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Jellyfoosh  [developer] Mar 7 @ 9:51am
Post-Launch Roadmap!
Greetings Admirals!

It has now been a little over a month since we launched Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. With the help of your excellent feedback, we’ve released two major updates (Patch notes: Patch 1, Patch 2), including:
  • A ton of balancing and tweaks
  • Several tons of fixes and quality of life adjustments
  • A reworked boarding mechanic
  • A larger 2v2 mode with 1000 fleet points
  • Larger battles in Campaigns’ late game (1650 fleet points)
  • Continuous improvements to the early access co-op mode
  • Major changes to the reinforcement system
  • A new deployment phase in ranked matches
  • Several new or improved abilities, such as
    • Summary Execution (IMP)
    • Canticle of the Omnissiah (AM)
    • Eye of the Omnissiah (AM)
    • Adrenal Glands (TYR)
    • Reclamation Pools (TYR)
    • Spawning Sacs (TYR)
    • Boarding Action (ALL)
    • Retreat (ALL)
    • Transfer Troops (ALL)
    • Call to Arms (ALL)
And we’re only getting started - we’re very excited to announce our Post-Launch Roadmap!

Click HERE to see the full Roadmap![]

With your continued support, we look forward to releasing more content, starting in the end of March with the completion of the co-op mode, new variants to Necron ships, and a brand new Necron ship that will breathe terror into even the most battle-hardened admiral.

In April, we will release our Competitive System, allowing all you admirals to compete for the glory of being the best, as well as other rewards. Keep an eye out for more details to come!

Next will be our new game mode with truly gigantic fleets, including the Titan ships, for unbridled chaos. And finally, our new Grand Campaign will be unveiled.

We can’t wait to share these updates with you, and look forward to releasing even more content beyond the scope of this Roadmap. Please continue to share your suggestions and report technical issues - we carefully read our Steam community hub and official forum[]. You can also join our Discord to meet fellow players and get the latest news from the team:

Thank you once again for your support, feedback, and passion.

Tindalos Interactive & Focus Home Interactive
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Jellyfoosh, thank you. Also, I hope for the existing campaigns you all will consider improvements to the AI so it is less predictable.

Currently some players feel the campaign battles become overly repetitive and grindy, due to predictable AI and excessive invasions. Those attributes make it less likely a customer would replay the game, or even consider buying any new Grand Campaign.
Eric Mar 7 @ 11:27am 
a brand new Necron ship, would it be grandcruiser? What kind of new weapon would those new variants to Necron ships have?
I see that work on the next patch will take a while. And Necrons will get some new stuff, definitely good for them.

Nevertheless, I would like to ask something and I really would appreciate the eventual answer if this is in someone's power to give such.

Will only Necrons get the good stuff? Maybe they are not in the best shape by now but they have more ships then in TT and the Adeptus Mechanicus in much dire situation now, is the weakest (multiplayer) fleet in the game. And on more than just balance level, the last patch and buffs* that this fleet received has not changed this state. Additionally, this fleet if boring and spammy. There are multiple matchups that leave them in strong disadvantage. This fleet has 2 ships of the line less than in TT (I do not count escorts because they are basically all the same because they are useless in combat and variants change almost nothing in the use, which is capping and scouting). This fleet is behind the others in the leader by a few lengths and in my opinion in great need of a general refit. And this I can say having limited access to information, I'm sure that you have much more data. I would like to ask you if you see the problem here and if you are going to address it?

Your game was the most anticipated title of 2018for me and I was really excited that the Adeptus Mechanicus, a fraction that I'm a great fan of, will be finally represented now. But the state of this fleet was most disappointing. Unfortunately, I have to say that you have not been much creative approaching it. As I was saying before it is boring, spammy and weak. And my enthusiasm for the game burned out very quickly with is sad given how I have anticipated this game.

I really would appreciate an answer.

*Buffs was not free, ships went up in price with has not helped at all.
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Fosil Mar 7 @ 11:46am 
@grey seer: it also did not help to give the slow-nova (eye of the omnissiah) a shared cd with the damage-nova. before that change, they could at least land one good nova salvo, which they gravely needed to compensate for one less cruiser compared to other (super-)human fleets.
Great news!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
I'd like to know the definition of "MASSIVE" Fleets.
^ i would like to know that also because so far their idea of bigger fleet battles and mine are totally different.
I shall wait till the new Grand Campaign. Honestly got bored of multiplayer very fast.
New campaign would be great.
I hope the new campaign is for the greater good.
Can I get the first game's voice lines? I want to add them to the second game instead of the current ones pls. At the very least I want the old Chaos voice lines, It shouldn't be too hard since the engine and stuff are the same
Will the new Necron ship be usable in the campaign? If so incentive to put off doing that one in favour of the other two.
The roadmap seems focused on MP in the near term why? Setting up "season 1" ? If devs move on from this game as fast as they did the first game dont count on season 2
Only i have problem with multuplayer? my ranks is become from 7 to 0
kazjun Mar 10 @ 11:07am 
New campaigns and titan ships are what I'm looking forward to.
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