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The Bard's Tale IV

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THANK YOU for this game!
I kickstarted this because of how pleased I was with Wasteland 2. I only finally got the time to play it and this game is so good! I've been reading some of the reviews and some of the biggest complaints (other than bugs which I know you guys are working on) are the puzzles.

Well I am about halfway through the game, maybe a little less for the main quest, and none of these puzzles have been too hard IMO. People want an option to skip puzzles? So what does that leave them? Just combat and clicking on NPCs? Puzzles are a big part of these kinds of games so I don't really understand the hate. But I understand wanting to appeal to the "new generation" of gamers who aren't used to sitting and thinking about how to solve a problem and just want to fight through everything.

Also not being able to save anywhere is another complaint I was reading people had. I guess you can do that now but I didn't turn the option on because IMO that is part of what makes the game, "the game." Ever played an old school RPG with save points? I guess these kids haven't. I like that there is an option to keep save anywhere off.

Well I just wanted to say that the game has been really impressive so far and has been a great investment, just like Wasteland 2 was. I am looking forward to Wasteland 3 and whatever else comes out of inXile, and I just wanted to give an appreciation thread since there seems to be a lot of complaints and the game's reviews aren't "Overwhelmingly Positive" which it should be!

edit: I also wanted to say that the little tavern scene that plays out when you resume your game, the fact that it changes based on where you are in the story is a really nice touch and I want to commend everyone involved in the decision of implementing that because it is really cool!
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Agreed. Unfortunately RPG has become popular which means it is doomed. Perhaps we need to create a new style of game, hidden from view, where creativity can be valued.
Yeah surprisingly good game. Hope for a sequel. :steamhappy:
Agreed, one of my favorite games of all time.

Also REALLY stoked for Operencia coming out next week....
paul_inxile  [developer] Mar 22 @ 8:03am 
Appreciated, all. We're still working hard on the game - the Director's Cut, the Mac/Linux versions, and the console versions.
Oh nice. Will definitely replay all the way through again for the Director's Cut. :steamhappy:
Great game, cant wait for directors cut
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