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Patomkin  [developer] Aug 17, 2018 @ 9:30am
Available Languages
Our players are awesome! And some are so awesome, that they (for reasons unknown) translated the game to another language! So, if you always wanted to play “Dude, Stop” in your native tongue or share the game with someone who doesn’t speak English - it’s your chance to fulfill your weird dream!


  • Russian
  • French

  1. Download localization files from the links above and extract them so you would have 1 folder with 3 files inside: Awards.xml, Texts.xml and Voices.xml
  2. Update to the latest version of the game.
  3. Locate Localization folder in the game:
    • Go to Steam, and do a Right Mouse Button click on Dude, Stop in your library.
    • Click Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files.
    • Game’s folder is going to open, and you should see the Localization folder.
    • If the folder isn’t there - update to the latest version.
  4. Open the Localization folder and you will see folder EN.
  5. Put your newly downloaded folder NEXT to the EN folder.
  6. DO NOT REMOVE THE EN FOLDER, even if you don’t need English. Removing that folder can break the game.
  7. Now you should have the Dude, Stop.exe file and a folder Localization next to it. Inside it will be folder EN and your newly copied folder, both of which should contain exactly 3 files: Awards.xml, Texts.xml and Voices.xml.
  8. Close all folders, go to Steam and start the game! Now go to Main Menu -> Options, click the Language button until you see your newly installed language.
  9. Enjoy the game!!
  10. And don’t forget to send a thank you note to the author of the translation!


Q. Will it translate the Voice as well?
A. No, the voice is available only in English for now. But subtitles and texts should be translated.

Q. So... this is it? Only fan-translation? Is there gonna be anything official?
A. At some point that could happen as well!

Q. I don’t see my language in the list... Will it be available?
A. From time to time new players want to help us translate the game, so one day your language might also appear in the “available” list! Or, you can start translating yourself!

Q. I followed the steps, but still can’t see new language in the game.
A. This can happen if localization had an error in the files. Let us know if that’s the case! Other than that - please check if you followed rules correctly.

Q. I also want to translate! How do I start?!
A. Visit this section.

Q. I found an error in the translation!
A. Look for the contacts above, and let them know! Or tell us, and we will try to forward it.

Q. The font in the game is weird, scaled wrongly, and lines overlap one over another!
A. This means the translator forgot to adjust the font in the game. Let us know, so we could help the localizator in fixing this.


If you have more questions - post them here or ask them in our Discord Server[discord.gg]!
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XP0M Feb 8, 2019 @ 1:10am 
What about the russian language?
The εƦøπ Apr 5, 2019 @ 9:15am 
What about the turkish language
Glitch Aug 28, 2019 @ 1:32pm 
Wazup with FR langage ?
Should I start translating from scratch ?:lunar2019piginablanket:
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