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Strelok 28. März 2013 um 16:11 Uhr
Why does no 1 come to highschools?
When ever I am playing the campaign or sandbox, I build a highschool, but no 1 goes to it, you only get the odd one person, but out of all, no 1 ever goes to it, how do I fix this problem?
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LGC. Grub-ber 28. März 2013 um 16:27 Uhr 
Do you mean teachers or students?

If you mean teachers, for your first highschool per map you almost always have to hire your first few teachers from abroad this is accomplished by clicking on the icon with the blank face and the + sign.

If you mean students then there could be a few factors, is there a garage nearby? Does the population have citizens of the proper age? Have they trained all the citizens of proper age group? ( this can happen late map if tropico first immigration mode is on).

When you click on the highschool It states how many students have graduated in the lower right of the highschool info page. It is entirely possible it is training them but you never see them in it.
MikeH (Ausgeschlossen) 28. März 2013 um 18:07 Uhr 
High School Students = Number of High School Job openings. No Empty High School Job opening then No high School students.

It's also the same for College. People only go to school if there is a Job to fill.

Grade Schools should stay full as there is no Job requirement.


Strelok 29. März 2013 um 3:23 Uhr 
So if theres lets say, a factory job open, will people then come to the highschool?
Strelok 29. März 2013 um 3:30 Uhr 
And Grub-ber I mean students sorry.
MikeH (Ausgeschlossen) 29. März 2013 um 7:43 Uhr 
Yes, that is how it works. If you have a high school and all your High School job positions are filled on the Island then the High School will remain empty.

Let's say you drop 3 Rum Factories.

After a short time your high school will fill up with people that want that Rum Factory position. The Jobless, and uneducated will just appear in your High School.

Since High school jobs pay better (In theory anyway depending on your pay scales) your uneducated (teamsters, builders so on.....) will go through school and transfer over to the Rum Factory Job. This means you need to allow immigration to have enough people to fill those uneducated jobs again since Rum Factories hold a lot of people.

The number of High School people appear under your teachers in the High School. Keep in mind this is just a graphic of those attending the school and can be anywhere on the Island. Normally they go to a from school from the place they lived.

Once someone attends High School they become a student. That means they no longer work the Job they use to have. You can select a student, then click on the skills tab to find what Job they use to work because they will have skill points in that position. If one was a farmer, then you have a farm position somewhere that became vacant and will be replaces if there are any jobless on the island to replace them.

You have to watch quick Factory expansions. If you drop 6 factories that need the positions filled then you could loose a bunch of your teamsters that automatically become Students, or empty your farms.

New people at the game then raise the wage on the teamsters in hopes to get people back working those positions. By doing that you just pull your High School factory workers back into the teamsters job and then you need to cover the Factory jobs again.

The correct way is to have a immigration office, and allow the uneducated to come on the island to fill those empty farms, mines, and teamsters jobs.

Pay: There is a Caribbean standard pay Min. under Journal/ Economy. This is the wage being paid in the Caribbean. Let's say it's 9. If your farms and teamsters pay is at 5 then you will get very few immigrant. Worse, people will leave your Island to get a better job on another Island. Always check this and make sure your 1.00 better than standard Caribbean pay. In the late stages of the game the Caribbean pay can reach the High School pay. You need to keep the High School pay higher than uneducated pay, both higher than the Caribbean standard.

Never raise your uneducated pay over 1 above the Caribbean pay. This is just a waste of money. As long as people know they are working on the Highest paid Island, they will work hard and be happy. Raising the pay past this will not make them work faster even though their Job quality is higher.
Strelok 29. März 2013 um 8:01 Uhr 
Ah ok, Thanks so much omnix! you have helped me alot!
Anathema 30. März 2013 um 11:17 Uhr 
I've started playing this a few days ago and your explanations are very much appreciated! I have another question though. If i have any structure where people work and i want to move it, i destroy the building and place a new one somewhere else. It then fills up with workers again, but i want the same people back who worked at the old structure as they have more experience. Is there any way to do that, other than keep firing people until you get the ones you want?
MikeH (Ausgeschlossen) 30. März 2013 um 11:53 Uhr 
Unfortunately No is the short answer to the question. When you destroy a Rum Factory for example, those workers have High School education and so they immediately go find a job that meets their requirements. They also don't take into account their previous experience when finding a new job. This is why a person can have experience in 4 or more jobs as they always change jobs to get the better Job.

Another thing to keep in mind is Job quality. A Rum factory Worker has by default 10 lower job quality than a Jewelry factory worker. When a Jewelry Factory worker leaves, then someone from your Rum factory leaves to work the Jewelry because it's better Job quality. This is why you find some Factories always missing positions and others stay full. The people are always on the Hunt for the best working conditions according to their education.

A High School for example at wages 10 has a quality of 54. A rum factory at wages 14 is only 46 Job quality. If a teacher dies or leaves then one of those female factory workers will run over to take that spot with no teaching experience.

Right now 5 of my 6 Teachers have High factory skills because they switched when a spot came open, leaving my factory vacant.

