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[Fatshark] Julia  [developer] Apr 8 @ 10:01am
Telekom/T-Mobile/1 & 1 Customers - Sign-In Timeout Error
Unfortunately it has come to our attention that customers of Telekom, and their subsidiaries T-Mobile and 1 & 1, are experiencing Sign-In Timeout errors in Vermintide 2.

This is a widespread issue and is not isolated to Vermintide 2. (For example, Overwatch is also affected)

Telekom have acknowledged the issue in Tweets sent to customers but have not communicated it well to the public. We've Tweeted them in hopes that they can shed some light on what's actually happening, and how long we can expect to wait until the issue is addressed.


If you are not a customer of Telekom or one of Telekom's subsidaries and are experiencing the Sign-In Timeout error, please run through the solutions listed here: https://en.kundo.se/org/fatshark/d/how-to-resolve-sign-in-timeout-errors/
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Zacsesz Apr 8 @ 10:29am 
Seems to be an issue worldwide.
Hungary Telekom customer here and getting the same issue.
If anyone affected has easy access to a VPN I would be very interested if they can circumvent the problem by going through that VPN.

The way this sounds it seems to be tied to certain IP-Addresses or Address-Ranges belonging to the respective game services.

If that is indeed the case then a VPN would mask the IP-Address the game tries to contact and might allow an easier login. (I would not see this as a solution however as using a VPN would probably give you a higher latency)

If using a VPN indeed permits an easier login then I would guess (though I wouldn't hope so), that someone is deliberately messing with those IPs as it seems to be speciffically tied to certain rather popular games. But that is a rabbithole I don't want to go down.
iNEXOR Apr 8 @ 10:57am 
<--- Telekom costumer from germany here.

I fix it... i have changed my IP Adress 3 times and try again to open the game - it doesnt work!
I change the IP Adress the 4th time - start the game and it is working.

@ All guys who have this problem - change your IP (restart ur rooter or change it with the provider app if u have) and it will working - Do this often until it works.
VPN is working too
Ok i have a fritzbox router and change my IP via router menu.
Now i am lucky and can play.
But last time i got kicked at the and off the map.
So there is rage potential on my side when it kicks me again. :steamsalty:
Man this sucks. Luckily I got a VPN to back me up
K Apr 8 @ 11:56pm 
Just fix those empty Lobby Browser firstly.
Spooner Apr 9 @ 10:01am 
Originally posted by K:
Just fix those empty Lobby Browser firstly.

LoL, very intelligent post ....

@Julia: Thx for your efforts
While I don't have the issue, the first thing I would try is switch out the DNS servers used by the ISP in question. If you are able change them in your router/modem and replace the automatic DNS configuration for your ISP and change them manually, lets say to Googles DNS ( and or any other public DNS servers for that matter, it just might solve the issue.
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