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nitro912gr the Tryhard 2013년 7월 13일 오후 3시 11분
graphical glitchies on macbook
Hello just got the game and I try to play it on a macbook 6.1 (intel core 2 duo 2.26 (P7550) 4GB RAM, nVidia 9400m 128MB (shared))
The game itself runs fine, but I have problem with the menus, they show up graphical glitchies, you know like your GPU is dead (it is not :P).

Is there something I can do to fix that?
I don't expect support for that old hardware (I will play the game in my pc gaming rig anyway), but if there is a way to fix it myself, I want to give it a shot.

edit: System is OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
nitro912gr the Tryhard님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 7월 14일 오전 1시 14분
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pulchr 2013년 7월 14일 오전 5시 34분 
Write to: support@puzzledimension.com - attach screenshots of the graphical glitches and provide your system information in the mail.
nitro912gr the Tryhard 2013년 7월 16일 오후 2시 42분 
ok! Thanks :D
Spazvac 2014년 3월 2일 오후 4시 59분 
I'm having this problem too. Any recommendations?

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB
OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)
TempusMori 2014년 6월 20일 오후 10시 11분 
I just bought this game today and encountered the exact same issue. Of course, I'm also on a macbook pro. I guess at least it's good to know it's not an issue isolated to just my computer... =/
shawnie138 2014년 6월 29일 오전 8시 38분 
Same here, I am on a
Macbook Pro Retnia
Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

Is there any video settings in the game that anyone has found to eliminate the glitches? I guess I could play it on the PC, but I wanted to veg on the couch and play it.

nitro912gr the Tryhard 2014년 6월 29일 오후 12시 22분 
I haven't find anything so far.
TempusMori 2014년 6월 29일 오후 3시 19분 
I emailed the developer. They were unresponsive at first but after sending a second email a week later, someone did finally get back to me. No fix yet unfortunately, but the guy I talked to said he was going to check with someone about it (that was 3 days ago). I will follow up again later and also link them to this post. I've already informed them that I wasn't the only user affected.
TempusMori 2014년 6월 29일 오후 3시 20분 
Also, here's a goat because it's my favorite emoticon right now. :goatlook:
One of Six 2014년 7월 13일 오후 7시 30분 
I had a graphical glitch in OSX 10.9.4. It starts in windowed mode on Monitor 2.

I've got another drive running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and will see if that fixes anything.

Edit: menu glitches are gone in Snow Leopard and the game loads on Monitor 1. However, there are some white screens and flickering before tutorial puzzles begin.
One of Six님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 7월 13일 오후 7시 51분
TempusMori 2014년 7월 14일 오전 4시 12분 
Guys, I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

So...I never heard back from anyone again, and that's waiting over another week and then sending yet another follow-up asking for an update. No. Response. Whatsoever.

I get that they might not have resources, or funding, or whatever...I really do. But they did not even have the decency to respond. I don't even care at this point if they fix anything. A response at all would be common courtesy. This is just a terrible customer experience and frankly I think they just don't give a ♥♥♥♥. I even linked them to this thread to let them know that there are others, right now, experiencing the same issues and I urged them to post something here for everyone just to let us know they care, but they couldn't even be bothered to do that. The original post on this thread was a year ago and they've made no efforts at all to address the issue let alone fix it.

I don't write negative reviews lightly...but this game will be getting one from me. I just can't recommend a company that puts sush little value on people.
TempusMori님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 7월 14일 오전 4시 17분
nitro912gr the Tryhard 2014년 8월 7일 오전 11시 18분 
thanks for responding :)
TempusMori 2014년 8월 9일 오후 9시 22분 
No prob. I figured since the devs couldn't be bothered to care about this, the very least I could do was let everyone else know that I attempted to get this looked at.
ipsi 2014년 9월 12일 오전 3시 25분 
Same issues here, MBP 2013 model (top-end, with NVidia 750M). Still playable even so, I think, but it's a bit of a shame, since it's something I could play on a plane with the trackpad.
incipit 2014년 11월 9일 오후 3시 18분 
same here. new MPB Mid 2014, OSX 10.10. sent mail to devs.
GravityUnown 2014년 12월 22일 오후 3시 22분 
Good thing I only got this game for 74 cents, because the horrible graphical glitches along with the fact that no one is getting replies from the programmers means this was a waste of time even buying.
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