min wage of 20, free housing, worker happiness of 65, 500k in xports, christ statue, nuke program and something else i can't remember. i'm sure i'll get it but this one may take a few tries. Up until this time i've won all but one other on the first try. idk, thought maybe someone could offer suggestions.
MikeH (Bandito) 4 apr 2013, ore 17:09 
1) just build mines. 2 farms corn. Move the 2 you start with, they are in a bad spot. import the rest through markets for food. you can get away with ranches also as they only hire 2. Drop immigration office and custom office first thing. You don't want a bunch of farms when you activate the 20 min wage thing.

You can build 2 mines on one spot except salt and oil. They are cheap and get used up to save on environment. I went for all these fist once I got my immigration office and export office set up.

2) Watch Military coup. best to jack up the pay keep the soldiers happy. IF your military turns on you. find the bad ones in their comment box and have them, um... go missing. A police station would be good to have before any military take over shows up.

3) build slow. It's easy to lose an election on this one. One thing for me, 2 things for you that cost me money, but make you vote for me.

3a) drop 2 guard stations, and army base thing. Issue the modernization edict. This keeps them happy and fixes the rebel issues.

3b) drop 2 more docks if not done already.

4) you can activate the min wage any time. It eats through the cash. Try to have 6 Jewelry factories, 2 rum factories, 2 furniture factories. The weapons plant should be first because of all the ore. You need to get the weapons factory up as soon as you complete the 50K cash mission. This will make the game much more easy.

4b) You can exploit the oil and refinery. Should make tons of cash. (I did not use them, but I am told it makes this mission much more easy. Also some use tourism (Wealthy, Springbreak) to keep steady flow of cash coming. I did not use tourism.

5) if you can get past the 50K with a weapons factory, then you are half way there. Just a matter of population control, keeping military up and getting a extra factory when possible.

You need the Jesus, Gold, and Nuclear program before 2012
wow..yeah i'm trying 2 do some of the things u r saying...pastures suck...and building mines whether...salt or iron...I find if I build a mine off resource I get shacks on mineable (if that's a real word) tiles. Jacked up pay 4 military helps....the 50k in treasury is hurting me. I did it first time but I ran out of time. I guess with building mines u r saying to export the raw resource as opposed to having a factory to process those resources into finished goods (or at least until u have the monetary resource to finish those goods). I've done the immigration but have not paid attention to customs...will try that. 2012 is tough. Will keep on trying. Thnx for the insight
MikeH (Bandito) 4 apr 2013, ore 20:09 
immigrant and custom office should be dropped almost at start. You need those mines to fill up and the extra money from the Custom office.

yes, the mines. This is map 2 of the campaign also. With having to cough up that 50K on top of Military/election issues the first factory choice would be weapons. (Iron) only after you meet your 50K mark though. Getting a Army base with modernization and two guard shacks should fix the military going against you and rebels.

Strategy wise the mines are used to just get things going. They are cheap and Gold sales pretty good. It's sort of like the same thing for mission 2 where you focused on the mines.

Mines run out, demolish them and clear the environment. It's better to go with "Self Made Man" on this one. Normally I use Booze Baron but Rum Factories take lots of workers to fill up who always end up leaving for better jobs because the Rum factory starts at 10 lower job satisfaction than Jewelry factory.

You should also set up as soon as possible 4 construction yards. It's a cheap way to clear those extra jobless folks and you can't really afford to quick build stuff on this mission.

Once mines are up and your markets with imports on so folks can eat. Just leave things alone Money making wise and concentrate on making everyone happy and getting that 50K.

As soon as you get past the 50K. Drop a Coal POWER plant and weapons factory. At this point some of your gold mines should be running low. Get 5 smuggler docks out soon as possible. You will need them when you start adding your factories.

If you survive up to this point you should be OK. You can build the Jesus statue and gold statue early. It may cost at this point 100K to build the Nuclear program.

Once you have like 6 Jewelry factories, Chemical factory, couple weapons factories, Possible Oil refinery (If You choose, I skipped these) then issue the 20 min wage deal. Activating it before hand will just bankrupt you. most mines should be demolished by now, no farms, and only a few types of factories which paying them more won't really hurt much.

This was the most challenging for me also, but if you can survive to your first factory and focus on the mines and Military it should be all good.

thanx omni, i have never used smugglers b4 and i have under utilized markets...up to this point i've always relied upon internal food production rather than importation.i also like the construction yard as a way of dealing with unemployment. i appreciate the time u took to provide me with the insights and strategy outline 4 this mission. i will be trying it this eve.
MikeH (Bandito) 5 apr 2013, ore 15:10 
NP, Smuggler Docks are great! They can bring imports in when your budget numbers are in the basement to help recover from disastrous financial situations. Docks won't bring imports if there is no money in the treasury. Smugglers don't care if there is money in the treasury, though it adds to the negative balance, at least some factories can get goods to get you back financially.

Let us know when you are El Presidente of the World. Keep us posted.

I am El Presidente of the world...awwww yeah! completed mission 20. Couldn't adhere to your strategy altogether Omnix32..but the smugglers,built later and only 2, kept corn coming in to feed the populace as i built up industry... the extra construction bldgs helped too with keeping unemployment down and keeping me from having to quick build. I loaded up on sugar plants (4) early and that created some good exporting income, along with a distillery, to attain that $50K. Then exploited iron resources that later led to weapons plant. I tried the coal fired power plant but it was slow to be employed bcuz of the college female thing. I did have a college but it couldn't graduate fast enough ( I actually had to hire alot of college and high school people to fill positions). Moreover, my power plant got wiped out by a tsunami 2x. I reverted to wind on high ground at 40mw each and a network of power stations for my power needs. Happiness challenges were exactly, home, job and religion. The min pay only hurt for a while. i restrained from issuing free housing and 2x food until i attained job happiness (ss was already instituted). Then,upon attaining the 65 job happiness, i reduced everyone's pay to a min of 20, I jacked up rents to 4 tenament, 5 apartment, and 6 condo. That stabilized the bleed so that i could use my $80k - $120k xport income to finish nuke and golden. I built christ statue earlier in game. Now I'm off to the challenges. This is obviously not a comprehensive description of all I did: I've left alot out. Anyway, I accomplished the mission and I appreciate your insight and suggestions.
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