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scootydoo 2013年2月2日下午3:27
Whats your guys's favourite hero?
I need some suggestions, I am good with viper and razor, Anyone else like that that i should try out? all feedback is appreciated.

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Puck 2013年2月2日下午3:44 
viper and razor are fairly different, drows a squishier but higher dps viper, razors mostly unique
closest is maybe night stalker
Trenchcoat 2013年2月2日下午4:54 
i like play doulbe bear

very good
Luka 2013年2月2日下午4:55 
i very muhc like woman on horse very good
Trenchcoat 2013年2月2日下午4:55 
animals are very good if you play her othat is not animal why play?????
feargunner 2013年2月2日下午5:38 
I like Tiny, personally. (Especially after you get Aganim's and he gets a tree weapon and a cleave attack.)
最后由 feargunner 编辑于; 2013年2月2日下午5:38
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