The Bard's Tale IV
No Respecing???That sucks!
Is there any way to respec my characters? I saw in the beta that was possible how do you do that now?
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Hey all, currently there's no way to respec after many players objected to this feature during the beta period. That said, we are certainly keeping an eye towards any gameplay suggestions you have for consideration in future updates.
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...or a timer so you have to wait 2 hours of game time between respecs.

There is no timekeeping whatsoever in this game, is there?
It's still "redundant" because you can create a dude that only does crafting and leave him permanently in the tavern.
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Listen listen.... LISTEN! I respect backers. They made the game happen in some way and deserve some extra credibility. But in the end there are more steam users than backers (I hope) and if you just think about it... for just a few seconds you would obviously come to the conclusion a respec system is needed (Just go look on forums of any rpg game with no respec, you will see alot, ALOT of complaints). This is not the 80's 90's! If those backers want some hardcore bs to torment their self and that is their idea of "fun" then sure, to each their own. But it is 2018 and a respec system (and a quicksave option what people seem to complain about as well) would be very much appreciated. It would just make the game SO much better for us. Just make a difficulty setting that the hardore gamers under us can use and keep playing like this but others can choose to bump it down JUST a bit so we can respec (Only if it is 1-2-3 times per game, it is still better than nothing!) and have the fun we desire!

Considering how little the backers were actually listened to, I find comments like yours just insulting.

People said free respecs all the time were a problem, for good reason.
Now some of you are trying to slate that off as people mentioning the problem with free respecs all the time specifically asked for no respecs at all?

How about you listen to yourself for a change and try to evaluate what is actually described instead of just going off on a train without thought?

People said that some sort of cost was required, not that it shouldn't happen at all. The kickstarter update even stated that it would be implemented with a cost yet here we are at release without that promise fulfilled from the devs and instead they just cut the option totally.

You want to blame someone? Blame the devs for yet again cutting a corner, making a facepalm worthy decision and again misleading the backers about their intentions with release.

Keep your vitriol directed towards the devs, cause it's the only way you have a chance to get this mess fixed. All the happy clappers that kept denying anything was wrong and attacked people that pointed out the flaws lulled the devs into thinking that nothing was wrong and that they could walk on water.
Jeez some people can never be pleased. Get the f*ck of your high horse dude.. There is nothing for ya there with that attitude. Blocked now get out of my sight :Steamfacepalm:
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Цитата допису lefty1117:
I blame backers like ZiN and others who screamed and cried on the BT forums because the game wasn't close enough to the originals. They hated the respec system, hated the save system, wanted it old school and hard core.

So you blame the backers and aren't shy of telling lies about them:

My first post on the InXile forums concerning respecs: "Of course they can always add "respec" options, as well as hiring higher-level adventurers at an increased cost"[]

And my other post here.[]

As for the save system, you completely missed the mark by pointing at me: The save system was one of the rare cases, where I didn't suggest anything. Go ahead scroll through the 33 page long "Great Save Game Debate" discussion on the official forums: You will find only a single post by me,[] where someone suggested to "remove the ability to pause, or heal", so I told him that's nonsense.
FYI I've used savestates when playing Bard's Tale on my emulators and also do a fair amount of save-scumming anyway. Krome did an awesome job on the remasters and "save only at guild" will be one of the "legacy mode" features I won't use.

So kindly, find some other backer than me, to blame for ruining this awesome casual adventure game.

ZiN, you're correct and I apologize. It was Zombra, Gizmo and others.
A +1 for some sort of respecing system
There was a lot of hence and force regarding certain features like the save system. But the backers were more or less in unison regarding the badly designed free respec.

I am one of those backers who generally oppose "old mechanics" and still i can confirm that the answer from Eric_InXile is a lie.

Thanks @Inxile for spreading false information practically no one said you should disable respeccing completely.

Also the save System is a mess, incentivising people with consuming savepoints for XP that respawn is incredibly messy. Not only is the game easier if i accept to backtrack a few steps to the last permanent save-point that they respawn completely breaks the system.

I actually like the game, for what it is, not necesarily as a Dungeon Crawler.

But any good thing i want to say about this game comes with a massive caveat, its always a damn mess with InXile.
The game needs some reasonable way to respec. And no, creating new mercenaries is not the way to go. For obvious reasons.

I would be fine with, e.g., using tokens for a full respec and/or some largish sum of gold to refund individual skill points. Or some variation of that, it really doesnt matter. The main thing is to have some option to make changes.

There's currently so much that can go wrong with assigning skill points (I mean, seriously, there's not even a confirm button when assigning points.). And there's also potential patch-changes to skills in the future to think about.
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Surely the sane answer to having free respecs or not would be to have it as a tickable box in options, that way people can play the game the way they want to, everyone wins.

there are skills like crafting and lockpicking that would be made redundant with free unlimted respecs.

The best suggestions, in my opinion, I have seen yet are either 1 free respec every 5th level, or a timer so you have to wait 2 hours of game time between respecs.
yeah, a respec system tied to guild leader improvement is how I'd do it.

"are you sure about your skills before you advance? when you advance, you can no longer respec the previously applied points.

Current system is a bit lame, as many skill systems are way too vague. you can't really preplan your builds at all, on the first playthrough. so you are very likely to make alot waste. maybe you have plenty of extra skill points at endgame though...
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I don't buy into their statement "backers wanted it this way" as I personally know otherwise. It is a SP game, giving options to respec hurts other gamers experience how???

Just because the option to respec is available doesn't mean you HAVE to use it. Hell, it would be easy to simply set respecs as an optional play choice when starting a game by simply checking off yes or no and allowing the game to set the flags for it.

I played all the original Bard Tale games on the Commodore 64/128 growing up. Everything was more hard core back in those days, but it doesn't mean you have to keep it that way with the current generation of gamers who enjoy these types of games with some quality of life enhancements that for them would be beneficial in their play through experience.

Totally agree with you. Developers, since you created a single player experience why would you not allow the player to decide for themselves, at least use the mercenary tokens to allow a respec.
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Respecing is one thing, but why the ♥♥♥♥ is there no confirmation of your choice? Lost skillpoints at first because I clicked the wrong skill and didn't want to reddo a tough battle.
confirmation should be added I agree
Its a signle player game. Put the respecs back in and let the players play as they want to. Its nonsense that there is no system, yet one did exist.
Man i was not expecting there to be no respecs . This is very bad news indeed , hopefully you guys change this soon.
They could implement the option to reallocate the points by spending gold or through the mercenary tokens themselves. It leaves without the option for an eventual hardcore mode
A +1 for some sort of respecing system
Цитата допису Eric_inXile:
Hey all, currently there's no way to respec after many players objected to this feature during the beta period. That said, we are certainly keeping an eye towards any gameplay suggestions you have for consideration in future updates.

I don't want infinite respecs, but some of the skill choices on the NPCs you gather are kind of... well lets say they're not to my playstyle. So by the time I find one, they kind of suck compared to the starter companions, but I'd really rather play some of the later NPCs.

So at least either a single respec per NPC you recruit, or don't put the skills into the recruitable NPCs and let us put the skills where we want them depending on our playstyle, not some devs idea of how we should play their game.
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