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Tabasco Dec 9, 2017 @ 3:36pm
Some tips and tricks
1) Cluster ressource buildings which require each other together. Example: charcoal makers need wood, wood is stocked in stockpiles, wood comes from foresters. So cluster foresters, stockpiles and charcoal makers together.

2) Ballistas fire projectiles which can be obstructed by walls. So if you build a perimeter around your map, and you have a high centralized tower with ballistas, then these will not be effective against vikings because their ships will be shielded by your walls.

3) When looking through seeds, you might think a map is better than another because it has more stone/iron. This is incorrect. The most important ressource down the line is food, so fertile soil is actually the most important ressource. I hit 5000 pop on year 323 and used 3-4 stone ressources the whole time at most (i.e. no more than 8 quarries).

4) Always boost your food production before raising your population. This avoids starvation.

5) As you get a larger city (say 800+) you will always have free workers. So if you're wondering about whether you should build that windmill to boost your food production, the answer is yes. You'll never be in a situation where you're missing workers past the early game.

6) Libraries > churches

7) Gold is an easy ressource to maintain. For whatever reason, the citizens will get upset if you increase the tax, but won't get upset if you build another treasury, even if the 1+1 tax rate = 2 gold per year.

8) Ballistas > Archer towers >>>>>>>>>> soldiers. Seriously after getting 8 well-placed ballista high points, my soldiers never had to fight again for 200 years. As such, soldiers lose their value.

9) this means you do not need armaments. Click on your blacksmith buildings and you can turn off armament production. This makes them more efficient at making tools, using less charcoal.

10) Houses stock charcoal faster than they use them. Example: mannors stock 10 charcoal, but they use 1/year. So if you suddenly build a city block of 7 mannors, it might look like your charcoal makers are failing, but they are not. Once the mannors fill up, their rate of going back for charcoal will diminish, they just required a jump start to be happy.
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rajwarrior Dec 9, 2017 @ 4:20pm 
Good tips:

3) You need 1 or 2 iron deposits at most. 2-4 stone. Each deposit can have 2 quarries. I've never needed more than 2 iron quarries. As you get closer to your final build (whatever that is), you'll need less stone as well.

6) But both together are Great! Churches are cheaper on gold for early in game. Later when gold is no longer an issue, libraries can easily get spammed wherever you need them.

7) There is only one tax rate regardless of how many treasuries you have. The rate will be set to the highest amount (ex: if you have 3 treasuries, 1 set at 1, 1 set at 2, 1 set at 3, then 3 will be the tax rate).

Other tips:I've read or discovered

Foresters only need 3 open areas for trees to work. Everything else can be covered and they will still produce maximum output.

Buildings need roads to be placed, but not to work. Means you can pause, put down a road, build farms (example), delete road before it's even built and then place more farms.
GreyBeard512 Dec 9, 2017 @ 9:45pm 
7) Its the last rate you set. If you shut down the game and restart, they will all be set to the last rate you set. And if you adjust the rate, it will be based on the last rate you set. (The bug is the rate only updates in the display for the treasury where you made the update. The displays in the other treasuries still show the old values. But the rate charged is consistent.)

If you've just restarted the game, you have three treasuries, and your current tax rate is 1, then: Incrementing it in one treasury will result in a tax rate of 2. That treasury will say 2, but the other two treasuries will incorrectly say 1. If you take one of the treasuries that say 1 and increment it 1 time, it will change to 3.

Adding treasuries increases the amount of gold you can store, but (after the first treasury) don't affect the tax rate or taxes collected.

8) Agree if you're totally sourounded by walls. But ballistas are not effective against vikings on foot. Soldiers > archers >>>>>> balistas for vikings on foot.

13) Bridges provide the beachfront happiness buff (but not the road buff).

14) Windmills stack. When you are trying to increase food and don't have any more space, evaluate each farm. If that farm produces less than twice the number of adjacent farms, replace it with a windmill. For example, a farm that has an output of 10 but has six farms adjacent should be replaced.

15) Build more wells. I spam libraries everywhere in the residential zones, and put a well next to each. I also put wells out in the fields and mixed in with the industrial areas.
Glenos Dec 10, 2017 @ 3:32am 
Awesome, thanks for the tips guys, im new to the game so these helped a lot :)
rajwarrior Dec 10, 2017 @ 5:11am 
On tip 13) with the Moat option under castles, every home can have beach/water happiness. Just create a moat, build a bridge in front of home.
juvelaobi May 5, 2019 @ 4:03pm 
Have any of these mechanics changed over the last year or so?
Xelagen May 5, 2019 @ 11:45pm 
Windmills no longer stack
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