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Deep Voodoo Gaming  [developer] Jan 7, 2017 @ 2:54pm
Updates! (13 Major updates, next one soon!)
This pinned thread allows you to see upcoming features along with the details of our previous releases.

We've released 12 major updates this year already - thanks for all your support!

Next release - 26th January 2018
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Deep Voodoo Gaming  [developer] Jan 7, 2017 @ 2:54pm 
(Note: Current release features are listed in the 3rd post)

Coming in release 13 (26th January 2018)

* Fix the touch pad walking outside the maps boundaries
* "Return To Lobby" at end of multiplayer
* Increased variety in zombies, with different clothing, complexion, size, shape and hair.
* [25%] Fix MP bug where instant kill zomies don't count as cash
* [10%] Non-VR Mode - Play the game on your desktop with non-enlightened friends.
* [0%] "1-UP" Perk (get your ♥♥♥ back up from going down)
* [0%] "Shock Factor" perk (electrify near by zombies)
* [0%] "Traveller" perk (teleports you when close to death..)
* Weapons need their ammo networked (weapons are always full when first picked up)
* Empty weapons should disappear when dropped in multi-player
* (Multi-player) Password protect rooms
* (Multi-player) Any player can mute another player
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Deep Voodoo Gaming  [developer] Jan 9, 2017 @ 1:05am 
FULL RELEASE (Release 12)- 20th December 2017 <<<

* New Map called "City Lab Works" (large!)
* Uber machine; upgrade those guns (twice) to get more fire power!
* Gun-O-Matric, gamble your gun for a random gun (costs $950)
* CF-3 Electric Gun - pop those zombies with electric!
* Multiplayer back in!! Now with physics based zombies :)
* RAY-GUN! One shot head popping.. (until higher rounds anyway..)
* Chop chop.. shot limbs from zombies - make crawlers by taking out legs!
* Objects you can grab are now outlined in yellow
* New gun sounds
* Flesh impact sounds, get more squishy impact with your bullets!
* More animations (i.e. 3 walk styles, 4 idles, 3 pains, 3 attacks, etc.)
* Changed UI to be shown at rear of guns
* Money earned is now shown about zombies, not on top of guns
* Money earned turns red when the zombie is killed
* Bullet traces added back in
* Fixed bug in tutorial were zombies would not spawn and Gorilla's would overspawn
* New assault rifle
* Desert Eagle
* New shotgun
* M32-GL RPG Launcher :D

Current Release 11 - September 2017

* Zombies react to environment (fall over barriers, each other, etc.)
* New Map - "The Stadium" is a small close fight map..
* New zombie sounds, completely redesigned to add fear
* Environment effects (lighting, rain, thunder, etc.)
* New zombie animation system (more fluid, human like)
* Added glowing eyes and breath to zombies
* Weapons jolt or knock over zombies
* Breakable barrier items can be used to knock over zombies
* Zombies break barriers items anywhere (even in your hands)
* New blood system for zombie damage
* More real-time shadows in the majority of maps

Current Release 10 - 7th July 2017

* PLAYER REVIVE - revive players in multiplayer :)
* Removed annoying leader-board when dead
* Round re-spawning! (not bleeding out? then respawn at round end)
* Preview of our 3rd map :D
* Oculus thumb button now supports teleport, rotate 90 and 180 degrees.
* Network player names are visible through walls (colour changes on distance too)
* Reduced shotgun power and added distance drop-off
* Fix issue with touch pad walking on steps, etc.
* Fixed issue where old perks were shown when rejoining a game
* Added new barrier puzzle to "D-Day +356" (Zone 9)
* Fix bug with multiplayer lobby and new shooting gallery
* Fixed bug where barriers would be out of sync on non-master clients
* Add small signs in game to direct player on the puzzle(s)
* New intro music in lobby
* Changed Uzi sound to be more realistic, increased fire rate by 50%
* Added Oculus information signs and posters for control, etc.

Release 9 - 14th April 2017

* Lobby Shooting Gallery + Tutorial. The lobby now has a shooting gallery with controllable level to test your shooting skills, in addition the tutorial is now removed from "D-Day +356" and the lobby provides a much more advanced but intuitive tutorial :)
* Specify starting round in tutorial (1, 5, 10, etc.)
* Improve performance (more zombies, !
* Fix issue with touchpad walking and the "D-Day +356" playground area
* Buy ammo! If you already have the gun, it's wall buy gives you ammo
* Increase all locomotion by 15%
* Allow changing of player nick name (original from steam / oculus)
* New "your dead" environment with score board, etc.
* Removed manual starting of generators in "D-Day +356"
* Leaderboard (Global and "per map") with score, round, headshots, etc.

