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I couldn't find a Justine thread... so... Justine thread! Spoilers.

I am under the impression I must collect all the notes to get 100% but saving vs. killing the prisoners has me confused. I'm not sure how to save any of the, actually, and I've been up to the second one. The first I know not to kill him... but I only know how to just leave him there? Is saving them just ignoring them?
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yes, you don't have to directly kill them, just ignore the first, help the second one, with the frames puzzle, and the last you need to hurry, cause you're chased. Just remember to close the doors beyond you ;) and move fast! Reeeeeeealy fast! XD
1: Dont pull the lever. Stack boxes onto a balcony to get more boxes. stack them into the celing hatch and use the ladder in the corridoor.
2: Use the right frames. Notes in the area give you hints.
3: In the last room(Not the corridor) Turn the valve next to the open door and run like the wind.
If you look behind you once you will die!
Justine is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥T! You die, no continues, and the game goes to desktop when you die?! What kind of crap is this?!
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