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Gary  [developer] Feb 1, 2019 @ 1:50am
Major Update 04: Shattered Empire (Version Number "Early Access 0.5.11049 ")
We have released a Major Update, called "Shattered Empire".

This pulls together all of the new content and systems we had released in the Beta Branch since our previous Major Update.


Before we look at the latest changes, some important house-keeping: we’ve overhauled our save format to make it much, much smaller than before, but this means your saves from previous versions will not work with this latest update. The latter two Quick-Starts should help get you back to where you were, along with port screens to allow you to customise your ship and crew.

If you are mid-playthrough on the previous version and wish to continue it, then you may switch over to this older version of the game via the Beta Branches system:
  1. Go to your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Abandon Ship and select "Properties"
  3. Go to the tab marked "Betas"
  4. In the drop-down box, select the one called "0.5.10427 – The Haunted Seas Version"
  5. Wait for the game to finish updating, you should see the branch name listed after the game name.

If you’re up-to-date on the Beta Branch (i.e you already have the items listed below) then your saves will be unaffected.

Shattered Empire

You can read a post that describes all of the main new features here:

This includes the following major changes:
  • Shattered Empire New Region Unlocked
  • The Forsaken Seas New Region Unlocked
  • The Howling Seas New Region Unlocked
  • New weapon: Plague Dart
  • New Biome
  • Lighthouse and Compass exploration features
  • Friends and Enemies system
  • New languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
There have been a whole host of other fixes and improvements, and the list below covers everything else:

  • Fixed the blocker in the Haunted Seas, which occurred if you spawned into a guard zone in the Organ map and were attacked instantly.
  • Fixed the mouse icon flicker when a section was taking continuous damage and being continuously repaired.
  • The Floating Outpost used to say “Leave Port” on the exit button.
  • Economy exploit fixed (due to differences in prices between port and floating outposts).
  • Fixed Kraken Stab Tentacles not always aborting during the grab attack if the grab tentacles are all cut, meaning they would stay outside the water for the rest of the battle.
  • Fixed a blocker where using the “submit” hotkey when an info tutorial was displayed over a message box.
  • Fixed enemy character icons that display over their heads not being correctly set when first entering a combat with fog.
  • Guard Zone ships will no longer attack the player if the player is currently being chased, which caused several bugs.
  • The weather on maps was not spawning correctly, resulting in reduced chances of Rain, Lightning and Fog occurring.
  • The wake on the exploration ship wasn’t being switched on when the player loses their ship and gains a new one.

Miscellaneous Polish and Improvements
  • "Cancel" hotkey (default is the Escape key) now closes the Shop UI.
  • After winning a sea battle, the player ship's health will no longer drop below 1% and the water level will not go above 99%
  • Depth Charges now kill Haliphron that are Torpedo Diving.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel now triggers Exploration View Normal and Full Map cameras.
  • Resource UIs on the Inventory bar now "pulse" when they change.
  • "Submit" hotkey now closes the Info Tutorial.
  • Region 04 Icebergs map enter message now no longer displays if moving from a map in region 04 to another map in region 04.
  • Added Poisonous Gas Weakness and Resistance Traits.
  • Set up diving bell events so the arctic and stormy ones give you a chance to back out first, thus avoiding badly hurt crew scenarios.
  • Added two new outcomes to diving bell events that give weapon rewards, further reducing the chances of crew being badly hurt.
  • If you are Wanted Level 2 or above, waiting will now guarantee an ambush.
  • Reduced cost for apothecary to remove negative physcial traits.
  • Weapons and upgrades gained as rewards are now shown on the message box.
  • One of the Port Liberation events had the locals scared that the player liberating the port would result in a Cult reprisal. When the player leaves this map, the port will now be destroyed.
  • Added latest Newsletter names. Removed those people who have either unsubscribed, or the emails have had a hard bounce.
This is another step along our Early Access voyage, and we will of course continue to expand the game with fun systems and new content. Thank-you for your support and feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in knowing what the current focus for the dev-team is, visit this sub-forum:

Latest Dev-Team Focus

For the longer term plans, visit this sub-forum:

Early Access Roadmaps
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