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Vuld_Edone Dec 14, 2018 @ 2:58am
Motel - 911 objective

This isn't really a "how to do that objective" thread, as much as "are 911 objectives fun?".

I've taken to doing the hidden objectives (with a guide 'f course), including the 911 calls and they turn out to be static, lengthy, grindy and not very fun, mostly because I use the very casual, very inefficient casual tactic of standing in one spot, stabbing people one by one and adding to the pile of corpses I guard.

As long as it's just me being dumb, I'm fine with it, but the Motel map puzzled me, because you start by having to stab 3 guys in a room, and then you're sort of stuck. It's... tough to stab them anywhere else (I tried, they become deadly) and it's tricky to move the bodies in the other room, if that even helps. People will come in that room (including the bathroom), meaning if I leave, I risk a 911 call any second.

In other words, on that map I see no other tactic but my casual and inefficient one.

I actually like my tactic, but only because I think there are better ones and I'm just being lazy/cowardly. If it turns out that's what the game expects me to do though, I'll just give up. So are there better tactics to achieve 911 on the Motel map? More generally, am I right to think there are more efficient tactics to deal with that objective, on any map?

'Cause if I'm doing it right, this is very wrong...
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Vuld_Edone Dec 24, 2018 @ 12:19pm 
Slight note on this.

Having emptied the Punch Club map without any 911 call, I did realize that you could:
1) Dance (Q on my keyboard) to attract people away from the crowd.
2) Pick up sleeping or beaten up people and carry them away from the crowd.
But I also realized that:
3) Party-goers have a script telling them to beat on somebody and sometimes that somebody will be dead, leading them straight to your pile of corpses.

And that third point means that at any moment an NPC from anywhere on the map can decide to beeline to your hidden spot and call the police. Meaning I need to guard the pile at all time, and obviously I can only guard one pile. It is as static as can be, and if two partygoers get the same idea at roughly the same time, it's pretty much a guaranteed restart.
Although, granted, on the other end partygoers come suiciding towards me over time.
This third point makes no-911 more static and annoying than I could imagine. I don't think it was the case before... don't remember having that problem when I first started doing those objectives. And on the motel map, where you pretty much can't choose where your first three corpses are, it takes camping to a whole new level. 'Cause if you leave that room, you can be pretty much certain someone will get in eventually.

On any other map I would say it's fine. Manageable. Makes the objective harder but not too frustrating. But on the motel map I can't fathom what it must be like.
It took me ONE HOUR to kill everyone silently on the Punch Club map. No way I'm trying that on the Motel one.

EDIT: Started killing people with acid on the Motel map, on the assumption that the three first corpses wouldn't attract NPCs. Someone still found them (hidden in the bathroom) after a while. I'll try burning the janitor first in case it's her, otherwise give up.
A bit disappointed that acid doesn't liquify dead bodies.
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s54113 Jul 20 @ 8:36pm 
Seven months late to the party. No one asked me. OP probably already finished this.
4th attempt, took 65 minutes to finish. Moved all bodies to the third room - longer for angry partygoers to reach, easier to kill them before they see anything. Burned janitor at the very start.
I doubt that there are better tactics here, since you need to hide 3 bodies and you only have room for 2 in the trash bin.
Oh, and goons don't count for "kill them all", so you can leave them alone if they aren't in the way.
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Yeah, about the same for me. Slow 60+ minutes grind.
I sticked with the first room, left the janitor alone (I think) and danced my way into it. Check noone is rushing, attract, kill, rinse and repeat. Never found a better tactic.
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