Combating the problem:

1) Build a TV station next to your factories and have the channel switched to "Learning with Larry" This greatly boost job skills in the TV broadcast area.

2) Job Quality is the only thing effected, so lower and higher things to equal out and they will no be inclined to leave for a better Job quality Job. Low wages effect the Nationalist rating and effect what buildings they live in for rent or what Entertainment buildings they visit. Under the Caribbean pay for all Islands will effect job performance and they may even leave.

So, Wages and Job Quality effect different things. It's good to keep this in mind when trying to figure out why one factory keeps loosing people, while other buildings keep them forever.

Ishan451 31. März 2013 um 21:50 Uhr 
Another thing about Work and their Pay is probably important: Tropicans pay 1/3 of their wage for their housing, tops. This means a Farmer making 8$ a month won't be moving into a House that has a rent of 3.

Married Tropicans add their wage together and pick a house. So two farmers can afford to rent a place worth 6 rent.

You can use that to steer where you want people to life. Also the chances are without social security you get a lot of people living in Shacks, because they cannot afford the rent. This is especially true when they are students. Activating Social Security allows your students to stay in their homes. You can even build student homes that are just expensive enough for students to afford (they get 2/3 of their last pay... so if you have a Farmer that goes Student and he has been paid 9.. he will make 6 as Student with Social Security. This means you can build a bunkhouse or tenment near the highschool, setting the rent down to 2 and in theory you'll only have students living there)

But like with Jobs the same goes for Houses they live in. Tropicans decide where to life based on Proximity to their workplace and quality of the housing, as well as the Rent.

So if you build appartment buildings with a Firestation running in cat in tree mode next to your Factories, then set the minum rent as high as 1/3 of your factory pay.. you usually only have your Factory workers life there.

Same works with Entertainment buildings. Except here the amount you can ask for is the amount they make. So if you have a Restaurant that asks as Entry Fee as much as a Factory worker makes, you can ensure only factory workers are there. Also here its once again Availbility, Proximity, Quality and Entry Fee deciding who goes there. (And some Entertainment you can limit to college people - although i am not sure if thats just college people or anyone getting above a certain amount of money.)

And just as a suggestion... pay your construction workers as well as your Dockworkers the most. They aren't that many people, so the loss you possibly make isn't that high, if you want to make sure your stuff is built fast and your ships are always serviced, you want to make sure your people have the skills for the job and that their jobs are the last vacated in the island. (And best is you build houses and entertainment for them next to their work place, that way they never stray far from their work and are always right available when you need them. Thats especially important with Dockworkers. Nothing as frustrating as waiting for your Dockworkers to arrive from the otherside of the island because the church was full or they wanted a drink, and then see that ship leave unserviced while you see those tonns of goods sitting there as you start hurting for money). If they are close enough and skilled enough, you can also just set them to "don't break a sweat" to make them even more happier with their job.

Next most important in my book are Teachers and the Guys in Immigration office. Don't crank the payment up to maximum, because they expect raises with time as well. But those 4 jobs are the ones you always want to have filled with skilled and capable people.
MikeH (Ausgeschlossen) 1. Apr. 2013 um 6:29 Uhr 
Just keep in mind that people don't work harder and smarter if you pay them more. There is nothing in the code that does this. You want to keep them from going on strike, leaving for a better job quality position, leaving the Island, and from going to the opposite end of the island to see the doctor or any other need they need filled.

Dock workers and Smugglers get a 10% job quality rating based on same pay scale for uneducated. This tends to pull teamsters, construction workers away from their jobs when a position is open. The uneducated also get pulled away to become students when High school jobs become open. The school only will have students if there are open High School Jobs.

ekay 12. Apr. 2013 um 23:02 Uhr 
All this information is really good. Could you put this into a Steam Guide for quick access?
Thanks guys.
MikeH (Ausgeschlossen) 13. Apr. 2013 um 6:34 Uhr 
Great suggestion ekay! There are some guides out there, and lots of this information is already scattered around. I have found that if I focus on getting my ecomony going and holding off missions to keep the campiagn scenerio from advancing then beating most missions is not real super hard. From there you just ask the forums and sort of figure out how all this detailed number works.

High schools for example won't get students unless there are High school jobs available. This can be frusting if you don't know that because your High school stays empty and you don't know why. If you just focus on getting your ecomony up though, eventually you won't even notice as your island becomes saturated with High school students.

Mission 2 of Modern times I failed it twice because the hiccup disease always beat me. I never could generate enough money to build anything. So, I put a immagration office and kept the Island under 100 people and just picked things that generate money that did not have a lot of job slots. (Lots of ranches) Once I had enough to drop down a power plant and jewerly factory it was super easy. I then let the mission advance.

sorry, spell'in checker craped out on me. People are here if you need to know something that is not well explained.

Instead of trying to read all those LONG comments, try this. Get more teachers by having them shipped to your island. it will help. 1 teacher can usually teach 3 students. a fully employed highschool can get the whole school full of the teens. olso put the highschool near your Residential Zone.
Strelok 28. Apr. 2013 um 13:51 Uhr 
AND make sure there is jobs which need collage/highschool education so people can join the slots.
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