Release 8.5 - 23rd March 2017

* Knife added and available in multiplayer
* Guns now spawn and stick to the wall buy area (not more picking them up!)
* Buddha's can now be picked up with guns or controllers
* Fixed bug where smoke grenades fall through "thin" floors

Release 8.2 - 18th March 2017

* Oculus + Touch Support!! (via Oculus SDK)

Release 8 - 11th March 2017

* Throwable distraction items (flares, noise generator grenade, etc.)
* New guns - M4A1, AK47, UMP-45 and Skorpion VZ (models, sounds, etc.)
* New death system - you float up with instructions
* "Extended Mag" soda tin perk (get 2x clip size of all weapons)
* Smoke grenades (distract zombies)
* "Dead on Dead" world perk (zombies attack each other for 20 seconds)
* "Steam roller" tin perk (withstand a zombie pounding for longer)
* Gorilla Boss rounds (every 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. round)
* Increased rate of perks being dropped
* Reduced zombie health increase per round
* For multiplayer, the more players the more zombies per round
* Nail gun can now be placed in pocket (3D sound was fixed)
* Add 30% more to "D-Day +356" Map

Minor Features

* Alter spawn system so that zombies spawn close to players (rather than anywhere)
* Zombies will respawn if players get too far from them
* Accumulate the dollar total (instead of seeing lots of +$2 for shotguns)
* Zombie head shots now give the correct amount of dollars
* Max ammo doesn't work unless in pockets
* Turn down blood flash on high damage
* Blood particles are too red, need to be more realistic
* Fixed wood and concrete particles to look more realistic
* The first fence in "D-Day +356" needs to be free
* Increase initial Shotgun ammo to needs 70 (Max ammo 100)
* Fixed bug where dead players could pick up perks and see 100% green screen
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Deep Voodoo Gaming  [developer] Jan 9, 2017 @ 1:23am 
Previous Releases

Release 7 - 14th Feb 2017

* Single player map converted to run as multiplayer!
* Ambient audio improvements (3D wind, birds, etc.)
* Throw grenades (or any weapon) to pick up perks that are out of reach
* Perks now last 45 seconds, with longer flash and better audio
* Allow perks to be picked up without dropping your weapon
* Generators are now "buyable" (keeps the VR mechanics the same)
* Touchpad locomotion improvements (remove press to run)
* Teleport speed increased to match touchpad walking speed
* New section added to single player map, with new zones, puzzles, etc.
* Grenades sounds are not heard in multiplayer
* Explosions are now positioned correctly over grenades
* Max ammo now rotates correctly

Release 6 - 21st January 2017

* Grenades!! A "wall buy" weapon, that will create...
* Crawlers!! created via close grenades (50% probability atm)
* Added in new crawler sounds
* Hip reload zone, move any weapon to your side to reload it
* Improved pocket system. Hold 2 weapons, and 2 throwables (grenades)
* Add pockets to multi-player system (seen by others)
* Pockets now highlight when selected or if "full"
* Disable one shot kills on the knife in the head (for any round)
* Re-balance money earned (with community feedback)
* Sound ambiance, add more ambient sound effect.
* Further tweaks to teleport + touchpad locomotion
* Picking up weapons when a pocket was "on top" of them would make them disappear
* Fix zombie sound effects (footsteps sound harsh, etc.)
* Fix issue where gun fires when purchasing a weapon (holding trigger)
* Fixed bug where Max Ammo was not firing correctly on multiplayer

Release #5 - 8th January 2017

* Touchpad Locomotion Added
* Totally new exterior to multi-player map and loads more prebuilt barriers
* Buildable barriers in mutiplayer
* Barriers can be destroyed by weapons
* Wooden barriers now respawn after being broken
* Burning Zombie particles are much nicer, watch'em burn :)
* Reduced the money earned from zombie deaths
* Fixed issue with doorways not opening correct if you join late in a MP game
* Fixed issue where nail gun and shotgun did not flash when dropped
* Fixed issue with money being too easy to earn
* Rebalanced shot-gun damage

Release #4 - 11th December 2016

* Multiplayer added, 4v4 (Player v Environment) Coop added
* New multiplayer map added
* Voice chat added
* Game pre-lobby added for meeting friends and discussing strategies

Release #3 -

* Increased initial speed of zombies
* Added "Stamina Up" perk, increased initial teleport range and recharge speeds
* TODO (mostly forgotten lol)

Release #2- 10th Nov 2016

* Added helpful hints and tool-tips to tutorial
* Enhanced tutorial to get players used to controller set-up
* TODO (mostly forgotten lol)

Release #1 - 4th Nov 2016

* Initial release
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