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Torch/Flashlight battery life
Thank you for this wonderful game. I look forward eagerly to seeing it develop.

Please may I suggest that you consider increasing the battery life on the flashlight? It lasts only a minute or two before it abruptly switches off and "recharges". The reduced illumination, the glare and the directionality when using the flashlight should be handicap enough without the artificially short battery life. In reality, even the cheapest flashlight bought from a "dollar store" lasts several hours. I realise that other games use this flashlight "feature" to add a clumsy sort of jeopardy, but I think that STARDROP is strong enough as it is to get along just fine without that.
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thx for your kind words and thank you for enjoying the game.

about the duration i can understand what you mean - ofc it would be better that the flashlight would last longer, right now we are still in an very early stage of the game itself and the addition of new content and bugfixing has a higher priority atm, but since we are still in EA we will ofc make changes to game - i hope hope you will stay tuned to future updates and provide us with your feedback :selphinehappy:

friendly greetings Mondrian :erune:

Последний раз отредактировано Mondrian; 31 июл. 2017 в 14:49
i think the scanner like the flashlight could do with a little more duration, it's especially difficult on the odyssey 101 SRO when you got to figure out where those androids are and the cameras so you can plan around it.

in addition the scanner could do new scans a bit quicker, the current scan time is around 10 second (?) before a new one starts up. it makes it more difficult than it should be to plan as you got to wait for the next scan to start.

but yeah to the point, if there is an SRO where a ship is completely without power and you got to go through a dark haunted ship without enemies, just the noises alone being enough to be delightfully exciting. having a flashlight that can last a reasonable duration between recharges would be nice.

look forward to seeing what Team V will release this month.
Последний раз отредактировано Xautos; 2 авг. 2017 в 5:37

thx for yout feedback aswell i handed your feedback and suggestions over to our executive dev - stay tuned :erune:

friendly greetings mondrian
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