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Patomkin  [developer] May 26 @ 7:58am
Dude, Stop making Jokes (Closed)

Do you want to make games?! Are you the Funniest Person Alive?! Do you have a perfect joke that’s gonna make dozens of people laugh?! Well, then what are you waiting for!! Join our FREE contest, show us what you got, and hear your own line in the game, voiced by none other than the Voice Over himself!!

  1. Choose a screenshot from the List of puzzles below.
  2. Write what Voice could have said in this situation in the comments below. It could be funny, serious, angry or whatever! Everything works! ...but no obscenities.
  3. You can also write the red text that appears above the puzzle (like in the demo) paired (or not) with the voice line.
  4. If your line is specific to the screenshot, then don’t forget to add the number in your post.
  5. You can post as much as you want, but please no spam. Space it out. Let it breathe.
  6. The contest doesn’t have a deadline, since we can add your jokes even after the release.

  1. From time to time, we’ll skim through your lines, choose ones we like the best and call them a Winner.
  2. Winning does not guarantee that the line will end up in the game, or will be added to the game in the same way you wrote it.
  3. Winners can still post new lines, and we can consider using them as well, but you only win once. #YOWO
  4. If you win, we will contact you. Don’t leave the city.

If you Win, you get:
  1. A FREE COPY OF THE GAME on Steam!
  2. A chance to see your line in the game! Also, an option to see your name in the credits screen!


Album: https://imgur.com/a/nUnyyC1

  • “You know what’s the difference between you and a potato? [continue the line]”
  • “I was once doing bad stuff like you, but then [continue the line]”
  • “My mama always told me that people like you [continue the line]”
  • “01. Seriously?! You missed the spot! Do you also miss [continue the line]”
  • “06. Text: I hope you step on it”
  • “Text: Here would be a funny joke, but you don’t deserve it”

P.S. If, like us, you’re not funny, don’t worry - you can still try your chances in the second contest. Or you can join Discord Server[discord.gg] - we have same contest there, with more examples]
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03. Text: Why?! Just Why, man?
02. Text: Do you need glasses or are you doing it on purpose?
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nofox May 26 @ 7:08pm 
03. Text. You've created an abomination, just like your mother.
01. Text: The only thing being stamped are my feet.
02. Text: You missed! How could you miss?!
03. Text: I'm going to sock you if you keep this up.
04. Text: The ironic part is, you're not funny.
05. Text: I'm not even sure what these are, and I know you're still wrong.
06. Text: You're plasticking me off.
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01: That stamp is going to be worth nothing.
03: Your stomping all over my eyes.
05: The OCD inside me is killing me.
Anticlesh May 29 @ 12:23pm 
02. Did you know that this game isn't about building the highest tower???
05. Are you colorblind or what?!
06. I really hope you step on it at 3 am.
xD4rk May 30 @ 7:40am 
01. What starts with a P, ends with an S, and has a million letters in it? Post Offices!
02. This ain't the only hole you missed
03. There is always someone to prove you wrong..
04. You bore me more than arial 12 pt.
05. You must be fun at parties.
06. On a scale from 1 to stepping on a lego, how much of a monster are you ?

Ender May 30 @ 11:46am 
5: Those red ones were for the kids and NOW ITS RUINED.
HoneyFox May 30 @ 12:04pm 
03. Text: This Socks
03. I didn't know you had a child... and we're a man
04. Haha that undertale joke was REALLY funny
01. Text: I wanted to send that to my sister, it went to Madagascar instead
02. Text: I don't think you get the POINT
03. Text: That's a really unique fashion statement, in that it sucks
04. Text: Do you like Undertale at all?
05. Text: Even my little brother solved this puzzle, and he's COLORBLIND
06. Text: If I were holding you off a cliff at this moment, I would Lego
theBean May 30 @ 2:37pm 
You know what’s the difference between you and a potato? One has eyes!
Seriously?! You missed the spot! Do you also miss your dignity?!
Last edited by theBean; May 30 @ 2:38pm
03. You realise going out wearing that will make you the butt of all jokes, right?
01. Text:Did someone mail you away as a baby (serious)
02. Text: TetrisminOhNos (funny)
03. Text:Somebody call the fashion police (Funny)
04. Text: You Should be a comic villian (Funny)
05. Text: Are you colour Blind?? (serious)
06. Text: I hope you step on one thousand legos (angry)
Note:I'm Imaging a britsh voice.
02. Great! Now hope you can get another I-Piece. (1 Sincere/2 Dark)
03. You're not Bavarian! ...Are you? (1 Serious/ 2 Confused or Unsure)
06. My parents told me you're no longer allowed to come play (Annoyingly Childish)

With (1 "-"/2 "-") i meant the first sentence then the second one.

Hyped for Release

01. Text: are you blind?
02. Text: good tower building and great playing the game!;]
03. Text: I hope you don't go in public!
05. Text: hope your not color blind!
06. Text: don't step on that Lego!
01. Text: Are you in your post age?
Voice Line: Yeah, 'cause you're blind

02. Text: That's not the only hole you missed
Voice Line: I wish your father was as bad as you are

03. Text: Kartoffel?!
Voice Line: That socks!

04. Text: I can sanse your disability
Voice Line: That's comical, son!

05. Text: I'm not going to judge you
Voice Line: I guess you're colour blind

06. Text: You're a Legotist
Voice Line: If everyone were like you, I would Legolize death penalty
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